This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

April asked a cheerful tone for the entire month has its first day of public lottery. However, the next few days continue to surprise and so mad absurd events that inevitably begin to wonder: "Do not draw it all" An-no, it's our old sweet and so insanely real life!

10th - "Write down sleeping on a flash drive"

A young woman got Astana "DVR dreams."

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

For the miracle device she paid $ 500. She attached great importance to their dreams, considering them to be prophetic, but most of them forget. Therefore, having received the offer to write down their dreams, I hastened to take advantage of this offer.

"DVR" is a compact device with Velcro. As assured the sellers if the night attach it to the head, then in the morning you can get a file from the sleep recording. "I connect it, although it was very uncomfortable - she recalls. - The device is really removed, but only what I see in reality. "

Clarity on what is happening soon made women relatives who caught the eye of the device. He explained gullible shoppers, it's a normal car video recorder. The law enforcement authorities in connection with an event she decided not to go.

Miracle device for the recording of dreams - $ 500. Clarification of the brain - priceless!

9 place - "Decode all your cracks"

A team of forensic saved novel blind writer.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

Seven years ago Briton Trish Vickers lost her sight due to diabetes, and in search of consolation addressed to your imagination. The woman began to write a novel, using the handles. Once a week, her son Simon read aloud the written and then printed its volunteer work. Recently, a woman visited by inspiration, and she wrote 26 pages at a time. However, the son was forced to disappoint her - while working at Trish ended pen on paper is nothing but traces from pressure, not left.

Hearing this story, a team of police forensic not left out - they are five months painstakingly transcribed prints pen on paper, but so enthusiastic that even doing it in their spare time.

Here is a hobby for British criminologists - lunch turn into detectives!

8th - "Dance until the young"

"The Dancing Thief" - as in the US state of Texas called the robber for his passion for creativity. The nickname he received for a cheerful disposition and excellent choreography.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

The young man broke into the van, but to leave the scene of the crime was in no hurry. He walked up to a security camera and made a dance show, much to amuse the guards. However, dancing thief went sideways. The police saw him at a ball in one of the local schools, and through the familiar motions identified as the robber.

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Motive descends suddenly ...

7 place - "mature youth"

90-year-old Melbourne Edna Shepard goes to the gym regularly.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

There's an old woman is engaged in aerobics, tai chi and weight lifting. Shepard also makes water treatment, has been dancing and walking. According to the Australian said, she can not long sit still, and sports are given to her as naturally as knitting.

In this regard it should be noted, and 86-year-old German gymnast who recently impressed the audience with his performance at the World Cup among the elderly. Download video

An older youth in recent years become more and more! Keep it up!

6 place - "Miss Genius"

Little Englishwoman joined a club of intellectuals.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

a four-year girl from the UK took to the organization "Mensa", which brings together intellectuals from around the world. Heidi took an IQ test and showed a stunning result - 159 points.

He's really amazing, given the fact that the average adult is 100 and for the gifted people - 130 Total 'scale of genius "is marked by 200 divisions. For comparison: IQ famous physicists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein is 160 points.

Parents offered his daughter to take the test after a kindergarten teacher complained that the staff have to constantly come up with, than to take a child prodigy. Girl precocious: four she already knows arithmetic, writing complete sentences and drawing geometric shapes. In addition, in two years, Heidi began to read the book, designed for children seven years.

Growing a new generation of British scientists

5 place - "Day of the hamster"

Hamster rose from the dead and returned to the owners of the grave.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

49-year-old Dave Ailey find your pet no signs of life in a cage, and decided that a rodent has died. As a prudent owner, the man dug for 4 years hamster home near the grave and buried him.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

But the next day a neighbor noticed how the buried rodent running around the garden. She caught it and immediately called Dave, who could not believe it. Nevertheless, the hamster was indeed alive, and the man's family gave rodent new nickname - Jesus, in honor of the miracle that occurred just on the eve of Easter. Veterinarians explained "phenomenon" that hamsters can hibernate, for example, when the temperature drops to around 10 degrees Celsius. Buried alive 3: Revenge of the hamster. And the animal dug, apparently, local moles.

4th place - "Exposure of the senses"

Created a dress that becomes transparent when excited girls.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

The designer from the Netherlands, has developed clothing that responds to the quickening rhythm of the heartbeat from its owner. Ultratehnologichnoe dress reacts to the sensations of the owner.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

It is stitched leather and "intelligent" non-transparent foil, which becomes transparent under the influence of electrical impulses, which, in turn, provokes excitement.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

The dress used wireless technology, electronics, LCD panels, copper and other materials. the designer himself says his creation of "techno-poetic fashion." According to men, this dress reflects the relationship between intimacy and technology.

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Entertaining it would be a dress that becomes transparent when palpitations men.

3rd place - "Planted grandfather granddaughter ..."

German pensioner has forgotten his granddaughter in a car trunk.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

The incident took place in a beautiful area of ​​the mountainous region to the west of the country. How much time she spent locked up, not reported. It is known that she was released shortly after passersby heard the baby's cries coming from the car. In place they were caused by the police and firefighters, who opened the trunk.

After some time, to the place of parking the car came 72-year-old grandfather liberated girl. In an interview with a retired law enforcement officers explained that her granddaughter asked to ride in the trunk, he agreed, and they went. On the way elderly German admiring the surroundings and decided to go for a walk, completely forgetting about the child. According to police, until the pensioner told his story, he looked very worried and upset about what happened. Since it took the promise of never again no one to carry in the trunk.

Excellent theme for composition "How I Spent My Vacation"!

2 nd place - "Sex-terrorist"

In Germany, a team of police saved the man from the insatiable lover.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

In one of the districts of Munich residents have witnessed how the 43-year-old German ran to the balcony and began to call the police. He complained that the mistress would not let him out of the apartment, demanding the continuation of comfort.

It turned out that a man met a woman older than 4 years and came to her home. After they made love several times, the man decided to leave, but the woman refused to open the door for him. Restless mistress required him to return to bed, and the man had to obey. However, after that the woman did not agree to release him, insisting on the continuation of the "night of love". Frightened man ran to the balcony and began to call for help. The police, who arrived at the scene, the woman offered to "replace" a tired lover, but they did not agree. Now, waiting for her allegations of sexual harassment and the person holding against his will.

The Germans are Germans ...

1st place - "deep underground"

Alimentschikov six months hiding from the bailiffs in the excavated hole.

This mad-real world - the first top-April 10,

Single resident of one of the villages refuse to pay maintenance to his two children. Man owes to the year 2003 more than 600 thousand rubles. Last year, he was found guilty and sentenced to a conditional sentence.

Since the convict did not repay the debt and to report to the inspection, a suspended sentence by a court decision has been replaced by actual imprisonment. However, to find a man in a small village was not easy: the bailiffs had to work hard. Despite the fact that the neighbors regularly reported seeing him in the house at the concubine, the debtor could not catch as much as six months. Later it was discovered that the attacker had dug a secret hole in the cellar, and every time he heard the noise of the machine, there hiding. The Trial officers several times and descended to the basement, but he was sitting in his refuge, nothing revealing its presence. At present, the man handed over to police.

That's how the debtors through the earth fail. Resourcefulness Russian alimentschikov not hold ....

In this review the first half of April is coming to an end. Let's see what surprises slaughter treasure stores the remainder of the month. Stay with us!

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