6 of breakthrough technologies that will change our lives

Refrigerator with internet, oven on Android, candy bar-shaped tablet and other new Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, which will enter into our lives in the near future

Just finished the exhibition Consumer Electronic Show, taking place every January in Las Vegas, to show what the world will live on consumer electronics in the near future. Below are the devices with exhibits that reflect the major technology trends of 2013.

PCs in the form of a tablet

6 of breakthrough technologies that will change our lives

The phenomenon first computer screens polls turn into touch, even the greatest. The phenomenon of two: one-piece, displacing cumbersome system units, are becoming thinner. The phenomenon of the third: Windows 8 integrates computers and tablets, trying to be comfortable on both devices. Together, these three phenomena have led to the emergence of a fourth: the boundary between the monoblock and tablets only erased. Perhaps, soon every PC can be put on the table and manage them with your fingers, without keyboard.

At CES it was presented three products made with the expectation of it. The first - a 20-inch tablet from the Windows-Panasonic (by the way, with the same 4K-resolution, that new TV, see the 5th slide.), Which according to the company, it is useful to designers. The second - a 27-inch computer on the Lenovo, which can put even the floor (which is why the company presets applications that enable children to easily draw on the touch screen). Third - 24-inch device from ViewSonic, which can be connected to the system unit as a monitor, and can be used independently Preloaded Android.

New game consoles

6 of breakthrough technologies that will change our lives

Until last year, the gaming console market was divided three competitors - Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Forbes has described how the development of crowdfunding and mobile operating systems has led to the Ouya, to change this situation. Top box at CES showed two companies, previously known for other products. The NVIDIA, beloved by gamers thanks to its graphics cards, make a portable "cot" Project Shield is running Android, and the Razer, begins with suitable for mice and keyboards games, matured to release the game on Windows 8 tablet. And shortly before the opening of CES it became known about another breakthrough crowdfunding: ordinary users to sponsor the creation of a set-top box Android GameStick, looking like an ordinary flash drive.

It is not clear how successful these initiatives (Android-games are usually optimized for touch control, and is not a gamepad), but the fact of their appearance, of course, important.

Home Appliances connected to the Internet

6 of breakthrough technologies that will change our lives

The idea to push the computer into every household objects has reached a new level. Thanks in part to the development of tablets today anything can be improved by embedding it in a simple tablet. This helped the refrigerator Samsung T9000 draw everyone's attention: its 10-inch screen to play Angry Birds is not expected, but the application it supports Evernote, differing from those of previous similar devices. But the new Dacor oven by simply running on Android, so if you want it, you can install the app from Google Play. Although yet to set the oven for the required parameters the main purpose of the touch screen. Oven can be controlled from your smartphone using a special application, and she in turn will send a notification - for example, that the set time is over and you can sit there.


6 of breakthrough technologies that will change our lives

Wristwatches Pebble watch, able to synchronize with a smartphone and allow the installation of applications, not so long ago blew up the Internet: their inventors wrote on a Kickstarter, which for mass production they need $ 100,000, and eventually collected on pre-order more than $ 10 000 000. Such an example I could not fail to inspire others, and at CES this has become a trend. G-Shock GB5600A from Casio looks like a wrist watch from the 1990s, but are able to learn from their iPhone owner, how many calls he missed and what time zone is. In the prototype from Toshiba big screen (for watches) 1 inch, 7 '', so that it can even look at a map - and still it measures the heart rate. Pebble creators also appeared at CES for the first time and gave a touch your product (previously were available only to the image), and also reported that the first batch will go to the customers on 23 January.

new TVs

6 of breakthrough technologies that will change our lives

When a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels (it is also 1080p) gave the marketing name Full HD: while the consumer market, it was watching television, and video biggest. Now even a simple 10-inch iPad resolution is higher - it is not surprising that a large TV also decided to permit "full full". New standard 4K is 3840x2160 pixels exactly twice the previous both horizontally and vertically. Such a multiplicity of needs for the old video to 1080p-quality displayed on the new screen.

About 4K-TVs talked before, but at CES, it became clear that the wave came: their models introduced just eight companies (from big names like Sony to the much less known Hisense). But to say that the future has come SUPER, until you can not. Firstly, the cost of most of these TVs are now tens of thousands of dollars, so until they each house will be a long time. Secondly, the deficit is now simply 4K-content: Of course, high-quality 20-megapixel photos on this TV will look better, but movies on BluRay yet publish in the old 1080p. However, progress is already taking place. In particular, the new standard of TV people are interested, so that the use of all the possibilities of new TVs do not seem to have to wait a very long time.

A new form of the usual things

6 of breakthrough technologies that will change our lives

There are products that do not fit tightly in a particular category, but still significant. For example, Tactus Technology, seeking to give the opportunity to work with the touch screen on the touch: many owners of smartphones wistfully recall the days when we could use so regular phone. Or prototype Russian YotaPhone, at the exhibition are interested in many foreign journalists on the reverse side of this androidfona is E Ink-screen to save battery power. Or game development IllumiRoom from Microsoft and Samsung: it can be projected on the wall in the room gamer background corresponding to what is happening on the screen (for example, falling snow or stars). Or, finally, an amazing plug HAPIfork, and for ensuring that the correct chews its owner and does not absorb any extra calories. The plug allows you to download information from it via USB-connector. This is not the only device whose purpose - to help maintain the correct lifestyle (different fitness trackers, which need to run at CES were not considered), but this one had not previously reached.