Top 5 "thick" of the world

It's no secret that obesity is a scourge of the modern world: in some countries the percentage of people suffering from problems with excess weight reaches a critical point. In a list of 20 such countries include, unfortunately, Russia - our country occupies 19th place. We offer you a selection of the five countries whose citizens are ill obese, based on a report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Top 5

1. Mexico - 32, 8%

Top 5

Residents of Mexico are obese are more likely than residents of any other country in the world: according to statistics, one in six adults Mexican experiencing problems with being overweight, and as a result, many people have diabetes.

In total, are overweight 80 million Mexicans, and one-third of them - morbid obesity. What is surprising is that over the past 25 years the number of obese people has increased patients in Mexico seven times - more recently such a critical situation was not observed.

It is also surprising that the majority of the population is suffering from lack of food, while the rest of the Mexicans are mostly sedentary and abuse junk food and carbonated drinks with high sugar content. The worst thing is that the children of this problem, it seems, can not be protected - four out of five child begin to gain weight at an early age and at risk of being complete before the end of life.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon announced the launch of a national program to fight obesity: he believes that such measures are necessary to improve the health of the nation as a whole, because the extra weight means an increase in the level of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The program includes the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, daily exercise, replacing high-calorie foods for fruits and vegetables - how effective it will be, time will tell, but so far the number of obese Mexicans is growing rapidly.

2 US - 31, 8%

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is obese, every third resident of the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States reports that in the period from 1970 to 2000, the year the residents began to use several times more fast food and soda, than in the middle of the past century.

As a result, 40% of young people and 25% of women not suitable for military service due to health problems. Even about half of domestic cats in the United States are prone to obesity.

On the streets of American cities one can often see the human growth 175 cm, weighing about 250 kg: the largest number of suffering from overweight people live in Mississippi, many of them - children under the age of 14 years.

The causes of this situation are many: let us note that many Americans regularly eat at fast food restaurants, which sells high-calorie, but cheap food. Now a hamburger at McDonald's weighs 250 g, while 50 years ago, its weight does not exceed 60 g

Moreover, researchers at Princeton University have theorized that frequent consumption of fast food is addictive, similar to addiction to narcotic substances or tobacco smoking. Another important factor is the economic side of the issue: airlines, for example, are suffering huge losses relating to excess fuel costs, and employees of companies often miss work because of health problems. Severe obesity has an impact on performance - the average fat Americans are less efficient than their fellow citizens with normal weight.

3. Syria - 31, 6%

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Syria occupies the third place in the ranking of the United Nations obesity - according to the latest data from obesity affects about a third of the population, yet the percentage is slightly less than in the previous two countries. The reasons are the same - a sedentary lifestyle and junk food abuse.

Most residents do not burden themselves with heavy physical work, in addition, a very small number of Syrians involved in sports. All these factors have led to an increase in the number of people suffering from overweight, and this number is steadily increasing every year.

4. Venezuela and Libya - 30, 8%

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Venezuela Residents say that the food is - an integral part of their culture: the traditional Venezuelan cuisine is rich in "heavy" dishes, and in recent years in this country, too, opened a lot of fast food restaurants that, like in many other countries, has led to an increase in the number of obese people.

65% of the population suffers from overweight, and more than 30% of patients with obesity: overweight generated cardiovascular disease - one of the main causes of death among the population, and many people die before the age of 60 years. A similar situation is observed in Libya - an abundance of low-quality food leads to obesity, which in turn is an indirect cause of early mortality.

5. Trinidad and Tobago - 30%

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The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago completes the five most "fat" around the world: one third of the population suffers from obesity, and approximately 70% of the population are experiencing problems with being overweight.

As tourism in Trinidad and Tobago is developing intensively, then there are plenty of eateries, where they feed not only the tourists but also the inhabitants of the country - the food in such establishments, of course, can not always be called useful. Traditional cuisine of the country's rich pasta dishes, is extremely popular and tangy curry sauce.

Many residents are employed in the tourism sector, which is common sedentary work: in conjunction with the country's cuisine and it leads to the problems described above. Now the authorities do not offer any special programs to address this issue, but perhaps in the near future, measures will be taken.