Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from

• The presidential limousine ZIL prepared by

Photos of the new Russian limousine Zil-4112R

Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from

The plant "ZIL" in conjunction with "Depo-ZIL" limousine type produced Pullman executive class for the higher echelons of power. This was announced by executive director of "Depo-ZIL" Sergei Sokolov.

The other day in the Ministry of Industry has already held its first meeting on the development of the Russian car for the first persons of the state. The main contenders for the establishment of government machinery called GAZ and ZIL. The "Cortege" is estimated at € 1 billion, however, as it turned out, the prototype is ready and it cost much cheaper.

Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from

by Monolit against Mercedes Pullman

The project called Monolit appeared in 2004, when the "Depo-ZIL" accepted the offer ZIL cooperation, at the same time it was created CJSC. Sketches were developed body design of the new government limousine, and technical model in a scale of 1: 5, said Sokolov. In 2006 the project was revived and in 2012, work on the machine has been completed. Soon the car will be tested at the Dmitrov proving ground, then he should get the approval. Now President Vladimir Putin drives a Mercedes-Benz S-Guard Pullman.

- The new model called Zil-4112R. Letter P - the first letter of the names of Sergey Rozhkov - the founder of "Depo-ZIL", who passed away last year. He did so much for the car, we decided to mention his name in the model name, - says Sergey Sokolov. According to the SPARK database, the late Sergei Rozhkov, is the founder of CJSC "Depo-ZIL", CEO of the company is currently listed his widow Tatyana Rozhkov.

According to Sokolov, the model Zil-4112R designers wanted to show the continuity of the machine, and continue the line of limousines executive class, on which the country's leaders went to Leonid Brezhnev, Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. It was planned to change the design, the ergonomics of the cabin, ride quality, as well as the cooling system and power supply. No detail in the new car is not the same as the old, Sokolov says. However, the "Depo-ZIL" put your concept car in one line with the Maybach and Rolls Royce.

In the network a few years ago it was announced the new design Zilovskoye limousine designed Svyatoslav Saakyan. According to Sokolov, no relation to model ZIL this design does not. Appearance 4112R, as well as its emblem on a competitive basis to develop Moscow designer Gera Kalitin.

Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from

What's new in Zile

First of all, developers have begun to address the weaknesses that have been in previous models. Thus, the type of engine has been changed - with the carburettor to the injector. Zilovskoye engine and gearbox specially developed by the American company Allison. Displacement has not changed - 7, 7 liters, added horsepower - from 315 to 400. Instead of a three-stage manual gearbox installed a new five-speed automatic transmission. However, the car's suspension has not changed. Old limousine intended only for long trips, with no provision stops at traffic lights. His technical ability is defined at high speeds and with frequent stops it from overheating, so installed a new cooling system and power created Zilovskoye designers. The limousine has six doors. Unlike limousines Rolls Royce and Mercedes, the average door opening in Zile.

On the new model of wheel diameter of 18 inches were installed. This is due to the fact that special tires "Granite" for the 16-inch wheels Zilovskoye limousines let alone Moscow Tire Plant. Due to the fact that the limousine weighs more than 3 5 m, but has the quality of car speed (accelerated to 200 km / h) to find the corresponding tires for 16-inch wheels proved impossible.

- This tire is 18 inches available in America for large machines. We had to make the wheel more - Sokolov said.

The vehicle interior is made by Pullman type when sitting opposite each other. Counter seating retract automatically. Changed boot ergonomics: in the past it could squeeze one diplomat, because in the trunk of a large reserve is inserted; it removed the floor. The hind wings placed climatic equipment: right in the passenger compartment can be configured one point, on the left - the other. In addition, the 4112R reversed power supply system. Power Generator is increased from 100 to 150 amperes, enough for a bus, said Sokolov. While the concept car is not armored. As they say at the factory armored version may appear after the approval of the existing model, and negotiations with the authorities - then it will be possible to order the capsule. In the "Depo-ZIL" evasive talk about investors of the project. With the representative manager of Victor Hrekova could not be reached.

- The project is sponsored by a group of enthusiastic enough rich people - Sokolov said.

ZIL does not rule out the possibility of the start of serial production car class for the second echelon.

Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from Presidential limousine ZILa prepared from