The ship, carrying ships

• The ship, carrying ships

For transportation of a plurality of vessels, which do not yet ready to be launched, using this unique vessel "MV Blue Marlin". This seemingly nondescript vehicle capable of many things: move the oil platform belonging to the company "British Petroleum" Thunder Horse PDQ, or delivered to the port of damaged military rocket ship, for example, such as the ship ship US naval forces USS Cole.

The ship, carrying ships The ship, carrying ships

The vessel "Blue Marlin" is a semi-submersible transport ship.

The ship, carrying ships

In these marine vessels quite limited specialization.

The ship, carrying ships

There are semi-submersible transport ships, which are designed to move large volumes, distinguished by a large cargo weight, for example, they can transport section of offshore platforms and oil rigs, submarines, cranes, ships, docks and so on. The vessel "Blue Marlin" has 38 cabins, which can seamlessly accommodate 60 people, a gym, sauna and swimming pool.

The ship, carrying ships

The ship "Blue Marlin" has its twin - the ship "MV Black Marlin". Both ships were owned by specializing in "Offshore Heavy Transport" of large marine transportation company, whose headquarters are located in Oslo (Norway), since their construction in April 2000 and November 1999 respectively. July 6, 2001, the two vessels were purchased by "Dockwise Shipping" (Netherlands).

The ship, carrying ships The ship, carrying ships The ship, carrying ships

The US Navy used the boat "Blue Marlin" for transportation of the destroyer USS Cole back to the United States after the ship was damaged by a terrorist suicide attack of Al-Qaeda in Aden, a port . In the second half of 2003, the ship "Blue Marlin" was held reconstruction, which resulted in two retractable thruster to improve maneuverability capacity has been increased and added.

The ship, carrying ships The ship, carrying ships

The ship re-entered into service in January 2004. Following the improvements, the ship "Blue Marlin" conducted a delivery oil platform "Thunder Horse PDQ" weighing 60,000 tons, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

In July 2005, the ship "Blue Marlin" has transported oil refinery "Snohvit", bringing it from a construction site in Cadiz to Hammerfest, the journey lasted eleven days. This transport was the basis of one of the themes of the TV show "Extreme Engineering" on the TV channel "Discovery Channel", as well as the TV show "Mega Movers", which was published on the channel "History Channel".

In November 2005, the ship "Blue Marlin" left the port of Corpus Christi, Texas, to navigate a sea-based X-band radar in Adak, Alaska, the southern tip of South America, and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The ship arrived at Pearl Harbor on 9 January 2006, passing 15,000 miles. In January 2007, the ship "Blue Marlin" was hired to carry two jackup rigs, Rowan Gorilla VI and GlobalSantaFe Galaxy II, from Halifax in the North Sea.

The ship, carrying ships The ship, carrying ships The ship, carrying ships

Specifications "Blue Marlin" vessel:

The original specifications.

Length: 217 meters (712 feet);

The length between perpendiculars 206, 5 m (677 feet);

The maximum width of 42 meters (138 feet);

Depth: 13, 3 meters (44 feet);

Precipitate the summer load line: 10 m (33 feet);

Carrying capacity: 56,000 metric tons;

The depth of the dive deck of 10 meters (33 feet);

The free length of the deck 178, 157 and 2, 2 meters (585 or 516 feet);

Free deck area: more than 7215 square meters (77,660 square feet);

Motor power: 12640 kW;

Power steering device: 2000 kW;

The cruising speed 14.5 knots

Cruising range of 25, 000 nm

Accommodation: 55 people

Place of construction: CSBC, Kaohsiung

The ship, carrying ships

After 2004 (after improvements)

Depth: 13, 3 meters (44 feet);

Maximum draft at the exit from the port: 10 meters (33 feet);

Maximum immersion sludge: 29, 3 meters (96 feet);

Deck area: 63 * 178, 2 meters (207 * 584, 6 ');

The total deck area: 11,227 square meters (120,850 square feet);

Yield propulsors: 4500 kW each.