I love her very much, do you understand? Today, we have just one year from the wedding day, anniversary means. I bought her a bouquet of flowers, she loves me-nots. Perhaps it is because of the name I do not remember them, do not confuse with anything else.

I hasten to work in a good mood, we live in a different area, in a small but cozy apartment. Asked to go here early, head to understand me, let go, because the anniversary. It is necessary to make it. We need to catch early. She, my Tanya, probably cook something tasty. I work a lot, but this evening will be ours with you, my sun. I promise.

I ran to the bus stop. Right notice a group of strong guys in black leather jackets, half a dozen, at least, surrounded by someone shouting obscenities that is clearly not shared, heard threats - thugs. I can not see to whom they are addressed, and there is no time to consider. Today such an important day! Runs past and suddenly stops dead in his tracks. I hear some very voices of the children against the background of a drunken mat.

- Give me my mother gave, do not touch ... Well, Give, oh please!

- Hey, asshole, shut up. What have you got there yet?

I turn and look. Two students, age fourteen or so, and above them, like vultures, with contempt and sense of impunity bastards bent head and shoulders above 17-18 years, each with a bottle of beer in his hand. Burp.

Gopnik exactly six people, and these are only two. I see that the situation is heating up, I see as one of the youngsters trying to grab at the main bully your phone or something like that, but he pushes it so that the student falls to the ground. The remaining neigh.

He obviously hit him in the nose or lip rassok. Bleeds. Schoolboy covers his face, I think he's crying. The second runs and clings to the hand of the leader. Thugs knocked him off his feet, begin to kick straight in the face. Rare passers-by, one and all, go past. I have no time to think, in my hands a bouquet of forget-me-thanks to them, I do not forget. I have to hurry, hurry, hurry ... - What looked moron?

It has been drawn up to me, and I almost stepped forward, but stopped. Thugs to provoke even more, they beat two legs of children, stomach, liver. They challenged me, kicking them even more, as if to show that I can not stop them.

It would be strange and absurd to try to pacify the drunken teenagers, when you're with a bunch of flowers in his hands. To stop just went my bus. There was no time at all was not. I have to go. Two small and defenseless boy looked at me, I remember those views. It seems that they now get even more. I turned and proceeded briskly to the bus.

All the way I was thinking about this case, and despite the inconsistency of his act, he felt a strange and even frightening certainty that everything was done correctly.

- Normally I reached? - Tanya said, and kissed me.

I pulled out a bunch of behind his back and handed it to her.

- Happy anniversary, my love!

She put the flowers in a vase. Forget-me-not to forget - on the most prominent place. Another gift - a small gold ring I stashed away for later. Here we will light candles, then. She sincerely glad favorite color. I'm not in a hurry to the main gift. In our small, but cozy apartment smelled of all sorts of goodies.

- You came before, yet nothing is ready!

She smiled, and I looked into her eyes, and for a moment it seemed to me that she was looking somewhere through me, as if unable to focus on my eyes. At the same moment, I felt a strange chill and felt completely empty, with sensation as if someone had pumped out of me all the insides, leaving only a holographic coating.

By the time I seem rusty about the incident at the bus stop, and suddenly, for some strange reason, the newly recalled. An irresistible force made me remember again and again, live the moment I left as if I do not remember about anything at all, only the stop, only the eyes of defenseless boys. I was their chance. - What are you thinking now? - she asked.

Tanya saw as I fell into myself, and brought me back. I decided that I should tell her. Actually, not even so: I know exactly what is required to tell her everything. Right here and now.

- In fact, on the way something happened, but I do not know how you do it vosprimesh - I began by telling her everything to the smallest detail, about the eyes of youngsters, about the bouquet and about my departure from a bus stop.

She listened very carefully to the very last moment, as if expecting that this story is about to fly Superman and all the save, indeed, and this is clearly expressed in her eyes, this superman necessarily had to be me.

I finished the story. Her face contorted. Her eyes looked at me angrily. Once again, I felt an irresistible cold, and again, if I was just a shell, I have not. It incinerated the wall behind me, as if trying not to look in the eye, while staring his eyes at exactly the core of my pupils.

- But how could you do this! - it exploded, I had never seen her like this - you do realize that these are children! These thugs need to kicking, biting and ripping! You're a coward, as I could all the time no see, you're just a coward! You should have at least something to do not care about the flowers, would throw them in the trash, three hundred times to spit on them, you could stand up ?! And at a time - do not care! And fucking bus! And if this was our child with you? Maybe they were beaten to a pulp, you may have made cripples! Maybe even killed ?! We had to shout in the street, passers-by to call, someone would be sure to help! You idiot, how could you ... how could I ...

On her eyes had tears, I did not know how to react. She buried her face in her hands and wept bitterly. I could not stir, feeling a void and a strange feeling that despite her cries, I still did the right thing. I was sure of it, but he could neither understand himself or explain it. I just know how to know that after winter comes spring, and after it - summer. - Get out of here, you coward. Rag! Go away!

I felt a strange calm in me. Calm and serenity. Even the doorbell did not disturb him. She wiped her tears, jumped up and ran to the door, probably away from me. I like knowing that I was there waiting, slowly I followed her.

- Who's there?

Behind the door, said something, and Tanya, as if frightened, hurried to open soon. I stood slightly behind. First came my mother, her still stranger. Mom came and suddenly burst into tears, rushed to hug Tanya.

- Sasha killed Sasha ... Sasha killed - she said through her tears, not even looking at me.

- Wait, Mom, what are you talking about, here it is worth it! - Tanya neglyadya took his hand and pointed at me.

Mom looked, and I suddenly felt again this look through. Tanya turned and looked exactly the same look.

- I think he went to the kitchen, - Tanya was confused, that for all this time felt me ​​behind her, she ran to the kitchen, then checked the room, toilet, bath... I never found it.

And after all this time I was really close to all the corridor, already sensing that I look at everything that happens, including itself, from the outside. I did not understand what was happening, but could not utter a word. I tried to shout, waving his arms, but they did not hear or see, including myself.

- What are you doing, Tanya? You know, it does not, I've seen myself, he is no more, he was killed - at her mother again flooded with tears.

- Well, he gave me flowers! Forget-me-not to forget I have it! Here they are in a vase in plain view! - Tanya turned to the vase. It was empty. Water was poured, but the flowers were not in it. She cried from helplessness - citizeness, we have to inform you that your husband killed - suddenly spoke the man that came with my mother - I'm a senior investigator Ermakov, we need your testimony. It identifies the body. He died before the ambulance came. Twelve stab wounds. Witnesses claim that he stood up for some young lads when those attacked by the other older. There were six of one against him. Prior to this, he managed to call for help ... but we were too late.

I suddenly everything became clear. I knew it from the start, but believe only after his words. I looked into the eyes of Tanya, and then in my mother's eyes. I even for a moment thought that they had seen me, however, it was no longer important. I looked over at me-nots, they stood in a vase on the most visible place. She will not forget. I stepped away and my last thought was: "I did everything right."