Places of detention

Some of the children abandoned by their parents in the playroom at the IKEA store, they say, what they think the parents are engaged in this department.

Places of detention

Kohl, 5, 5 years

"Here, give the directory in it you order what you want. You can rub the fist page and smell - the smell of delicious turns. You can order a pretty hat, but I do not need a hat. Inside there is certainly interesting, but I cut my finger, so I'm not allowed. "

Anna, 5 years

"My parents come here to eat meat. Here, as in the dining room, only tastier. Half an hour to eat and then dance. My mom and other parents lead dances. "

Alina, 5 years

"There are all kinds of toys, such as rats. Three rats - blue, brown and white. Striped sofas still there, they changed to the old - you give an old couch, and you are given a new one. Also there are two tables - red and white. I liked the white, it is much lighter. "

Pauline, 3 years

"Parents here eat all sorts of goodies, such as hlebushek and sausage. Still here selling candy. "

Dasha, 5 years

"Parents buy things here: the Pope - the Christmas tree, and my mother - a flower. Still here slippers are free of charge. "

Jan 3 years

"Parents come here that I played. And they choose the room where you can sleep. Choose the best room, and all buy it. "

Felix, 4, 5 years

"People come here to ride a roller coaster. She is the best, all come here to ride. Yet there is very good toys handed out. I told my friend, he went inside. He first wanted a hedgehog, then - a crocodile, the crocodile and then left and took the rat. "

Lesch, 4 years

"My father and mother play there - in cars, trucks and KAMAZ. And buy food: carrots, potatoes, and squash. They are there a lot of fun, then they say: "It was very cool."

in March, 3 years

"It's a place where a lot of people, and all with each other play. Adults with adults and children with children. "

Daler, 6 years

"Parents come back and say, 'Give us some toys." They ask: "What kind of toy?" And they say: "Any." Then they are given a toy and they go home. "

Cyril, 6 years

"My dad and mom did not say anything, just take and go up the ladder. And sometimes stand and stare at me. Actually, I think there are selling things for the cat. We have a cat Knicks, and then he bought toys. Rat, for example. "

Alina, 3, 5 years

"Here, parents choose different pots for my kindergarten. They say they are going for five minutes and then they were gone too long, and I do not know why they are there for so long. "

Cristina 4 years

"This is a place to play. They first played, and then buy the meat, apples, bananas, pears and plums. "

Aksinya, 4, 5 years

"I love the game room, so I was taken here - when I ask, once lead. And while I'm playing, parents can sleep here. There are so many beautiful beds with pillows, and they sleep or just lie and rest. "