Relationship - White Crow

"White crows never live well ... But the black sheep loves God. I think it is worth to suffer for. For this happiness ... "

Quote of the product "Star" modern writer Elena Lagutina briefly, but capacious enough to capture the meaning of a phenomenon called "black sheep". This topical subject at all times devoted not one article on psychology.

Relationship - White Crow

The people surrounding dubbed the "black sheep", regularly subjected to violent attacks and meet misunderstanding, and often condemnation, in fact, in the face of their brethren - the "black crows". The question naturally arises: why ..?

Now the media are actively discussing a terrible incident that occurred recently in the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region. Let me remind you: two 14-year-old schoolgirl was brutally beaten his same age. The young man, who was present at the time of massacre, was filming with a video camera. After that movie was "leaked" to the Internet on a review of the whole country.

The injured girl is disabled. This fact, of course, makes it different from other children. Although the causes of the aggression of young monsters in relation to the victim is not fully elucidated, and most importantly - not understood by the society, there is every reason to believe: a tragedy in many ways provoked the otherness of the child to others.

The case of the topic. Faith was only an excellent student in the class. And the only one who did not smoke, did not drink alcohol and did not lead dissolute lifestyle. Classmates did not like faith, but in some measure dependent on it: in the case of which it has always given to cancel your homework and tells you the right answer puzzles to test. Therefore, they had to hide their true attitude to the girl, even though it turned out badly.

Relationship - White Crow

But in a "perfect" day Faith went to the class on a call to class and saw: a classmate without demand climbed into her bag, removed from her notebook with the performance on the eve of homework on physics and shamelessly cheat, sitting right behind her desk. The appearance of the mistress of the notebook did not affect the behavior of the arrogant girls. Moreover, Vera outrage was met with incomprehension and caused a strong backlash of negative character. The next day, the girl stopped talking almost the whole class. Only two schoolgirls have not accepted the conditions of majority and continued to communicate with Vera. Besides the boycott "flock" in every way making fun of "not like everyone else": anointed chair on which sat the victim, ink, chalk, underlay buttons, hidden things, burned the sleeve of a jacket hanging in the locker room, and even pushed faith into the ravine, the truth without health consequences.

It was the ninth class - no longer little children, and it is adults who give a report to the acts in force at the same time, cohesion, has aimed to "score" Unlike them human. You know what the worst thing in this situation? People, throw all their forces to the destruction of one, do not feel guilty. On the contrary, their behavior is considered normal.

The story has a good ending: time parents intervened Faith, for them - the teachers. As a result, participants of the persecution apologized to the girl and the boycott of bullying was over once and for all. But until the end of study at school until the last second classmates silently hated Faith, because it is "not like the others" ...

Sounds like a diagnosis, is not it? The term "white crow" in many people associated with the phrase "not of this world", "strange", "crazy". Meanwhile, in these words the essence of a person is different from most. Try to understand, but at the same time highlight the causes of negative attitudes towards the "white crows" by others.

"It is not of this world" - an allusion to the fact that an individual belongs to a different space-time if not in body, then certainly the soul and thoughts. He's like a humanoid different. This statement perfectly reflects the essence of the "black sheep" really feels like a stranger in this world. Maybe that's why people that say they often are "not of this world" a spark of God, that is, endowed with a rare talent, someone to admire and someone envy. The last aspect - one of the reasons to dislike the "white crows". The word "strange" is derived from a kindred word "party". So, calling a person "strange", they mean that he came from, a strange, non-local, with their own convictions, morals and rules of life.

Relationship - White Crow

Finally, the word "crazy" is the opposite of the expression "normal". Standard - is a common set of qualities and behaviors that must be met for all members of society. "Must? Who should? "- troubled anyone and will be right. Norma invented by mankind, and everything that comes out of its box, is considered improper, abnormal. But what right have people to talk about the normality of a particular individual? Nature lays that sees fit to any person. Dare we, mere mortals, to condemn its creation? (Note that this does not apply of extraordinary actions, such as crime, fights and so on. N. Can not justify non-compliance rate data does).

Thus, another reason for rejection of "black sheep" "flock" - commitment to social stereotypes as "be like everyone else" and the perception of the slightest deviation from it as defective.

But what if we look at this problem through the eyes of "black sheep"? Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand what they feel - people who stand out from the gray mass?

Relationship - White Crow

So, "white crows" are divided into two categories. Representatives of the first, suffering from a lack of understanding of others, struggling to establish contact with them, trying to "match" with the majority. As a result, they are able to some extent "masquerade" under the "black sheep", but people will still stand out from the crowd and are perceived as individuals fleeing from themselves.

Representatives of the second category are not only aware of their uniqueness, but also proud of it, strongly emphasize it, not missing any opportunity to once again prove to others their wretchedness. These "white crows" are often hardened "daffodils" and selfish, but, nevertheless achieve in life certain heights. If their plans fail, they still oppose themselves to others with dignity and have the title "unrecognized Perfection". In any case, to be born "black sheep" - this award again, and punishment at the same time. Man awarded the title of "Chosen", endowed with extraordinary spiritual world and the right to decorate an earthly reality, "dilute" the human sameness, Higher start doomed to torment and cardiac laceration. Not everyone in taste and the strength to feel a lifelong thorn in the eye of the majority. Some break down, sinking to the bottom. And change anything impossible, because the Bible said, "Whom I love, and that Mandate" ...

Nadezhda Ponomarenko, especially for our website