Rules of life of Jean Reno

• Rules of Life Jean Reno

Rules of life of Jean Reno

Real name - Juan Moreno and Herrera Jimenez, the actor, 63 years old, Baux-de-Provence, France

Most of my ear caressing words: "At the table".

When Andalusians well, he cries. Such is the Andalusian soul.

As a young man, in Paris, I was selling records in the section of rock music magazine "Pygmalion." Once my friend and I danced like crazy under the Band of Gypsys Jimi Hendrix. We were approached boss section of classical music - a divorced mother with a child - and seeing as I bubble with delight, said the amazing thing that I will never forget: "You have most likely had a happy childhood."

All people want to be loved. Me here, thank God, love. But I never cared to investigate the cause of my popularity.

We lived in Casablanca, the sun was shining and everyone around us seemed simple and achievable. But then my mother got cancer, from which she died - and all: the family cocoon exploded.

Phrases such as: "I did not see my children grow up," I kill. I love my six children, and I love the responsibility.

I love when I said something, and I will always remain a sponge that absorbs everything. I think, when I would be buried, I will open the coffin and say: "Sorry, I did not understand. Can you explain once again? " The film - it's like a tennis match. One to one: new balls, new shoes, new partners.

My character in the film - a cross between John Wayne and Burvilem.

My appearance has to ensure that play a thriller, but I just could play and chicken. Or butterfly.

My animals - camels goes slowly and drags on a pile of bales.

My favorite anecdote: two people die of thirst in the desert and suddenly see the store. Sunset: "Water, water", and the seller says: "There is no water, only ties". Go ahead and suddenly see a bar. Come running, asking for water, and the bartender says to them: "We do not serve people without a tie."

There is something that people call God, and without this it would be too sad: only emptiness and chaotic swarming atoms.

I love Asia and Asian principle: do not take offense to God.

I learn a little Japanese while working in the duty-free. In Japan, I love. After the tsunami, I was the first foreigner who traveled to Japan - to promote Toyota.

In the movie, the main word - the "why".