100 facts about Poland through the eyes of Russians

100 facts about Poland through the eyes of Russians

For almost a year I live in Warsaw. We are pleased to share the facts about Poland.

1. Poles often complain that they went to the mountains in the south and the Baltic Sea in the north, and warming it is not all that well. But lucky with lakes, formed after the toe of the glacier. Mazury lakes - a popular place for sailing or kayak, the latest very popular.

2. Polish the weather can be very unpredictable and locals constantly at her lament: winter by European standards freezing (-25), and the summer is not warm enough. Generally it is the Poles in the blood - to be dissatisfied with something. In the spring of the same day, the rain can 3 times to start, end, hail fall, after which all trace has dried in the sun. Seasons, as is customary in Europe, do not start from the first day, and on the astronomical calendar, so do not be December 1 to congratulate all with the onset of winter, will not understand.

3. Poland is quite homogeneous ethnically, linguistically and culturally. Nevertheless, it is composed of a large part of Silesia (Śląsk Wrocław), departed the Poles after World War II. The area is very specific, especially industrially-Miner Upper Silesia with its center in Katowice, with their incomprehensible dialect and shlonskim own opinion about the rest of Poland.

4. Economically more developed Western Poland often outraged that feeds the lazy and drunkards from a poor agrarian eastern part.

5. The problem of internal migration from rural areas to big cities in Poland is very serious, the infrastructure is quite decent. The usual story when a Warsaw family living in the apartment starts to build a country house, then moved back and apartment rents.

6. During its history, the country was divided into a number of times, as evidenced by at least the fact that the Christmas presents to children in Warsaw brings St. Mikołaj in Poznan -. Gvyazdor (from the word star), Krakow - Angel, in Silesia - the baby Jesus, and even meet Santa Claus in the eastern part ... 7. Polish small businesses and NGOs often lives by subsidies and grants from the European Union. My friend has thus received 40 thousand euros for the opening of a kindergarten in its suburbs and a free course on enterprise economy to boot.

8. Since 2007, the year a law, according to which 1% of your taxes should be transferred to the activities of public benefit organizations, organizations choose yourself. Therefore, the street meets compassionate advertising - give 1% of children in Africa or in the shelter for dogs.

9. stray animals is not here. Nuclear power plants, too, with all the environmental good. In the cities, on the bank of the Vistula River a lot of gulls, parks teeming with proteins. In my residential area of ​​Warsaw in the evening more than once I stumbled on hedgehogs.

100 facts about Poland through the eyes of Russians

10. Poland has the largest number of white storks (23% of the world population). Like the bison from the Bialowieza Forest, storks - one of the symbols of the country.

11. waste sorting there, although not strictly controlled. Many are placed where the containers for the collection of old clothes, then what to do with it - I do not know.

12. Since 2004, Poland is in the EU, and since 2007 the Schengen zone.

13. Since the beginning of the 90's from the country surged wave of emigrants mostly in England. With the rising standard of living, many have returned, but still there are cases when a doctor working in a Polish clinic, fly on the weekend in London, where he gets behind the times his weekly salary.

14. State Polish clinics are free, but not so much as grandmothers with sores. Therefore sign up for an appointment with the therapist you need somewhere for a month or two, or go to a private clinic. Of course, this does not apply to cases of emergency.

15. Chicago is the second in the number of Poles living in it city in the world.

16. As the Poles declare they do not like the two nations - Russian and German. You can find the combined monuments to the victims of Nazism and Communism. However, such a dislike more stereotyped than real and manifest except during sporting events. 17. With a hostile attitude towards Russian dating almost was not necessary. Often the opposite is very friendly and hospitable, always prompt way, if you need to phone from your phone, and will sing "Let There Always Be Sunshine". Somehow this song everyone knows.

18. The Russian language is understood by most of the older generation, as was required in the Polish People's Republic schools. However, in the 90s, as the language of force imposed, Russian ceased to be studied, and only recently started to come back again to enjoy popularity.

19. For the Germans, the Poles are poor and cold neighbor without electricity, voruyuschim their cars. Hence the common jokes like this one: "What is the Polish Triathlon - Came into the pool on foot, and back on the bike."

100 facts about Poland through the eyes of Russians

20. On the other hand the Germans actively using proximity and cheapness of Poland and leave holiday once belonged to Germany Wroclaw or Szczecin. From the latter to Berlin a little over 100 kilometers, buses go from 10 zloty, and all excursions are offered in two languages ​​- German and Polish.

