7 future technologies invented by Russian companies

The word "startup" in recent years is strongly associated with the Internet and projects created in a network. In contrast to the general trend in the St. Petersburg business incubator "Ingria" gathered hardware-startups from across the country - from the Kazan "Spikfona", proposes to use the intercom system for rapid communication with the public, to the Khanty-Mansi developer technology to transform the associated gas into methane.

A total of 78 submitted applications for participation in the investment session "Ingrian", but the right to show their development received only 19 startups. Here is the most interesting of the projects.

Tricycle electric e-Trike

7 future technologies invented by Russian companies

Astrakhan manufacturer golfkarov Bravo Motors, decided to go out on the public road for the first time presented his draft single three-wheeled electric vehicle-trasformera. He must combine ease of the Segway (joystick control, the ability to park almost anywhere) with the comfort of a car. The idea is not unique - as recognized by the head of Konstantin Artemev Company, he has counted 16 competitors in the world. However, according to him, the development of Bravo Motors has its advantages: for example, the ability to model "trasformirovatsya" (partially folded for travel in the non-automotive areas where space can be very limited), as well as the full protection of the driver from the weather.

As Artemyev told the name of the e-Trike "(meaning all three-wheeled electric vehicles) is used temporarily. Investing $ 150,000 of their own funds, the company has reached alpha: to show the video, in which the device is successfully moved, it aroused in the audience applause. However, to create the final product you need a few million dollars - thanks to him should get electric car with a retail price of $ 12 000 (and subsequent reduction to $ 8000) are certified by analogy with the quads and able to drive 70-140 km on a single charge.

Robot watchman xTurion

7 future technologies invented by Russian companies

The small robot on tracks equipped with a camera and various sensors (smoke detectors, leaks, gas analyzer), is designed to deal with the problem of false calls to fixed alarm: When a call comes in the robot owner will be able to connect to it via the Internet to check whether there is a real problem. In addition, xTurion - does not need to sleep a night watchman, capable of regularly go around the large room. Robots, allowing remotely manage and transmit images from your camera, is now increasingly being used for other purposes (from teleprezentatsionnyh to entertainment) - director of "Iksturion" Sergei Kolyubin told that functionality xTurion later are also going to expand, making it the intellectual center of "smart houses".

Now there are "predprototip", collected on the basis of the Lynxmotion Johnny 5 platform with the addition of its components - the creators of the robot until it is tested the software on it, and by July, plan to move on its own platform. It is expected that the finished product will cost $ 500 in retail, working on a single charge an hour or two and move at a speed of 10-12 km / h. Its creation cost is projected at $ 300,000.


7 future technologies invented by Russian companies

Speereo company has 15 years of experience in speech recognition, and now decided to put its software in its own device. She introduced a "universal voice control": lie comfortably in the hand unit with a minimum of buttons that allows you to control any home appliances with IR-port voice commands.

This remote is contrary with several modern trends. Firstly, the control technology and voice commands are increasingly considered to be the prerogative of the smartphone. Second, the voice assistants like Siri allows to formulate a request in many different ways, and remote Speereo requires advance specify the exact list of commands (if you want a variation, you can specify more than one on one action). The company, however, has its own answers to this: the accuracy of recognition and understanding of Siri queries is insufficient for the control panel, and the smartphone does not want to constantly carry around the apartment. We have Speereo and your ace in the hole: the recognition takes place directly in the device rather than on the server, so that everything will work without an Internet connection. The estimated retail price of the device - 6000 rubles.

Thermometer to kilometers in length

7 future technologies invented by Russian companies

Fiber optic temperature sensors so impressed the experts, that the director of "SibSensora" Ivan Shelemba returned to Novosibirsk with a diploma for the I place. Such sensors are good for temperature control of extended objects - for example, pipelines if conventional one can establish only pointwise, the optical fiber extends along the entire length.

The company did not invent itself measuring principle, not made in-house components of the sensor and even sell them is not going to own and through partners (they can become spetsiliziruyuschiesya at security company). However, according to Shelemba, it allows the customer to obtain a solution "turnkey", relying on someone else's experience in fiber optics: "We know what should be such a device". Thanks to the first sales of the company has already reached the break-even.

Robot Designer TRIC

7 future technologies invented by Russian companies

Designer, allowing you to create and program robots, conceived as a middle ground between the two approaches. With Lego Mindstorms can easily understand the student, but its capacity is limited (say, about a robot with stereo vision there can only dream). Products based on Arduino and Raspberry Pi gives more freedom, but also requires a great deal (for example, to deal with the compatibility of different components), therefore became the inheritance of enthusiasts. Teachers and students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics St. Petersburg State University decided to combine the advantages of these options, making TRIC rich features and at the same time easy to learn.

The main aim of the new designer creators do on the educational market, actively communicating with schools and taking into account their wishes, but then want to take and the consumer. TRIC is now developing a model based on the popular designers, animating them to your controller. Exit at breakeven planned two years after receipt of the investment.

A device for car diagnostics car service is eZWay

7 future technologies invented by Russian companies

eZWay Products - Development adapter threads for vehicle diagnostic port that allows you to receive his data in "raw form." eZWay creates All Android-application and web service that will tell when the car is time to change the oil as it the case with consumption of gasoline and about what kind of trouble he says.

In the US, recently appeared similar startup Automatic, but as a team eZWay told it has something to counter a competitor. Firstly, in contrast to Automatic with a special adapter for $ 69, 95, it connects the service to any third-party adapter that supports Bluetooth (they are cheaper). Secondly, the Automatic is currently limited to the US market, and the timing is unclear expansion. Thirdly, we have eZWay social component: the service allows motorists to communicate and share experiences. The team has invested in start-up € 40,000 of equity.

Device for blind Oriense

7 future technologies invented by Russian companies

The device is attached to the chest blind or partially sighted person, analyzing the world around us and with the help of a voice synthesizer tells him about the obstacles on the way and how to avoid them. According to the company's CEO Vitaly China, Oriense involved just two device - stereo camera for orientation on svetua and infrared sensor for orientation in the dark. Oriense buy sensors, mass-produced PrimeSense, the software writes independently.

The software will be actively developed, so that by simply upgrading the software to expand functionality of the device: Oriense plan to teach him to recognize the colors of traffic lights, license plate number on the car. Another idea - allow the user to show the trustee on the internet video stream from the camera device (a "video call to a friend" will be useful if the technique could help in overcoming the obstacles). The company develops and own a stereo camera. Production of an experimental batch of devices will cost $ 250,000.