5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

The majority of political killings that have a greater or lesser extent influenced the course of history, it has been meticulously thought out and calculated. But not all. Some of them are more like a combination of incredible cruelty and the same incredible profanity.

1. An attack on Reinhard Heydrich

5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

In 1942, a group of saboteurs of British intelligence was tasked to eliminate thereof of the initiators of the "final solution of the Jewish question" Reinhard Heydrich. Direct the job was entrusted to agents Jozef Gabčík (left) and Jan Kubis (right).

5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

Agents chose a quiet place outside the city, at the turn to Heydrich's country residence, where he settled with a submachine gun "STEN" waiting for its prey. When the machine before turning to slow down, Gabčík came out of hiding, he took aim and pulled the trigger.

And silence.

5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

The weapon turned out to be completely clogged with grass, which Gabčík have collected along the way for their rabbits. For some irony he stuffed greens exactly the bag, which contained disassembled weapons, and did not think to check it before you assemble.

So brave saboteur was in a stupid position, standing in front of his victim with a weapon that pereklinilo rabbit food.

Fortunately for agents, Heydrich also not distinguished ingenuity. Instead ordered the driver to press on the gas, and then send people to capture and Gabčík Kubis, he ordered to stop, pulled out a gun and personally opened fire on his hapless killer.

Or rather, he tried to open it. Because the gun did not have ammunition. While Gabčík and Heydrich stood with stupid persons, giving each other the useless weapon, Kubis bearings, pulled a grenade hurled in the direction of the machine and ... missed. Explosion no one was killed, but the wounded were and Heydrich, and his driver, and he Kubis.

The wounded Heydrich, seeing in front of him most perfect profane, decided to continue the fight and got out of the car - still armed with only an empty pistol. Kubis did not wait for further developments, he sat on his bike and was gone.

Then Heydrich gave his driver a command grab Gabčík, who was still trying to get from their pulomota any sense, but as soon as the driver approached him, he remembered that he also has a gun!

He shot the driver in the leg, then fled. Why Gabčík not finish off a wounded and unarmed Nazi chief - is unknown. Maybe at home it's really waiting for starving rabbits.

However, it is farcical attempt failed can not be called too. Wounded Heydrich was enough serious, and help had to wait a long time. So that he died soon after he was taken to hospital.

2. Killing Lincoln or an ode to stupidity

5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

John Wilkes Booth - the man who April 14, 1865 during a performance at Ford's Theater shot of Abraham Lincoln, was a famous actor and part-time secret agent of the Confederacy.

Initially, in the evening to assassinate Lincoln planned to commit three murders. One member of the group Bout had to attack Secretary of State William Seward, but he had a decent resistance. Another conspirator was drunk and threw the task to eliminate the vice-president Andrew Johnson. Murder Lincoln went according to plan - at the time of the funniest scenes of the comedy "My American Cousin" Booth entered the president's box and shot; burst of laughter drowned out the sound of the shot. Then began complexity. Booth had no intention to sacrifice their lives and hoping to get away unnoticed, but here, it is inappropriate, in the box there was a guest of Lincoln - Major Rathbone. Booth had no choice as siganut down from the balcony, right in the auditorium. The jump was a failure - in addition to minor injuries, the killer turned out to be a broken leg.

5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

John Wilkes Booth

Being primarily an actor (! And excellent), it took a spectacular position and well-modulated voice spoke: "Sic Semper Tyrannis", which translated from Latin means "This is the fate of tyrants." After that, with all possible, given the broken leg advantage limped toward the exit.

By some miracle, Booth managed to escape and hide for 12 days. It was only on April 26, police found it in some barn, where the actor was hiding with one of his assistants. The barn was set on fire, Booth came out, and then was fatally shot in the neck. John Booth's last words were: "Tell my mother that I died fighting for their country."

3. The murder of Grigoris Lambrakis

5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

Grigoris Lambrakis

It was in the early 1960s, when the authorities in Greece was the government, adhering to extreme right-wing views.

Political Activity physician, athlete and staunch pacifist Grigoris Lambrakis delivered to the government, the police and the military a lot of trouble. At some point it was decided to remove it. However, Lambrakis was very popular, and incur the people's anger no one wanted. Finally, to complete the dirty work, two right-wing extremists were hired. On the day of the murder of half-baked conspirators took a wooden stick, and sat down in traysikal (a cross between a scooter and a car with three wheels) and went to perform the task to the area where Lambrakis acted with another anti-war speech.

5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

The plan hit simplicity: leave traysikal on the road, come during a speech to the victim from behind and hit on the head with a club in front of the astonished audience. So they did.

When Lambrakis fell down dead, the murderers immediately discovered that they had a plan ... more underfulfilled. Despite the fact that the police did not lift a finger to detain them, the unusual transport, which arrived killer, aroused great interest, and remember a crowd of supporters of the victim.

The audience rushed to traysiklu, dragged the ill-fated killer outside, and the police had no choice but to comply with their professional duties. The two conspirators were arrested, convicted and safely forgotten. Unlike Lambrakis, which was made into a film, was nominated for an Oscar later.

4. Undermining of Luis Carrero Blanco

5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

Franco (left) and Blanco (right)

In 1973, four soldiers of the Basque separatist organization ETA developed a plan for the assassination of Spanish Prime Minister Luis Carrero Blanco (trustee and presumed successor policy authoritarian rule of Franco).

The conspirators called his plan "Operation Monster" and he was absolutely insane.

First of all, under the guise of students - the future sculptors they rented a cellar in the house, by which Carrero Blanco went to Mass regularly. Then they began to dig a tunnel under the road. This work is complicated by the fact that the conspirators absolutely nothing about laying in tunnels. At first it appeared that hoe too high, and work it there is no way. Then it turned out that one of the would-be assassins claustrophobic. After that they almost buried underground. And to top it off, the ground was soaked with sewage and contaminated with harmful gases.

Eventually, someone came up with the brilliant idea to handle about digging tunnels in the literature. So they learned to put the backup and the "ceiling" has ceased to fail, but about gases and impurities in the manual has not been told anything. Despite this, the conspirators were stubbornly to his goal, and one day (about a year after the start of work) the tunnel was completed.

They have filled it with explosives and waited for the car of Prime Minister.

The explosion was so powerful that the car Blanco was thrown into the air on five floors. The car flew through the church and landed on the terrace of the second floor:

5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

5. The killer bear in a suit and with an ax in the hands of

5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

Jörg Yenach

Swiss preacher Jörg Yenach (17th century) began his political career when in his native country struggle between Protestants and Catholics. At first, he defended the interests of Protestants, but at some point, dramatically changed the belief, he converted to Catholicism and moved to the side of the former enemies. And therefore, it became a traitor to the Protestant. So when it was attacked, no one in particular was not surprised. This happened during the carnival. All were masked, drinking and fooling around in his own way. Yenach I guess how many former colleagues he wants to take revenge, but the desire to have some fun turned out to be stronger. Together with its approximate, he went to a nearby tavern, rented, however, a separate room. At some point on the threshold appeared a group of strangers in masks - one in full bear costume. Suit part was somehow a big ax.

The strangers asked for permission to join the merry company. The good news is that time drunken hosts lost all vigilance and permission was given.

5 most absurd attempts, which, however, failed

As soon as the bear came into the room, just handed Yenachu plush paw. Last gladly shook her, and at this time the bear buddy shot a preacher in the belly of nowhere who took the gun. Wounded Yenach tried to fend off a candlestick, but after a brief fight was the only politician who died from bear hands, armed with an ax.