21. To the untrained ear, the Polish language - it's just a set of sizzling, especially if you do not listen. For example, the word happiness sounds like "shchenschche".

22. In spite of its kinship with all the languages ​​of the Slavic group in the Polish set of words meaningful totally different things than in Russian: sklep - Shop, Dworzec - Station, zapomnić (read as "Remember") - to forget, zakaz - ban, urodliwy - beautiful, dywan - carpet, owoce - fruit.

23. "Tanya" in Polish means "cheap", so the girls with sim beautiful name better represents how Tatiana. Tania odzież - this is not the author's collection of fashionable and widespread name for second-hand.

24. If somewhere on the streets of Krakow you ask how to get to the library, and they'll tell you "just" do not take the answer as a mockery. "Simple" means "right". 25. Spoko - Poland is a standard phrase in almost any situation, and it means something like "Spokuha". Songs of Poland to the Euro was "Koko-koko, Euro Spoko" in chorus performance grandmothers.

26. Traditional song for a birthday, wedding or any other event where you have something to desire - "! Sto lat", wishing a hundred years respectively.

27. Pepper Poles call only black pepper, to rest (Chile in particular) use the word "paprika", very surprised at how we distinguish about what exactly the peppers in question.

28. In other words, causing tenderness: adidasy - sneakers, rajstopy - tights, kawaler - bachelor.

29. Polish girls really very beautiful, dressed tastefully, but not provocatively. Bright coloring, a mini-skirt and high heels are usually peculiar to representatives of a certain profession.

100 facts about Poland through the eyes of Russians

30. The Polish cuisine is very similar to ours, but less fat. Traditional dishes include Russian perogi (pierogi ruskie), Ukrainian borscht (barsz ukraiński) and fish in Greek (ryba po grecku). They can be easily found in every restaurant.

31. Russian perogi - it dumplings with cottage cheese and potatoes in Poland after cooking, they are often fried. Keep that in mind if you decide to buy in the store, they are usually already cooked and better again into the water does not dip. Familiar as we pies in Poland do not bake.

32. Another national dish is bigos - stewed cabbage with meat and smoked products. Depending on how much home bigos was prepared recipe varies from the mountain of meat with occasional glimpses of the cabbage to cabbage dish with slices of sausage.

33. Soups - this is where to start in Poland any holiday. The obligatory first dish at Christmas is mushroom soup or red soup (monosyllabic beetroot seasoning). Red borsch often do not eat and drink, so do not relax when on Christmas Eve will get a glass of liquid that looks like a mulled wine. Yes, you can stumble soup and coffee machines, again stumble not recommend it. At Easter eating Zurek - a soup sourdough with white sausage and egg, and even the wedding feast begins with soup. However, in ordinary days eating soup for lunch every. 34. What a long time to get used to, so it is to the fact that the Poles almost do not eat bread with the soup. Well, in establishments catering to the bread first relies very rare. But you can try Zhurek in bread pot (Myakushko removed and the bread is transformed into the dishes).

35. One of the most exciting events in Poland - All Saints Day on November 1st. Something similar to our memorial Sunday, only on a large scale. People come to the cemetery at dusk, candles are lit in large numbers, it is as bright as day. In general, the number of gravelights, arrange around the monuments and cemeteries, as for me, the Poles - the world's leaders.

36. On the other hand come in vain Poland tourist to watch the Catholic Christmas present. On December 24, at 15:00 all the shops, museums, cafes, bars are closed and so for the next three days. At this time, the Poles are mainly going to families sit at home, drink, eat and watch TV. On Christmas evening my friends and I found only one working on the two-million Kebab Warsaw and a few stalls with alcohol, and a day later only open a pizzeria on a huge shopping mall.

37. The employer has no right to compel subordinates to work on Christmas, so they can be open only to small family shops or stores at gas stations. At last we once offered to buy a half-liter bottle of 96% alcohol. With alcoholism, selling alcohol only on prescription, there's no fighting.

38. Poland's number one fast food - a kebab. In terms of composition still the same shawarma, only twice and placed in a half loaf, eaten a plastic fork, because all at once in the mouth does not fit.

39. pizza in pizzerias often relies extra jar of sauce (ketchup or garlic). Pizza from this turns out more juicy. In other countries, such did not meet.

