7 the most interesting Russian characters in Hollywood movies

7 the most interesting Russian characters in Hollywood movies

"Vodka, matryoshka, balalaika" - long past the Cold War, but many foreigners still think that bears walk and Russian themselves on the streets of Moscow - Communist thugs. However, nothing surprising, because these images are imposed on pop culture and is constantly reinforced by the cinema. Presenting your attention the seven most interesting Russian characters in Hollywood films.

1. "Rocky 4" (Rocky IV), 1985

7 the most interesting Russian characters in Hollywood movies

Rating IMDb: 6.40

Hero: Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren)

After the overwhelming success of the first "Rocky", released in 1976, who took three Oscars and the "Golden Globe" it is not surprising that Sylvester Stallone did not stop there, and took six more stories about brave boxer. In one of them, the fourth, Rocky, who left the professional sport and enjoying a happy family life, meets with the Hero of the Soviet Union, the Russian "machine of death" Captain Ivan Drago - Olympic champion, a man-rock (height - 198 cm), possessing incredible strength ( The strike is estimated at 1000 kg), speed and endurance.

Charming blonde Dolph Lundgren coped well with the role of the imperturbable and indestructible Russian boxer, the more so because the text he had quite a bit - Russian officers were not very talkative. And although the film a lot of blunders associated with the Soviet Union and Russian (for example, shoulder straps Drago does not correspond to the actual insignia of Soviet officers, Rocky arrives in Moscow on an airplane company "Siberia", which at that time was not yet, and instead of " round "on the sign says" One "), critics believe that the director is well managed to convey the image of Soviet Russia in the eyes of Americans.

2 "Red Scorpion" (Red Scorpion), 1988

7 the most interesting Russian characters in Hollywood movies

Rating IMDb: 4.50

Hero: Rachenko Nikolai (Dolph Lundgren)

In the late 80's the theme of evil and insidious communists became ever popular in Hollywood (probably because the West welcomed our perestroika) - the film "Red Scorpion" a vivid example.

The protagonist - the best in all Council of commando Rachenko Nikolai, the Russian hero, who came to fight for the world in one of the poorest African countries and kill the leader Sundata rebels. The role of the "perfect soldier" again went to Dolph Lundgren - apparently, at that time it was the Slavic appearance throughout Hollywood.

This film has everything: shooting, stunts, car chases, intrigue and betrayal, because, as it turned out, the commander Nicholas Rachenko General Vortek not of high moral principles, and the entire Soviet-Cuban-Czechoslovak coalition had a completely different, and not liberation, plans.

3. "Red Heat" (Red Heat), 1988

7 the most interesting Russian characters in Hollywood movies

Rating IMDb: 5.90

Hero: Ivan Danko (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Quite a different mood in the film "Red Heat," which, by the way, in fact, when properly translated, should be called "Red Police" (bearing in mind the ideological origins and profession of the protagonist) - here full demonstrates the friendship between the loquacious American sergeant Ridzikom and terse serious captain Ivan Danko played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Danko arrived in Chicago to fight against drug trafficking, he successfully manages, because in his arsenal "the best in the world - the Soviet system Podgorin pistol caliber 9 mm 2" (actually - Sports Desert Eagle.357) and indestructible Russian character. Having shot dozens of people and destroyed half the town, Danko returns home, before leaving after exchanging a bothersome Ridzikom wristwatch - like this, in the style of "World - friendship - gum", saw the director Walter Hill Russian-American friendship early 90s.

4. "Aircraft President" (Air Force One), 1997

7 the most interesting Russian characters in Hollywood movies

Rating IMDb: 6.30

Hero: Valery Korshunov (Gary Oldman)

In the film by Wolfgang Petersen's "Airplane president" again demonstrates the "savage grin of socialism", although not in Russia and in Kazakhstan, where the Soviet regime loyal military headed by General Ivan Radek seized power. True, the American "liberators" was soon arrested by the dictator, on the occasion of which the US President in the performance of Harrison Ford arrived in Moscow, where his "Air Force One" infiltrated by terrorists: to the Sept. 11 attacks, Americans are likely to represent their so - incomprehensible Russian, from which god knows what to expect.

The most zealous of the terrorists Communists - Valery Korshunov, who demanded instant release of his idol Ivan Radek and taken hostage by the head of state, his family and his administration. The role of Valeria (incidentally, the name of the hero in the film is some constant mess something Ivan, Egor ...) played by Gary Oldman, and, according to critics, is almost the only reason why you should watch this movie.

5. "Birthday Girl" (Birthday Girl), 2001

7 the most interesting Russian characters in Hollywood movies

Rating IMDb: 6.00

Hero: Nadia / Sofia (Nicole Kidman)

"Birthday Girl" - an exciting adventure film directed by Jez Butterworth, raised more than $ 16 million at the box office protagonist -. A humble clerk John played by Ben Chaplin - heard, apparently, that the Russian girls the most beautiful, decided to "prescribe" a bride over the Internet - "From Russia with love". John was lucky: he got a beauty Nadia (Nicole Kidman), which absolutely does not speak in English, only smokes and smiles sweetly. Family idyll was destroyed on the day of birth Nadi, which was not Nadia and Sofia - the "golden pen". But the guy as "the soup" that even the most did not resist when robbing the bank, took hostages and set off in the other criminal adventure. This film from the category of do not leave indifferent - you either fall in love with him as John in Nadia, or turn on after 20 minutes because of the many clichés associated with Russian and even foreigners in America, and even sexy Nicole Kidman does not force you to change your mind .

6. "Salt" (Salt), 2010

7 the most interesting Russian characters in Hollywood movies

Rating IMDb: 6.40

Hero: Natasha Chenkova (Angelina Jolie)

"Salt" was released in the summer of 2010 and has collected more than $ 293's million with a budget of $ 110 million this tape very waited -. Someone toiz of glamorous Angelina Jolie, and someone toiz of action-script, according to which the agent CIA, Evelyn Salt leads a double game and is actually a KGB agent Natasha Chenkovoy. Torture, car chases, shootouts, president of the murder, escape, explosions and other spy passions boil throughout the film, and the truth lies, good and evil are mixed so thick in the film, that sometimes ceases to understand what is happening on the screen. For example, in the final scene proud Salt, destroyed the Russian intelligence network, remains alive after a jump from a helicopter!

Our audience the film is not very much, because if 20 years ago the ridiculous mistakes and clichés about the Russian perceived normally, but now a new Russian citizens to hear the strange, when the FSB called the KGB, and the Russian president - Boris Matveev.

7. "Anna Karenina" (Anna Karenina), 2012

7 the most interesting Russian characters in Hollywood movies

Rating IMDb: 6.60

Hero: Anna Karenina (Keira Knightley)

Western directors (this time - Briton Joe Wright) is not the first time, "brandishing" on the Russian classics, and not for the first time can not cope with the task: once the film was nominated for four Oscars, but took only one - for "Best Costume Design". Critics also appreciated another adaptation of the immortal "Anna Karenina" as "inconsistent, inaccurate retelling of favorite scenes of the novel." Notable lady leaped under the train because of unrequited love, sang Keira Knightley, who immediately accused of excessive hypocrisy and wrong interpretation of the character of Tolstoy's heroine. By the way, this is not the first role Knightley, in which she tries on the way of Russian ladies - before that she also played Sabina Nikolayevna Spielrein in the film "A Dangerous Method". Whatever it was, to understand what and why "mixed up in Oblonskys", you can only read the book.