Nine islands of dreams

Fiery, rocky, alien and other lost in the seas of the pieces of land, which will stay unforgettable

More than half a billion photos gives Google the query "dream island": blue lagoons, white sand and coconut palms. But dreams are much more diverse than the tropical beaches. And the island too. Before you nine distant islands with very different weather, nature, culture and ambience.


Nine islands of dreams

Isla Grande or Tierra del Fuego, Chile and Argentina

Although it is true south of here, in the embrace of mountains and glaciers, not hot - even in summer the temperature does not rise above + 15 ° C. And when you consider that only 900 km separate the largest island of the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego from the vast ice of Antarctica, then a beach holiday is better to forget - instead of people sunbathing on the banks of Magellanic penguins and sea lions. Well, as the name is a fiery place, like the rest of the archipelago, is obliged to Magellan, who saw the ship lights fires that burned the Indians on their own land, to keep warm. Today, this wonderful land belongs to two countries. And let Chile got a bigger piece, it is in the realm of Argentine is all very remarkable. For instance, the southernmost city in the world - Ushuaia. And for him right on the coast ideally placed reserve Tierra del Fuego with its overseas curiosities. Of course, the reasons to go to the very edge of the world can be a million, but it is worthy of special mention: in Tierra del Fuego for the future can eat seafood and huge king crabs, which are quite simply ridiculous money. Season - from November to March: at this time is a comfortable summer. And from late June to September, you can go skiing.

Creative / Creative

Nine islands of dreams

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada

Only across Canada, the owner of mineral springs, the island seems to have himself an inexhaustible source of inspiration: its population consists mainly of painters, sculptors, musicians and artisans of every kind. This is not surprising, after all, surrounded by lavender fields and hilly pastures difficult to remain indifferent to all this beauty. Here are regularly held concerts and recitals, there is a special art itineraries for tourists in almost every cafe and bar with live music, and from April to October runs Saturday Market, where farmers and artisans sell their products. Do the inhabitants of Salt Spring Island there are farms, wineries, dairies, restaurants, cafes, beaches, marina, resort and spa, and even a golf club. Definitely, these talented islanders not merely involved in art - they have mastered the art of living. Season - all year round: in the winter you can ski downhill and cross-country skiing and in the summer - sunbathing on the beaches.


Nine islands of dreams

Skye, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

This picturesque wilderness just created in order to walk among the low clouds, admiring the lush imagination of nature and inhale the aromas of honey herbs, mixed with the salty air of the Atlantic, and in the evening to wash down the strong impressions of the day no less strong Talisker whiskey local production. Plush carpet of green and sharp as the teeth of a predator, rocks make the landscape fabulously dramatic. Skye - home of the famous Clan MacLeod. For the past 800 years, their ancestral castle Dunvegan, officially recognized as the oldest of inhabited in Europe, rises above the eponymous lake. Its current owner - the head of the clan, Sir Hugh MacLeod - often plays host to guests as part of tour groups and does not tire of repeating that in their family is not immortal Highlanders. From Uyga Skonsera and ferries to the neighboring small islands. Season - from May to October, when it is not so windy. Although wildlife lovers explore the island and in the winter: in rain, snow and storm.


Nine islands of dreams

Lizard, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is probably the best design object of the underwater world, and the best place for his detailed study than the Lizard, does not find. The most northerly of the reef islands along the west coast which stretches almost unbroken coral ridge, has easy access to many diving spots. Code Hole - the most popular of them - is a haven of giant spotted groupers, sometimes reaches adult size. These big celebrities do not like tired of Fame stars, they do not hide from the cameras, but rather, with pleasure posing underwater paparazzi for a piece of bread. Other inhabitants of the local waters, for a meeting to which tourists dress up in suits - moray eels, stingrays, coral cod, Maori wrasses, and even sharks. A little secret: to become an expert in one of the oldest ecosystems on the planet, not necessarily hours to soak in the water - you can visit located on the west of the island research station, which is engaged in the study of the reef, and to find out from its employees all the most important and interesting. Season - all year round.