100 facts about Poland through the eyes of Russians

40. From the remnants of the Soviet era, in many cities in Poland have survived the so-called "milk bars", was originally subsidized by the state. Food in them has always been and remains cheaper than in other places. 10-15 PLN (100-150 rubles) can fully eat. However, orders in milk bars are still very shovels.

41. One of the main products exported from Poland are fruit and vegetables. Buy here can be quite cheap: 4-5 PLN (40 rubles) a kilo of peaches. The same applies to the price of meat and dairy products.

42. Of the products, which are in Poland or not, or very difficult to find: sticks to beer, fermented baked milk, condensed milk, dumplings and Taranco (Poles do not tolerate its smell).

43. Contrary to popular opinion, even in Poland, the Poles do not drink so much among themselves share stories about neprosyhaemosti Finns, who are in a drinking bout from Friday to Monday, or about 5 liters of beer, drank a German for the evening.

44. On the other hand, vodka - one of the symbols of the country. When my friends and I sat down on the first day in a cafe in the center of Warsaw and ordered a beer and the waiter with a smile looked and said: "Guys! You're in Poland, take a vodka! "Meanwhile argue that vodka was invented in Poland, but not in Russia, there will not.

45. Conventional Polish vodka - zubrovka within a blade of grass. For soldering of the female half is often mixed with apple juice, this mix called "apple pie."

46. ​​In Poland, there is no chemical alcohol drinks such as a screwdriver, but full of different varieties of honey and fruit beer.

47. Also available at the bar normal beer with the addition of raspberry or ginger juice and then drink it from the tube is considered quite normal.

48. The Poles are very sporty, do not suffer from excess weight, many are running, go to the gym, engaged in dancing, salsa studio here grow like mushrooms. 49. The number one sport is football. Despite the mediocre game team and weak domestic championship, almost everyone in Poland - is an ardent football fan. Somewhere in Lodz you can easily beat, if properly defined, a fan of the local club (ŁKS or Widzew) you are.

100 facts about Poland through the eyes of Russians

50. Since the Polish clubs and national team fails quite often, the popular slogans is "Polacy, nic się nie stało" ( "The Poles, nothing happened").

51. Even the current title of the Polish representation in volleyball in the world volleyball league football championship is not particularly shaken.

52. In place of the current National Stadium in Warsaw, erected specially for Euro-2012, used to be the biggest market of Eastern Europe. You could buy everything from contraband Ukrainian cigarettes and pirated discs to any clothes and documents. This part of the right-bank of Warsaw is called Prague, and a couple of years ago the area was considered the most dangerous and crime in the capital.

53. By the way, Poland - the first European country massively published in the protests against the ACTA, restricting the freedom of dissemination of information on the Internet. Say what you like, and torrents Poles very close.

54. Polish the road is hardly ideal. Wide and fast highways connecting the major cities, especially before the European Football Championship, almost was not. Now the country has committed itself to the improvement of infrastructure, and where not to go, all the new roads being built.

55. On the right hand over the Poles with an average of 3-5-th time. This is one of the remnants of the old corrupt system. Now bribe the examiner can not be given, in the car are cameras, but the work paid off instructors who give deliberately bombarded by small mistakes.

56. Poles are quite punctual. By this and a public transport system with an unwrapped schedule of all the routes at each stop. And the schedule is almost broken. 57. Of all the Polish cities of the metro is only in Warsaw. The only one on the line today, was launched in 1995, the opening of the second line is scheduled for the year, and until the entire Polish capital carefully rummaged Metrostroi.

58. According to legend, after the soldiers Stalin as a gratuitous gift from the Soviet people to the Polish nation proposed to build in Warsaw a choice of either the subway or the Palace of Culture. Poles chose the latter, for which he received erected by type Stalin skyscrapers today the tallest building in Poland - 237-meter Palace of Culture and Science.

59. During the Second World Warsaw 85% was destroyed by retreating Germans wanted to level the city to the ground. There were proposals to leave the ruins and to move the capital to another place. Today Warsaw - it is a city built from scratch. Recovery was at a heightened pace, hastily built block houses in the style of socialist realism, so the majority of Poles in Warsaw do not like to say that she was very noisy and gray.

