As filming "Striped flight"

• How to remove the "Striped flight"

The episode filmed in the bathroom for bulletproof glass, and Leonov himself tested his strength.

As filming

But while shooting the operator noticed that the glass glare and said that you can not remove it because the viewer will notice everything.

Directed thought, and decided to remove the glass, but ... do not talk about this actor.

At that moment, when Leonov, sitting in the bathroom, lathered his eyes, the glass was removed and allowed to enter the tiger pavilion. He walked over to Leonov, sniffed it, and happily reached a paw into the water. Be friends.

Then you've seen.

As filming

Naked Leonov shot out of the water and ran, knocking down everything in its path. EpiZAD fully entered into the film, the game was not here no.

Against this danger did not end there. Evgeny Pavlovich told the following.

I was approached by the director, the operator and said:

- Do not worry, we came up with a very funny episode. Put you in a cage, releasing tigers and see what happens.

I say:

- No I do not agree. I have a family, a little boy, I'm against.

As filming

I am, of course, persuaded, as I also had agreed to star in this film.

All hid themselves. Directed by bold, daring - he climbed up the mast, and from there everything is visible - it is easier to manage. Operator hid in a metal box, exposed chamber.

As filming

They put me in a cage, released tigers. Tigers approached, sniffed and went on deck to inspect. Tigers do not rush - comedy does not work.

The director yells:

- Trainer why your animals do not rush to the artist?

- They sniff him - said, and he pushes me into the cell of a living pig and whispers:

- Leonov, take a fork generations suckling pig, and the Tigers do not react to it. I say:

- You have to, and if you are, I have another profession.

As filming

But what happened on the deck in a moment, when the Tigers smelled a pig! They through the bars of his scratched, pig squeals, tigers from this more svirepeyut. I scream, pig cuddle.

A pig from fear quite mad, began to throw at me.

As filming

Tigers growl, pig squeals, I shout:

- trainer, shoot, not all will eat together with the deck.

Trainer fired into the air, but the tigress Calma from it all squeal and roar rushed into the sea ... an hour to rescue her, and saved, of course ...

As filming