The most unusual dentures

• The most unusual dentures

Nature has created the human body is beautiful in every way, but sometimes, in critical situations, it becomes necessary to replace some parts of prostheses. And it's not always an arm or leg.

1. The prosthetic penis

The most unusual dentures

For men with certain delicate problems or erectile dysfunction, such a prosthesis can completely change a life. Some of these implants are simulated constant state of erection, while others are more complex: to achieve a state of erection is necessary to compress the pump located in the scrotum, causing the penis to the location of the cylinders supplied special liquid. When the need for erection disappears, just click on the exhaust valve, and blown cylinders.

2. mermaid tail

The most unusual dentures

In most cases, people actually replace existing organs, but some patients are rare ingenuity - who lost his legs Nadia Vassy from New Zealand, for example, a request to make prosthetic stunned her mermaid tail. One day a little boy saw her in the pool normal prosthesis that child is very interested. Nadia joked that in fact it is - a mermaid, but to live among the people it is sometimes necessary to wear artificial legs. This idea herself so much that she decided to really get a tail. In her request was made chic prosthesis: a flexible backbone is made of plastic and leather Lycra. Nadia says that swimming with a tail - a pleasure.

3. octopus arms instead

The most unusual dentures

For those who are ordinary human limbs seem too commonplace, there is another alternative. Developer prostheses Keulen Kau made prosthesis for the hand, which wraps around the objects on the model of the tentacles of an octopus. The prosthesis is driven by a special mechanism, and it can be used to take and hold items of different shapes.

4. Functioning eyeball

The most unusual dentures

Several researchers have developed artificial eyes, perfectly ordinary glass eye, and possibly lose an eye in the near future people will be able to see again. Many of these prostheses perform retinal function by converting light into electrical impulses. Bionic eye system company Second Sight, for example, uses a tiny camera that can "see" around a man's world, and the computer that converts data received from the camera into electrical signals that the brain can process. In 2013, in the British scientific journal Journal of Ophthalmology published the results of a study in which 21 patients received blind the possibility of using this device to locate and identify objects and even read short words.

5. Replacement nose

The most unusual dentures

The first prosthetic nose appeared a long time ago, when the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe lost his nose in a duel, and replaced it with a clumsy metal version. Now prosthetic nose become much more sophisticated. University College London has developed a technology that allows to grow a nose with mucous membranes and tiny blood vessels.

First manufactured form glass, through which make polymeric "cage". Then, stem cells are added, and the future is placed in the nose stimulate the development of a bioreactor cell.

In the next step nose sewn into the patient's arm, wherein the process of forming fabrics. And finally, the last stage - ready to transplant the nose on your face and add the mucous cells, which makes the new organ function.