Rules of Life of Elvis Presley

• Rules of Life of Elvis Presley

Rules of Life of Elvis Presley

Girls is not a hobby. Rather, it's fun.

Almost any audience prefers fast songs.

When I started singing, it weighed 153 pounds. And now I did not 184. The above is just a little bit of everything complete.

I love pork chops and rustic ham, mashed potatoes, and so on. And I eat a lot of jelly. Especially fruit.

I have never tried alcohol.

Going to the people, I love to dress traditionally, not too flashy. But on stage I have everything to be bright - so bright nowhere.

Now my mother is coming to town and buys whatever he wants. I was terribly pleased with it.

All my life I lived very well. We never really had any money or anything, but you know - we never went hungry. During this should thank fate.

Except on the stage, I could not do physical exercise. If it were not so, I would have a decent stomach, despite the fact that I eat a lot.

I got in trouble only once in his life - as a child, when he stole the eggs. I think I know how to distinguish good from bad.

What I like to thank, as the fact that you have so many friends.

I went to Sun Records studio, there sat a man - he wrote my name and said, maybe someday call. Year and a half really called, I came in and recorded his first song "That's All Right, Mama".

Someone stamping his foot, someone snaps his fingers, and someone swaying back and forth. I just went and began to do it all at once. I look at my audience and I feel that together we get rid of something bad. None of us knows what. It is important that we get rid, and thus does not harm anyone.

The first car I bought was the most beautiful car in my life. It was second-hand, but I put it in front of my hotel on the same day as purchased. And the whole night did not sleep - just looking at her, that's all.

If you want to draw a crowd, you should arrange for people to play. If you just stand there and sing and even not lift a finger, then people will say that nonsense, I could stay at home and listen to his recordings. You have to give them a show.

If I ask for an autograph, I will give.

I do not argue with those who like golf and tennis, but the harsh love sports, boxing, football, karate and so on. Play football - my dream.

I do not read books that read more. I read a lot of philosophy and sometimes poetry. I am interested in such things.

If I finish, I can be great to boil.

When you get older, you start to look at everything a little differently.

It is important to try to ensure that there were people around who can give you a little bit of happiness - because you live something you once, man.