100 facts about Poland through the eyes of Russians

60. The old town (historic center) in Warsaw was restored by the pictures of 17-18 centuries and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as an example of a thorough restoration of the destroyed property. In other cities of Poland with the restoration of a hurry is not always, as in the reconstruction of their homes suddenly found owners that the house belonged to the war.

61. When talking about Auschwitz, Poles you corrected - concentration camp Auschwitz properly called because it was built by the Germans. In May this year a massive response here has caused Obama's speech, in which he used the phrase "Polish death camp".

62. Public transport in Poland is a holistic system. In Warsaw, the same ticket allows travel on the subway, city bus, or the usual tourist tram, suburban train, and even a ferry across the Vistula, plying in the summer. 63. A variety of tickets is also striking: 15-minute in Krakow for 2 zlotys (about 20 rubles) and 20-minute in Warsaw for 2.60 to plastic travel card with the completion of 90 days for 220 zlotys.

64. Children under 7 years old, honorary blood donors who have passed more than 18 liters, people over 70, as well as luggage, bicycles and pets travel for free.

65. Tickets can be purchased from vending machines or kiosks. And Kiosk - is a generic name for small shops with basic products and the media, and can be located anywhere kiosk, including shopping centers.

66. Trolley buses have only three cities in Poland: Lublin, Gdynia and Tyhe.

67. At night, in all major cities night buses ply their route different from the usual route and covers several daily. All that is prohibited in public transport (smoking, drinking alcohol, destruction of property fleet fights), you can enjoy with a vengeance in the night buses.

68. Despite the abundance of modern buses with a low-slung, air conditioning, a plasma panel, which shows the route and current location, around a quarter of buses in Warsaw - it's old Icarus. they often play the role of night buses, if they will finish - do not mind :)

69. The yellow traffic light in Poland called orange.

100 facts about Poland through the eyes of Russians

70. The complexity of the transport interchanges in Warsaw from ignorance scares. For example, in the capital more than fifty stops Dw Wileński, each has its own number and may be in five hundred meters from each other with the same name. And some bus routes contain the same name up to three stops in a row.

71. Cyclists in Poland feel quite confident. Sidewalks are often divided into two parts - for people on foot and on wheels. On the bicycle lane is better not to go, can move. Since August of this year in Warsaw, work stations, automatic bicycle rental. Principle as in Paris or London - 20 minutes free of charge, up to 1 hour - 1 PLN, more expensive. In Cracow and Wroclaw a rental has been functioning for several years, the capital adopts innovations at once. 72. The sirens of emergency services (ambulance, fire, police) just deafening and clearly louder than necessary. They say that this has been done to the Poles know where their taxes.

73. Trains, unlike buses, special punctuality are no different. delay time at the station announce in minutes and sometimes have to hear that the train was late by 90 or even 300 minutes.

74. travel in wagons 2nd class tickets are often sold in unlimited quantities and without places, so you have a few hours to a number of very closely standing in the vestibule. There were times when the train was running late due to the fact that all the passengers did not work to push the car.

75. The Poles really religious, although at first glance this may not be noticed. Churches use the slogan here McDonald - the closest five minutes from you. And most importantly, the Catholic Church during services crammed to the eyeballs. Probably, this contributes to the character of the Catholic service is fundamentally different from the Orthodox - no need to stand all the time, and the priest (a Catholic priest) in the course of the Mass will certainly tell a few jokes. Yes, and to hallow the food at Easter do not need to wake up at five in the morning (they do it for the day on Saturday).

76. Catholics receive communion bread alone (Oplatka), wine drinking a priest, and, given the number of Masses, in the evening it should be good fun.

77. The most popular are the Catholic "Radio Maria" and Trwam TV channel, often manipulate the opinion of voters who believe in certain circles.

78. The Catholic Church has the right not only to marry, but also officially register a marriage, without recourse to the registrar.

79. And yes, banned abortion in Poland.

100 facts about Poland through the eyes of Russians

80. The figure of Pope John Paul II in Poland almost inviolable, and better on the pontiff with the Poles did not argue and do not make jokes. In every city you find out his name, a monument and a school, if the school is, of course, lucky enough. 81. Almost the same unshakable love and reverence enjoyed the first president of post-communist Poland, the leader of "Solidarity" Lech Walesa. Other Poles global values ​​- the composer Frederic Chopin and Maria Sklodowska-Curie, polonium and radium opened outside the country are often mistaken for the French, and the maiden name of the latter generally omitted.