Nine islands of dreams

Socotra, Yemen

It looks like a lost world is here, in one of the most isolated islands of the planet. Broken away from the mainland for millions of years ago, Socotra became a worldwide repository of unique flora and fauna (more than a third of the nearly 800 species of native plants today not found elsewhere). When you see firsthand all these bizarre creations, it is difficult to believe that they were brought here from another planet. Only the trees with a fantastic name "dragon's blood" can lead one to believe an alien invasion: like giant mushrooms or flying saucers on the impressive legs, they deservedly became a symbol of the island is absolutely unique. Although Socotra is not familiar to us comfort (first roads were just four years ago, and they do not cover the island entirely, and decent food shops, as well as four very modest hotel, can only be found in the capital Hadibo), for everyone who is here visited, this place becomes a personal Shambhala. Season - September to October and from December to May. In the summer it's hot and windy, and November - the rainiest month.


Nine islands of dreams

Austvogoy, Lofoten, Norway

Lovers of natural effects, to you here! And best of all in the winter. At this time, the tourism on the northernmost island of the archipelago do not hibernate, but on the contrary - is gaining momentum, not to freeze. Although the bitter cold - it's not about Lofoten, because right next door is warm and caring Gulfstream. The most that can happen - a light, quite comfortable minus. But the pros are still an order of magnitude greater. And the northern lights, which can be observed from September to April, - one of them. Perfect light show in the formulation of an independent director dream of seeing many, though wayward heavenly office may cancel a scheduled presentation by not returning the money for the tickets. However, to the public at Lofoten is more favorable: here the chances of getting insight over sufficiently large. And with the new service of the local museum Polarlightcenter, dedicated to the northern lights, miss the main event is almost impossible. The visitors center offers SMS-notification about every upcoming celestial show, so you can have time to take their seats in the front row. The obvious advantages of winter recreation are also necessary to add a successful fishing - from mid-February to late April near the Lofoten spawning Arctic cod, and Austvogoy at this time passes the global festival dedicated to its fishing. Season - all year round.

The romantic / erotic

Nine islands of dreams

Jeju, South Korea

Spring bloom here in harmonious tandem sweet cherry and colorful azaleas and it is difficult to imagine a more appropriate screen saver to start family life. Koreans themselves, by the way, has long been scratching their heads over where to go on their honeymoon: they have a long tradition of honeymoon was on Jeju Island. It is believed that this place is favorable for the newly couple and promises them good luck in marriage. Here in general works on virtually all newlyweds: nature provides them with romantic views, the restaurants served solid aphrodisiacs, the hotel offers luxurious suites and staff once again not to bother. But all this was not enough for the Koreans, and they came up with an unexpected attraction - Park Erotic Love Land, which is now courting couples go for guidance and emancipation before the wedding night. On the territory of the "Country Love" are 140 sculptures of men and women in sexual poses, cinema for adults, sex shops and erotic museum. Season - all year round. From May to September - the perfect time for a beach holiday.


Nine islands of dreams

Turtle Island, Fiji

To live in the real scenery for the movie "Blue Lagoon", or even get the keys to the whole island - is not it the dream of every loving couple? Here in the South Pacific, it is feasible: exotic resort Turtle Island, owned by businessman Richard Evanson, can be rented for a week - is enough time to try on the role of the owners of a small Eden 200 hectares. But if the main purpose of escape to a remote island - guaranteed privacy, spread over this crazy amount is optional. On Turtle Island just 14 traditional cottages, storm, which can simultaneously take no more than 28 adult guests. And each has its own private beach, fully isolated from the others. So there is a much greater chance to witness the invasion of turtles than other tourists. The original name of the island - Nanuya Levu, and a new name and a new life to this place given its current owner, one of the main missions of which is to preserve endangered species of turtles - green and hawksbill turtles, the indigenous inhabitants of the coastal waters. Season - all year round.


Nine islands of dreams

Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Well, let the whole covered with greenery, absolutely all - this place is the language does not turn to call the island of bad luck. On the contrary, Kauai lucky even more than him, in general, are not complaining of the fate of their relatives - the islands of Oahu, Hawaii and Maui. In contrast to the green and the oldest member of the Hawaiian archipelago for a long time it managed to avoid the invasion of tourists, despite the good PR from the film (here, to shoot the film "Jurassic Park," "King Kong," "The Descendants"). By the way, the island was the definition of "green" is not only because of the dominant here is the color, but also because of the local population the desire for environmentally friendly way of life on Kauai there is a prohibition on the use of plastic bags and there is the further development of the territory restrictions, almost all food is organic or at least the local production, etc. The only problem is that to fit in a holiday week staying island entertainment is practically impossible.. golf, all kinds of surfing, kayaking, deep sea fishing, helicopter flights , Hiking - it is only a small part of the potential "to do" list. Season - all year round.