Film Lost in Translation

Remarkable imagination translators often cause laughter or puzzlement, after which there is no desire to watch the movie - 27 most ridiculous movie titles translation

We believe the main illness of Russian prokatichkov - to keep the viewer's an idiot, a maximum chewing information - appears in the translation of foreign film titles in our country. Film distributors are trying as much as possible to convey the meaning of the film in its title to another up to a hike in the theater to prepare a naive Russian audience to what he sees. Either, so change the name of trying to make it a bright and catchy that the author's intent is completely lost, and the title looks matter.

Recently in the Russian rolling out a lot of really good films, and, unfortunately, domestic distributors were not slow to surprise us with unexpected transfers, in one case, distorting the meaning of the original, in the other - trying adaptirorovat translation under the mentality of our country.

For example, the film "The illusion of deception", is already caught in tops box office in June, originally called "Now you see me". In the film a few times sounds this key phrase: "What you get closer, the less you see," the meaning of which the illusion of deception has nothing to do.

Below is a selection of movies, new and have already become classics of cinema, which can not reasonably explain the name. Movie titles turned into harmless curiosities, puzzling, or laughter, and serious errors that could affect the viewer's decision to watch a movie.

"1 + 1"

Film Lost in Translation

On the translation of the beautiful, heartfelt comedy with an original scenario, interesting dialogue, unexpected twists titled "Intouchables, Men In" literally - the untouchables, translators regretted the words, and so on Russian screens the film was released under for some new "1 + 1".

Film Lost in Translation

"My guy - crazy"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

Magnificent film "My guy - crazy", originally having the name "Silver Strings Playbook". To say that the translation has turned out not the best, so do not say anything. One called to transform this beautiful, touching and at the same time a serious film in another teen comedy about teenagers was simply a crime.


Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

The film's title, "Human Resources" in Internship original means actually an internship in a foreign company. And one, a "coincidence": the meaning of the film is how two guys from trainee to become a real Google employees. So the Russian name rather misleading word "Staff", which is still a lot of values ​​in addition to the company's not-yet-employees, of whom and filmed.

"Coordinates" Skayfoll "

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

Apparently, the lack of words in the "1 + 1" have decided to make up for the title 007: Coordinates "Skayfoll", effectively making the spoiler. In fact, the film is simply called Skayfoll, and it is not clear what it is: the code, a new weapon or the name of the mission. But the Russian name just excited to announce that the coordinates of the place where the will, certainly, be "skayfolnye" event and that's it.


Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

In the fall of 2013 on the screens out the next adaptation of the novel of Stephen King's "Carrie," but Cinemas Russia you will not see this name, because the story of Carrie quiet girl with supernatural powers, we will be called "telekinesis". None of the three film adaptations of the novel did not change the original title, and even a sequel in 1999 called "Carrie 2: The Rage." And no one is confused by the fact that the film adaptation in 1976 is translated correctly.


Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

An absurd distortion of the meaning of the film's title and in relation to the original, and to the sense of the tape itself embodies the Russian title of the film "Home", as though taken from the ceiling. In the word "introduction" - the literal translation of the original name - is the essence of the film.

"God is on the side of the ducks"

English translator nothing prevented to translate the name of this Japanese film correctly, but Russian is not the case. "God is on the side of the ducks" The film is original Japanese name, literally translated as "wild duck, domestic duck, and God, locked in a storage chamber" (of the novel). English name sounds so: The Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God. As God sided with the ducks, we can only guess.

"Love Me If You Dare"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

In fact it is just a slogan under which the film was in the American box office. And it was such a wonderful name of "Children's Games" in the original, which is much shorter and much better reflects the essence of the painting.

"Death Proof"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" within the meaning should be called "protection from death." Under the English title "Death Proof" understood "smertestoykost" car of the protagonist, this time he did not speak throughout the film.


When the film came out from Steven Seagal "Under Siege" ( "Under Siege"), in Israel, he was transferred to the Hebrew as "naval blockade" in 1992. The film is set on the sea, so that the sense of creativity translators did not stop. In 1995 came the sequel, "Under Siege 2" where the action is already happening in the besieged train. Mestnye such bases were not expecting and have not been able to come up, and went to Israel trailers "naval blockade 2: Now on the train." Israel in this regard in the first place in the world. The first "Alien" ( "Alien"), translated as "The Eighth Passenger", within the meaning of the good fit. Since then it happened: "Aliens" - "The Return of the eighth passenger", "Alien 3" - "eight passengers 3" and so on.

In his time in Hungary, our film "Crew" was called "Catastrophe" Earth-Sky, "" and the movie "The Road to Calvary" called "Ascent to Calvary." Speaking about the already mentioned film "Alien", the Hungarians went further Israel, he went under the name "eight passengers - death."

"Some like it hot - Some Like It Hot"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

Classics of the genre - a comedy of 1959 "Some Like It Hot" (the literal translation of "Some Like It Hot"). In the Soviet box office came in an abbreviated version and titled "Some Like It Hot."

