18 "lucky ones" who lost their millions in winnings

As practice shows, win a fortune - it does not mean to solve all problems. Many people have become fabulously wealthy in an instant, all managed to pull in a record time and be in an even worse financial situation than before they pulled his "lucky ticket"

Ibi Ronkeyoli died at the hands of her husband


In 1991, Ibi Ronkayoli of Ontario won the lottery five million dollars, but did not consider it necessary to discuss with your husband how is going to spend the money.

After a while Joseph Ronkayoli learned that two million of this amount was given to the child to his better half from the other men, which Joseph did not know know anything. Enraged husband poisoned the wife of a horse dose of painkiller and sat in for the kill.

Evelyn Adams lost everything down to the last cent in Atlantic City

Contrary to common sense and probability theory in the mid-1980s, Adams was lucky in the lottery twice: in 1985 and in 1986.

The total amount, which has appeared in her hand, was 5, $ 4 million. However, Adams quickly returned to his hometown with without a cent to his name, having lowered all the winnings on slot machines in Atlantic City.

Now she lives in a trailer.

Jackpot put an end to a happy family life Family Guy


Before the couple Griffins won 2, 76 million dollars, they are almost never quarreled. After receiving the money, they bought their dream family nest - a beautiful house for a million dollars. They were happy. And then Lara began to receive e-mail messages about the infidelities of her husband, started a quarrel and a 14-year marriage came to an end. Soon burned and the house. Of winning was gone.

After 9 years after winning the $ 10 million Tirabassi forced to go to work


In 2004, a single mother from Canada Sharon Tirabassi jackpot size of $ 10 million. She decided that now is not what does not deny, and bought the "big house, several luxury cars, designer clothes, parties, exotic travel, and generous gifts to family and friends." In less than ten years, Sharon had to return to the bus driver and lives in a modest house removable.

Fortunately, part of the winnings she put in the bank for his six children, who will get the money only when you reach 26 years old.

Tonda Dickerson pay a huge tax on the donation


The former waitress Tonda Dickerson greedy and refused to share the prize with former work colleagues, for which he was punished - she as a result had to pay tax at a rate of more than a million dollars.

How could this happen? Dickerson is based on your winnings corporation, with 51 percent wrote to his relatives. For this generous gift, and she had to pay fabulous tax.

Susan Mullins drowned in debt


In 1993, Suzanne Mullins won the lottery 4, $ 2 million. She decided it would be wiser not to get all the money at once, and take them in installments over several years. But like a beautiful life immediately, and she herself did not notice that was in debt. Future payments serve as collateral for the loan of 200 thousand dollars.

After some time, Mullins is still required to pay her the remaining amount of the winnings as a whole, but to get out of debt and could not. When the bank filed a lawsuit a woman, it was too late - Mullins managed profukannyh everything to the last penny.

Americo Lopes greedy and brought to trial


Safety construction company Americo Lopes hit the jackpot, but nobody decided not to talk about, because he had a verbal agreement with colleagues to share a prize in case of success, but sharing is not wanted. America did not come up with anything better than to lie, that falls on the operation. But colleagues still somehow brought him to clean water and dragged into court. The judge also decided that we should share.

Mike Carroll spent the entire gain on prostitutes


Briton Mike Carroll, scavengers by profession, fortune smiled in 2002. His win was 9, 7 million pounds (or $ 15 million).

And away we go - cocaine, parties, prostitutes and expensive cars. After five years of millions were alone memories, and Mike returned to his former place of work.

Prayer Billy Harrell Jr. were heard, but nothing good is still not resulted in


The preacher Pentecostal Harrell worked in a warehouse building shop and prayed for him to send down money, but more. His prayers were answered and in 1997 he won $ 31 million.

Billy decided that the difficult times are behind us, bought the ranch, then another six townhouses and a pair of smart cars.

But, like so many others lucky, he could not say "no" to your family and friends. In general, we will not go into details - it ended up that Billy divorced and committed suicide.

Willie Hurt lowered state of drug


In 1989, a resident of Michigan Willie Hurt won the lottery 3, 1 million green.

Two years later he was already suffering from cocaine addiction, he was divorced, and was at the trial for attempted murder. They turned away from him everything, even their own children.

Fabulous prize went to the drug without a trace.

Denise Rossi "forgot" to indicate winning a divorce


Denise Rossi from California won 1, $ 3 million, and decided to start a brand new life. The first step towards this new life was the divorce, with the true causes of Denise decided not to tell her husband, and in the papers for divorce winning omitted. Thomas suspected that the matter is impure, but to divorce readily agreed. Two years later, the truth was opened, Thomas sued, and the court decided to give the former spouse all winnings entirely. Everything to the last penny.

maker of wigs Janita Lee swung won millions on political action


In 1993, Lee Janita from South Korea won the lottery $ 18 million. Ten years later, this money has disappeared. Janita has been an active supporter of the Democratic Party, and almost all the money pulled down on political action. By 2001, she was totally bankrupt.

Luke Pittard returned to work at McDonald's


In 2006, a native of Wales Luke Pittard won 1, 3 million pounds (1, 9 million. Dollars). First, he went on a trip to the Canary Islands, then gave a magnificent wedding and bought a new house.

Eighteen months later, the money ran out, and Luke returned to work at McDonald's. He says that he considers himself a happy man and his present life suits him completely.

William Lent after winning began to pursue unhappiness


William Post of Pennsylvania won his 16, 2 million in 1988 and thought that was all his problems are behind us. But instead of a happy carefree life was a series of misfortunes.

First, the former wife of the Post has decided that it is entitled to its share and sued. Then the brother of "lucky" hired killer, hoping to get rich heritage. And to top it all, nowhere grafted crowd of relatives finally tortured his endless requests to throw some money.

A year later, Post was not just bankrupt - above him hung million debt. Now the former millionaire lives on welfare and did not regret about the lost millions.

For Gerald Masvegona win proved fatal


In 1998, Gerald Masvegon Canada received ten million dollars - your lottery winnings. The next seven years turned into one continuous party where alcohol flowed freely. And in 2005 Maksvegon hanged himself in the garage of his parents.

One of Rod and Alex were on trial for tax evasion


One couple won $ 13 million in 1990 in Florida. After 15 years, they have declared themselves bankrupt. Plus he was charged with tax evasion. Alex died awaiting trial, and Rod spent two years in prison.

Vivien Nicholson swung all the money on clothes


In 1961, Vivien Nicholson, won on the football betting a decent amount of 152300 pounds and lowered all the money on designer clothes. A few years later she was out of work, widowed and joined the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Kelly Rogers was too young to dispose of winnings wisely


When Kelly won the 1, 9 million pounds (US $ 3 million.), She was only sixteen. She contacted a loser, gave birth to two children, and quickly pulled down all the money on parties and gifts for friends. Today, Kelly Rogers works as a maid.