Rules of Life of Philip K. Dick

Rules of Life of Philip K. Dick

science-fiction writer, died in 1982 at age 53 in Santa Ana, CA

Perhaps I can be called a Platonist with a slight bias in Gnosticism.

Previously, fans of science fiction are just trolls, fools. Monstrously ignorant people with large eccentricities. So I read a science fiction secretly.

I destroyed all his early manuscripts.

Think of the hero is not possible. Fictional characters - the created ex nihilo, from Zeus's brow, - does not exist. As a basis always taken a real person. I hope one day they will come together and knock out of me all the crap.

Not sure you can learn how to write.

The university - and that was just before the Korea - had to undergo military training. I disassembled M1 rifle and refused to collect. Maybe she is still lying somewhere disassembled, because I put a small Circuits Circuits inside another small so that no one could get her out of there. I was terrible leftist. But he broke with the Left when they slipped into violence.

Later, I was plunged into a subculture so dangerous, that he began to carry a gun. And he was amazed at how easy it was given to me.

I will tell you an anecdote that explains something about the drug culture. In Marin County, California, "Hell's Angels" was stolen from military combat substance that completely confuses the enemy. The man just felled central vision - is only a side. So, the "Angels" sold his right and left. People returned and took another. Drugs - is the risk. In essence, you will always conclude with the bet.

Under amphetamines I gave 68 pages of text ready on the day. I kept four children and a wife with a rather ruinous tastes: Well, she bought herself a "Jaguar" and so on.

I have never be so prolific, as before.

I hate to answer a question, how many times I've been married. With my most recent ex-wife - and I had to enumerate a list of them - I have a very, very good relationship.

Once the wife comes home and asks: "What are you reading?" I answer: "Guide misguided" Moses Maimonides "(Moses ben Maimon - Talmudic scholar, philosopher and mystic of the XII century). And she says: "You know, I made inquiries with his teacher, and he said that at present you are probably the only person on the planet who reads Moses Maimonides". I just ate a ham sandwich and reading.

the act of writing - it is the antidote and detoxification.

Last night I read Deuteronomy commentary of Rabbi Hertz. I thought: "My God, all those regulations - to take care of the poor, the sick, the helpless, destitute - worked for three thousand years. Now, the school canceled the hot breakfast, the elderly are left with no social protection, and every man for himself. "

It seems the clock moved back, and we're back in the Roman Empire.

It seemed to me that for the film adaptation of I get astronomical. Then we drank with Ray Bradbury, I told him about his affairs, and he almost had a stroke. He said I was a loser, and thus, most likely, and will remain. I was crushed. I always thought that I'm paid very well. In 1950 the magazine "Ogonyok" stole one of my stories - published without permission. Circulation at it - one and a half million, is a coffee analogue of "Truth." I wrote to them, and they paid me from your account in any bank on Wall Street - even sent a copy of the author. But his mail was confiscated as a communist propaganda.

We live in a time when the spirit of violence emanates from the ground. I have a few close friends, and I notice they have these symptoms: once they were all idealists of the anti-war movement. I recently donated some money for refugees in Cambodia, where people are starving - so friends just mocked me. They say that Pol Pot like rice, which you have sent to him - not the refugees, he will get! And they still made me feel to what the absurd comes this my stupidity - to try to help a dying civilization.

I am categorically against religious institutions.

I would define as something metaphysical, that being observable by more than one person, does not allow observers to come to a consensus on what they have seen or experienced.

When we only have a son, I had pressure such that a stroke could happen at any moment. And the child, too, was about to die. But we did not know about it. Supernatural creature told me that we were going to the hospital. We are both operated.

It says a female voice. It gives tips only when I fully exhaled, trying to find the answer yourself. It began to talk to me at school. It is very terse - more capacious phrases, never again. He can be heard, falling asleep, or when awakening. I had to be very attentive to hear him. Voice sounds as if it is a million miles away. What do you want from me: the truth or modesty? Truth? Good. The last time I was born in Assyria in the first century AD. I was secretly a Christian by the name of Thomas. The Romans killed me very badly - they strangled me Garrote. Dreaming my whole life. The memories are very clear and distinct. Once it flooded, so I asked my wife to see if the door of the Romans.

Once I spent a whole month Thomas. We were different - it is much cooler than me.

I hope that this time - the last one. I'm tired. The last two thousand years, I struggle with the Roman Empire in its diverse forms. For example, today it is the US government. Let them leave me alone - and I will leave them alone.

Rules of Life of Philip K. Dick