"Die Hard" - "Die Hard"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

Ageless kinohit - a film in 1988 "Die Hard", the literal translation according to Wikipedia - "Die fighting". In the USSR the first movie appeared illegally in translation Leonid Volodarsky titled "Die hard, but worthy", as well as in the translation of Andrei Gavrilov titled "Indestructible". When the film was released in theaters in the Soviet Union in 1991, it was in theaters now taken root under the name "Die Hard."

It is noteworthy that in many countries the name of the "Die Hard" adapted very differently. Since the film was released in Finland, entitled "Over my dead body." Polish movie title "Glass Trap". In Germany, the first part of the film, as well as everyone else was in the box titled "Die slowly". In Spain, the film was called "Crystal jungle" with a hint of a skyscraper glass building Nakatomi. The fourth part was published in France under the name "Return to hell."

"Lost" - "Lost"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

The name of the cult American television series pervod literally as "Lost" and "Lost." Before the start of the show in the direction of Russian "First Channel" was selected the name of "Lost." This decision was dictated, on the one hand, the desire to relate the plot of the series with the reality show "Survivor" (it uses the song of B-2, which the chorus begins with the words "Lost"), and on the other - to give a positive meaning , hope.

"The Men Who Stare at Goats" - "Stare at Goats"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

Distributors felt that comedy called "People who stare at goats" in the Russian box would not have saved even George Clooney in the title role, which is said to call 14 times a night, puzzling over the translation. As a result, "The Men Who Stare at Goats" was "Who Stare at Goats," and added the slogan "They are fighting a look."

"100 girls" - "100 Girls"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

Where in the name of the Russian film "100 girls" took another one in the elevator, nobody knows for sure.

"Cinderella Man" - "Cinderella Man"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

The film is directed by Ron Howard's "Cinderella Man", based on the biography of boxer James Braddock, for the Russian audience was renamed the "Cinderella Man", was to clear the name of what will be the actual movie.

"The Hangover" - "The Hangover"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

The literal translation of the comedy "The Hangover" - "The Hangover" - someone did not accept, and the film was released in cinemas in Russia under the name of "The Hangover." Three years later, we removed the continuation of the comedy "The Hangover: Part II", which takes place is not in the United States, and in Thailand. The Russians saw the film "Bachelor Party 2: From Vegas to Bangkok."

"Dan in real life" - "Dan in Real Life"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

American comedy-drama with Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche in the lead roles in the original is called "Dan in Real Life". But as the plot of the film is built on the fact that Dan falls in love with the bride of his brother, then a name in Russia have decided not particularly wise.

"Fair game" - "game without rules"

Film Lost in Translation

The Russian thriller "Fair Game" with Naomi Watts and Sean Penn has become a "game without rules".

"Hitch" - "Hitch Method"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

In 2005, the comedy "Hitch," starring Will Smith translated as "Hitch Method", deciding that only one nickname of the protagonist in the film's title is not enough. It is necessary to outline the plot slightly.

"Everybody Loves Sunshine" - "Ponty"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

The literal translation of "Everybody loves the sunshine."

"Tucker & Dale vs Evil" - "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

The literal translation of "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil".

"BLITZ" - "No compromise"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

"Blitz" (lightning attack) - is the nickname of one of the heroes of the thriller and the title of the novel by Ken Bruena on which, and the film was shot.

"Tomorrow, When the War Began" - "Invasion: Battle for Paradise"

Film Lost in Translation Film Lost in Translation

The literal translation of "Tomorrow, when the war started."

"Shark Night 3D" - "Jaws 3D"

Film Lost in Translation

The literal translation - "Shark Night 3D".

"Rabbits Without Ears" - "Pretty Boy"

The name of the German comedy "Keinohrhasen" (literally "Earless bunny") in Russian translated as "Pretty Boy".

"Men of Honor" - "Men of Honor"

The literal translation of "Man of Honor".

"No Strings Attached" - "No Strings Attached"

The literal translation of "no commitment".

And a few more examples of successful and not-so

But always with imagination, localizations movie titles:

"Seeking Justice" with Nicolas Cage - "Seeking Justice"

S.F.W. (So ​​f * cking what) - in the Russian hire "Japanese policeman"

"Factory Girl" - "I was seduced by Andy Warhol"

"The Other Guys" - "The Other Guys"

"Nowhere boy" - "Nowhere Boy"

"Mozart and the Whale" - "Crazy Love"

"The Water Horse" - "My Pet Dinosaur"

"Someone Like You" - "Flirting with the beast"

"Sweet Home Alabama" - "Sweet Home Alabama"

"Cloverfield" - "Cloverfield"

"The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things" - "Chicks"

"Public Enemies" - "Public Enemies"

"The Hurt Locker" - "The Hurt Locker"

"Over the Hedge" - "Over the Hedge"

"Green zone" - "Green Zone"

"Your Highness" - "Your Highness"

"Awake" - "Anesthesia"

In fairness and film distributors to justify note that quite often it is impossible to translate literally word for word or name, without losing the sake of brevity, capacity or sense. Successful adaptation may be considered the name "Fast and Furious" sequel "Fast & Furious" (the literal translation of "Fast and Furious").