Rules of Life Adriano

Rules of Life Adriano

About what did not write. For example, I rarely leave the house, and reluctantly allowed into the talks. But this is not true. Give me a reason - and I'm such a hex.

I rebel against all politicians, regardless of how they hide behind the banner. After all, none of them did not stop the destructive wave of new buildings. I rebel against the poor who agree alive bury themselves in these concrete boxes. I rebel against those for whom to keep pace with the times - it means destroying everything in its path that was created before them. It's about the same thing that get to live on the sixth floor when the five lower given for demolition.

I have long accepted the fact that in the future things will only get worse, but for some reason I continue to resent and criticize. Probably, to clear my conscience.

Probably the only way to teach politicians again to be honest and wise - this is to put to each of them a philosopher or poet.

To be fair, you need to start to be good. And to be good - it means to realize that all people make mistakes.

Some people see me as a reactionary, and perhaps they are right. I sang: "True love forever bonded in heaven, and nothing on earth will not destroy it." Then all saw this as a political statement: that I oppose divorce. In fact, in this song, I confessed his love to his wife. A divorce ... If people at some point no longer get along with each other, divorce - this is the right way out. But first you need to try to do everything possible to save the love. Family - is a constant sabotage or reliable support. In the latter case, you are very lucky.

I understand a little in embryos, but one thing I know for sure: any spark of life must be protected.

With a height of seventy years of age are seen differently. It is difficult not to notice that our planet is seriously ill.

When I see myself in old black-and-white video recordings, I think, "Damn, because I was beautiful. And I did not notice this before? "

On the cover of one of the discs artist portrayed me in the image of the boxer. I think he guessed correctly. Boxer - is the one who fights. He accepts and strikes, dreams of winning and sometimes suffering defeat. And then, returning home with a plaster on his eyebrows, he asks himself, and maybe I should not have dreamed of?

Whatever you come up with, there is always someone who has done this to you. So the main thing - to make it better.

my original secret that I have a lot of copy. When I watched movies with Clark Gable, I always tried to learn from his gestures.

Why I christened himself "king of fools"? Perhaps because life is becoming increasingly difficult, and people are starting to think more and more sophisticated and subtle. In this situation, you need to wait for revelations from ordinary people - from a passerby that may even have read and did not really know how.

My advice to you: value your ignorance and share it with those who are too grown expert in matters of economy and culture.

Recently Montezemolo (Ferrari president) has launched a new high-speed train. I do not mind, but it should be something to balance. Now let Montezemolo will launch another train, for example, called "snail" that specifically will go very slowly - so that passengers can enjoy the views from the window. I walked thousands of churches - from the Duomo to the churches of Bologna, Naples and Palermo - and never was able to catch a word of the sermon. Not because the priest says it is not clear, but because they simply could not adjust the sound from the speakers, and in the last series at all has been heard. I think they think: we have done our job, the sermon read, let alone heard it was in the last rows or not - this is not our concern.

Most annoys me that the preachers always forget to tell about the most important: for some reason they never talk about heaven. Why? There is a feeling that a man lives on earth only in order to die. But this is not true. Priests are obliged to remind us of paradise, otherwise many will think that life - it's just something that is here and now. Although what it is the hell out of life? Solid taxes, crises and armed conflicts.

You need to Italy led by the right person. If you think that I mean myself, you are mistaken. Of course, I would come up, but I'm too old. Let it be someone very much like me.

I always felt like a rich man, who at any moment can lose everything for the sake of an ideal.

Success - a beautiful thing and very pleasant. But it is in comparison with the happiness that you experience when you play with your friends game of bocce (a traditional Italian game ball)?

I always liked to be "talented idiot" (one of the nicknames Celentano). Because this phrase the word "nerd" acquires special significance. Something like "talented madman." I was invited to the San Remo is not just as a singer, but for a whole set of qualities: I sing, and dance, and speak fluently, and can fix the clock and the current tap, if necessary, podkruchu.

Collect Stadium today - is simple enough. Previously, such a few people could - me more, perhaps, no one. And now people like the money nowhere to go - all go to concerts. So I decided: I will take and gather the empty hall. Announce today that there is something there, it will be at 9:15 my concert. I will appear there in due time, but no one will come, because I am now a word no one will believe, and no announcements I give more will not. Just come - and gather the empty hall. And it will be a sensation.

Do not try to understand everything. That's more interesting.