9 films following the Berlin Film Festival

Of the three movies Class A festivals that exist today - in Berlin, Venice and Cannes - it Berlinale is considered the most politicized, while Venice is the unofficial title of the most artistic and Cannes - the most glamorous.

Not surprisingly, the greatest chance of success in the German capital are painting anyway on the problems of the relationship between man and society, man and authorities, rights and business.

Before you 9 films which, critics and journalists estimated (at the Berlinale, they have the opportunity to award its own prize - FIPRESCI) pretend to film festivals main prize - "Golden Bear": it will be presented Feb. 17, the last day of the festival.

"side effect"

9 films following the Berlin Film Festival

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Production: United States

Starring: Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rooney Mara

The plot of the thriller, which was released in the world rolled 8 February - a day after the opening of the Berlinale, at first glance, is quite simple. Woman, for which the arrest and conviction of her husband has become a strong psychological blow as a result of the crushing depression is a psychiatric clinic. At first glance, it falls into the hands of excellent doctors - that's only experimental drugs, they are stuffed with the patient, providing her an odd side effect. Rather than bounce back, the woman begins to lose its identity under the pressure of something coming from the depths of her subconscious ...

"Promised Land"

9 films following the Berlin Film Festival

Director: Gus Van Sant Production: United States

Starring: Matt Damon, John Krasinski, Frances McDormand

First collaboration Van Sant and Damon - the picture "Good Will Hunting" - 12 years ago, collected a good crop of awards and was seen all the film critics, as well, and the public. The new film in a sense, continues the theme raised in the "Hunting". Agent of a large corporation, played by Matt Damon, arrives in a provincial town with the sole purpose - to obtain from its citizens for exploration permits and drilling. For hireyuschego village is the only chance of survival, but a school teacher and head of the local trade union knows only too well what the environmental consequences will be a "last chance". In addition, he has a long-standing agent and not too pleasant story love, which ultimately will change the plans and intentions of both.

"Paradise: Hope"

9 films following the Berlin Film Festival

Director: Ulrich Seidl

Production: Austria, France, Germany

Starring: Melanie Lenz, Verena Leebauer Joseph Lorenz, Viviane Bartsch

The third and final part of the trilogy Seidl, the first two of the film is "Paradise: Love" and "Paradise: Faith" does not leave indifferent, it seems that no one person who looked at them. Shocking movie, exploring the most difficult manifestation of human love, this time about the topic of teenage love. But not in the same age: 13-year-old heroine of the film, which the family did not give her a clue about love, falls in love with a teenage camp director - a man older than her forty years.

"Closed Curtain"

9 films following the Berlin Film Festival

Director: Jafar Panahi, galley Partovi

Production: Iran

Starring: Miriam Mokvadam, Jafar Panahi

Iranian director Jafar Panahi will not be able to imagine himself in his Berlin band: upon conviction filmmaker who participated in the protest rally against the election results in Iran in 2009, it is forbidden to leave the country. However, to make a film it is also prohibited, and how Panahi could not just put the picture, but also to play a major role in it - one of the main intrigue of the festival. In contrast to the intrigue of the film, which focuses on the long and difficult rapprochement between the two people caught up in isolation from society and from themselves. He is owner of the dog, which is prohibited by Islamic law, and it is - a participant of the underground party on the beach, and they accidentally met in an abandoned house to escape the persecution of adherents of morality.

"long and happy life"

9 films following the Berlin Film Festival

Director: Boris Khlebnikov

Production: Russia

Starring: Alexander Yatsenko, Anna Kotova, Vladimir Korobeynikov Sergei Nasedkin

Cameraman Pavel Kostomarov had already received in Berlin "Silver Bear" for the film "How I spent this summer." This fact will help his new work, directed by Boris Khlebnikov, or hurt - time will tell. But the plot of the film - the most that neither is "Berlin": it is difficult to imagine something more social than the story of the former metropolitan businessman-turned-Karelian farmer comes into the fight with a large company for their land, losing in this opposition to one ally after another.

"Prince Avalanche"

9 films following the Berlin Film Festival

Director: David Gordon Green

Production: United States

Starring: Paul Rudd, Emile Hirsch, Lance LeGolt

Maybe if David Gordon Green has brought to Berlin is not "Prince Avalanche" and the movie "Joe" with Nicolas Cage in the lead role, his chances of winning would be even higher - a frank sociality is not yet released in theaters the film much more. But the "Prince Avalanche" Berlin can impress the jury. Strange story about two young people who are engaged in that alone paint the old road signs on a country road surrounded by burnt forest, can be interpreted as anything - including as a global metaphor of loneliness in the modern world.

"Harmony Lessons"

9 films following the Berlin Film Festival

Director: Emir Baigazin

Production: Kazakhstan, Germany

Starring: Timur Aidarbekov

"Lessons of harmony" - the first feature film of the Kazakh director Emir Baigazin. But Berlinale favors newcomers: according to many kinoekspertov, the Kazakh film a chance to win even more than the tapes venerable directors because it can not be compared with itself, but more fortunate and successful. This comparison is dedicated and picture that Baigazin brought to the festival. 13-year-old Aslan, who survived the humiliation classmates eyes will be forced not only to understand that we should not compare one person with another, but also to find a way to live in a world where such a comparison - the norm and deviation from the usual - a reason for persecution.

"Camille Claudel 1915"

9 films following the Berlin Film Festival

Director: Bruno Dumont

Production: France

Starring: Juliette Binoche, Jean-Luc Vincent

Frenchman Bruno Dumont, unlike many of his colleagues, rarely pleases the audience and critics of new films - every two to three years. But each of them becomes an event, especially for fans of deep, reflective film. Thus began a new film and Dumont dedicated hard struggle with insanity, which is the French sculptor Camille Claudel - Rodin's former lover brilliant, confident that all its failures are caused by the machinations of a former partner and envious. True, the new film has a solid competitor Dumont - dedicated to the same heroine film starring Isabelle Arzhanov and Gerard Depardieu, shot 25 years ago.

"On my way"

9 films following the Berlin Film Festival

Director: Emmanuel Berko

Production: France

Starring: Catherine Deneuve

The script of this picture, as they say, was written by Emmanuelle Berco, which itself same and directed the film, based on one single actress - the legendary Catherine Deneuve. In a sense, it has to play itself - a middle-aged woman, is experiencing a severe crisis in a world populated by aiming for success at any cost youth. How to succeed in the heroine cope with this difficult challenge and how credible will play legends of French cinema, will become clear in the coming days.