82. In spite of the power of the church, strong and opposing views in society. At the last parliamentary elections in more than 10% of Poles voted for "Palikot's Movement", the newfound parties advocating for the termination of funding of religious organizations, removing crucifixes from the Diet Hall, and meanwhile the legalization of same-sex relationships, abortion and marijuana. From this party in the Polish Parliament for the first time were transsexual and an open homosexual.

83. It is hard to say that the school is separated from church. In 9 out of 10 schools in each class on the walls to hang a crucifix. In addition, the first to sixth class twice weekly religion classes, usually taught by Catholic sisters. Religion alone, without options - Catholicism. The lesson is not mandatory, but very few who refuse.

84. Against the crucifixes in the classroom a couple of years ago in Wroclaw protested group of parents, the crosses removed, a week later came a large group of half of their opponents, and the crosses had to be returned.

85. The school system is different from the familiar to us and is divided into 3 stages. Podstawówka - junior classes 1st to 2nd, gimnazjum - the equivalent of 7-9 classes, liceum - high school (10-12). Each of these schools is separated from the previous one, often located in a different building, and the student in the transition to the next grade is necessary to change not only the place but also the staff. It made it seems to be to high school do not hurt the younger children.

86. Children in Polish schools feel freer than ours, there is no compulsory school uniforms, they often go to the replacement slippers. Due to lack of sufficient number of benches in the corridors during breaks frequently observed pattern razlogshihsya on the floor among the debris school backpacks. Teacher of the old school, as expected, be named a lack of discipline. 87. An analogue of the prom in Poland called "stodnevka" and is organized in a hundred days before the final exams (Mathura). First dance is mandatory polonaise. Poland - the only country where such a ball uchastvuesh before graduation.

88. In the last years of school, students take extra tutoring, often in English, even if it is not needed for admission. For the device to work the language required, even from middle managers, so the level of English among city youth is high enough.

89. In higher education the Poles come from 18-20 years. Student academic year, in contrast to the school, begins in October. Higher education in the Polish language, including foreigners, in many universities for free, which attracts foreign students especially from Belarus and Ukraine, but hope for a scholarship can only in rare cases.

100 facts about Poland through the eyes of Russians

90. It is hard to reproach every Pole in excess of politeness and excessive culture, but being sandwiched in the middle of the bus, do not worry that you will pass your stop - polavtobusa will come to you to miss. After the meal to say thanks to all, not even the owner of the prepared dishes and interlocutors for the company.

91. In Warsaw, wherever you will go, everywhere natknoshsya the theater. Theaters definitely more than a movie. According to the Polish Wikipedia in the capital, there are 47 theaters and only 36 cinemas, circus buildings - none. In other cities the trend persists.

92. In Poland, few people had heard of Barbara Brylska, it definitely is not in the top ten of Polish actors. But the diminutive form of the name Barbara sounds very nice - Basia.

93. All the films in the cinema, in addition to the cartoons, shown without dubbing with subtitles. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons a good knowledge of English among the masses.

94. The price of tickets in the cinema is the same, regardless of the place, just buy something, like some of the free. 95. For the use of public television and radio Poles have to pay about 200 zlotys a year, but most do not pay because payment is not required. It is said that in such a case to you at any time may come to see if you watch TV, and fined.

96. Relatively cheap cable internet are available at the signing of the contract for at least a year, or will three times more expensive. technical support service is just awful to call is impossible, and if the dial-up, rarely get intelligible information. Mobile Internet and the telephone cheap, and when you change the operator for you remains the old number.

97. The queue at the post office, banks, state institutions are usually electronic, for number plates, lack of bureaucracy, but it looks quite softly when filling in forms is allowed up to 5 patches, officials do not scream and do not build from a navel of the earth. While Western Europeans say that there is too many people in the places where they would have already stood the machine.

98. Poland - a country where many can not. Prohibited the drinking of alcohol in public places, it is vigilantly monitored by the police, a fine of 100 zlotys (about 1000 rubles). And for drinking on the go fine above.

99. Most Poles are very patient guys, as many have to wait at traffic lights. During the transition to a red light on zebra need to put 100-200 PLN, is a pedestrian crossing 50, but for perebeganie road in the wrong place just 30.

100. Along with the usual male and female silhouette to refer to the toilet, own icons used in Poland for the triangle "M" and a circle for the "F". The deep symbolism of this, try to comprehend themselves.