4 important argument in favor of mayonnaise

Mayonnaise recently was considered unhealthy products: they say that it consists of harmful ingredients, it spoils the figure, and is not compatible with the diets that famous sauce overloaded with preservatives and acids and is not from natural products, in addition, that it contains damaging fats figure. But it really really all that? Let's try to understand.

4 important argument in favor of mayonnaise

1. Composition of mayonnaise

4 important argument in favor of mayonnaise

If you read on the package part, the first thing that caught my eye - it's eggs, vegetable oil and vinegar: all this at first glance does not seem useful and heavy food.

Eggs, for example, contains cholesterol, which is certainly not good for your health. But to get the excess dose of cholesterol, have to eat about 80 eggs for one day - so many in one package is not and can not. In addition, eggs - it is not only cholesterol, they also present more and useful to the human body the protein albumin. In addition, the egg yolk is rich in choline - one of the vitamins of group B.

Vegetable oils - sunflower, olive, flaxseed, rapeseed - are a source of useful class of unsaturated fats omega-3. In fact, oil - is a source of gratuitous energy that the body can absorb with astonishing ease. In addition, vegetable oils have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and can be used to prevent heart-related diseases. The oil is rich in vitamins Groups E, necessary to protect the body against for adverse environmental effects, and the F group, participating in the process of metabolism. As for vinegar, this product is known to fight harmful bacteria, and even apple cider vinegar can be used to whiten teeth.

By the way, according to GOST, add mayonnaise various chemical additives is prohibited. If a part of the packaging specified such supplements, you should just set aside this particular package with mayonnaise to one side and examine the product from another manufacturer.

2. Fat Mayonnaise

4 important argument in favor of mayonnaise

It is traditionally believed that mayonnaise contains a huge amount of unhealthy fats, moreover, many people tend to blame the fats to increase the number of cardiovascular diseases. However, according to research published in 2010, the year, the direct relationship between eating fat and heart disease is not present. Such dependence is actually a well-established in the myth of a society and its causes are unknown: the majority of leading nutritionists, for example, do not tell their patients to nothing about the dangers of saturated fat diet - on the contrary, they are recommended to use such products at least several times a week, but, naturally, not abuse them.

Moreover, not containing fat food tasteless, and often lack the taste compensated by adding to the product harmful sugars or artificial sweeteners, which just contain harmful substances. Mayonnaise also has a pronounced taste by combining several ingredients, so that its use in moderate quantities as seasoning, for example, salad dressings and meat is not harmful.

3. Calorie Mayonnaise

4 important argument in favor of mayonnaise

The mayonnaise contains about 600 kcal per 100 g of the product, and if you look, it's not so much. For comparison, in other "salad" gas stations that are considered dietary, such as olive oil contains 824 calories. Much less inflict harm figure added to the salad spoon mayonnaise than two tablespoons vegetable oil.

4. When preparing mayonnaise included in the substance react chemically

4 important argument in favor of mayonnaise

It is believed that the mass sauces all its constituent components are heated, so that react chemically with each other, and as a result we get a whole bunch of harmful substances. However, if you study the sauce production technology, we can see that nothing of the kind described in it. Mayonnaise is prepared as follows: egg yolks rastortye first combined with spices - salt, sugar and mustard -, and stirred until homogeneous, then poured vegetable oil, stirring continuously into it in a thin stream. The resulting mixture is added to the vinegar, at the same time that the sauce was thick, it added even slightly warmed flour mixed with hot broth. When the broth is cooled, it is mixed with the mass described above.

As we can see, in the preparation of mayonnaise used only conventional cooking operations that every woman makes in the kitchen several times a day. No unnatural chemical reactions when such actions can not occur.