Rules of life of Mick Jagger

• Rules of Life Mick Jagger

Rules of life of Mick Jagger

As long as my face is printed on the first page, I do not care what they say about me on the seventeenth.

A few years ago I was sitting in a New York restaurant, and at the next table sat the family - parents with the boy. It was a quiet restaurant, and no one no one paid any attention. Suddenly the boy asked his father: "So who was abruptly -" The Beatles "or" Rolling Stones "do not know" - said the father "?". He had not even told him, "you should ask him," meaning me. You see? But in that moment I felt those whom history has long been crossed.

The past - this is a good time. It is not necessary either to forget about it or regret. But do not be his prisoner.

People are obsessed. They want to see you the way you were in 1969. They want to see you like this, because that way you were in their youth, which they no longer have. Selfishly, if you think about it, but I understand them.

So it is important not to get bogged down in the past. That is why I carefully remember their own songs.

People think that they know everything about me. And it's true: they know me things that I have long forgotten.

The mother was never happy about what I'm doing. She wanted me to finally found his place in life and it would be someone like a mason.

I'm not a rock star by birth. Just show business. Rock 'n' roll, I chose only because at that time he was interested in all. If I was born in 1915, I would be a jazz drummer or any star of silent movies. I started music because he wanted to earn their bread - the bread, to which I was accustomed.

I very badly brought up, I drink tea at three.

The fall in the abyss of drugs, alcohol and madness - that's fine, but only as long as you firmly know how to go back.

Anything can happen. You wake up early in the morning, look at your old spoon and say to himself: "Mick, it seems a good time to buy a new spoons." What do you and do it.

I'm not sure that he wanted to listen to an entire album dedicated to meat.

It is strange - to gather a group for a solo record.

Rock 'n' roll - is a drug, so you must be careful with him. You do not need to play music all the time. The same thing happens in youth: it seems that if you do not have sex, the day will is lived in vain.

I think, like most people, my moral values ​​- is relatively flexible material.

Dance - it's just a clumsy substitute for sex.

I do not take any one's hand. No one in the world, no power, possessing the absolute truth.

I - a conservative, but with a small letter "a". Believe me, you can be conservative in matters of taxation and liberal in matters of morality and freedom of speech.

It is difficult to remember what actually were the sixties.

I think that my generation is different from today's only one thing: we have believed in what they were doing.

New York mid-sixties was fine, and Los Angeles also quite a good. But outside those two cities there was a monstrous repressive society with a bunch of prejudices. Still present racial segregation, and the people around were very old-fashioned and limited. Over the past thirty years, the situation has changed radically. However, the world has changed almost everywhere. Americans know little about the horror of the Second World War, because they had never seen that saw Russia with Europe. The United States had military experience, was the lack of food, and the people returned home in coffins, but waking up in the morning, ordinary Americans have not seen from the window of a neighboring house ruins, destroyed by bombs.

Country affected me more than any other music. Johnny Cash, I heard even before the first in their lives the blues.

Inspiration surrounds you on all sides, and the most in everyday life.

I love children, because children make you younger.

I'm only three years older than David Bowie. Or two?

Memories - the heaviest weight that a person has to carry.

Leave the dream - and you will leave the mind.

Whoever collects the car, it becomes boring.

I hate the gloom.