This insanely real world # 8

We continue to sum up the results of 2011 year. The next step - the sunset at the same time the peak of the hot and sunny days - August-a month! What interesting things happened during this time? Let's see.

This insanely real world # 8

Let's start traditionally, with Russian events.

Nomination "The dog-man!"

In one of the Moscow Yacht Club Dog moored ships and raises the sail. The owner of the dog, the ship's captain, says that his pet has become a worthy member of the team, and he is not inferior to other sailors and yachtsmen.

This insanely real world # 8

According to the captain, his dog helps in all phases of navigation: it can easily take a mooring, or raise the sail. Also, the dog is able to keep the ship's course and understand the marine terminology.

This insanely real world # 8

In addition, the dog can perform complex tryuk- trapeze. For all these achievements the animal is very respected by other sailors of the club, and his picture even graced the board of honor.

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Meanwhile, foreign correspondents studied guide books and found out yet how to behave in Russia. Enjoy:

Nomination "Gazuyte, please!"

Reporters learned Russian guides written by foreign authors in recent years, and recreated the portrait of the country through the eyes of foreigners. edition of Esquire magazine quoted the most vivid and comical phrases that could be found in these books.

This insanely real world # 8

For example, according to the phrasebook, foreign tourists in everyday life come in handy replica: "Gazuyte, please" or "I live in Moscow, I will not have to pay so much." Can not do in Russia, apparently, and without words: "Oh, what red tape", "I'm sick!" And, finally, - "Is this life?".

Sometimes in Russia it becomes truly dangerous. For example, cars are not brake prior to pedestrians, and some even increase speed. "Of course, the intention of killing the driver does not - they just want to see the fear in your eyes." No less dangerous public transport: "Going into the subway, keep a hand in the face - so you do not have beaten out a tooth." The trains also strongly recommended to sleep with hidden on the body of the money and passport, and locks on bags pre-tied with a rope, belt or tie.

Dangerous and Russian food. Water from the tap is not suitable even for bathing children. While the greens in Russian cuisine is hardly ever used, but if it is still there, the cook, the dish appears on each green blanket of chopped dill. So it is better to prevent in advance: vsyo bez ukropa!

Smile at strangers on the street is not accepted. And for your own safety it is recommended to foreigners to "look Russian" street - it should be worn in your hand a plastic bag.

And where bears and balalaika?

Nomination "Good morning!"

30-year-old Briton woke up 15-year-old schoolgirl.

This insanely real world # 8

Naomi Jacobs survived a rare form of amnesia. Approaching the mirror, "rejuvenated" Briton mind recoiled in horror: it looked strange woman with wrinkles. At this point, from the next room came out 11-year-old boy and called her "mom".

It took eight weeks to Naomi returned memory. Friends and relatives helped her recover events "lost" years, taught re-using a cell phone, internet and email.

Good is a journey through time!

Category "Appliances with a male character"

Asian designers has developed a washing machine for bachelors. It provides for minimum host part in the process. A fundamental difference between devices - absence of the usual drum.

This insanely real world # 8

In fact, a washing machine is a body and sliding design-transformer with hangers. Before washing should hang on their shirts, and small things to put in a special tray. At the end - the machine is put forward design with hangers, which can be easily moved apart, turning into the dryer room. The next approach a person simply removes her withered and wrinkled things especially. An additional advantage of bachelorhood washing machine is that at modest dimensions it can be placed in the tightest spaces.

Question: Is it still parses and socks in pairs? Then prices would not it have been!

In August, suddenly intensified residents of Sweden, giving us just 2 crazy news:

Nomination "Swedish shower"

In Sweden, a man made his way into someone's home to wash.

A young man in the shower is not immediately found. When family members heard the sounds coming from the bath of running water, they decided to clean some of their relatives and did not pay much attention to the morning water treatments.

This insanely real world # 8

However, when the owners of the house went to the bathroom, where they saw a strange young man. He stood in the shower with clothes but no shoes. His action, he explained the desire to wake up and cheer.

This insanely real world # 8

The Swedish family decided not to write him a statement to law enforcement authorities. It considered that their visitor looked quite innocuous, and could hardly have put the safety of tenants at risk.

Swedish family, Swedish shower, what problems? "Rub my back, please!"

Nomination "Home NPP"

Police arrested a resident of Sweden, who was trying to split the atom in his kitchen. Himself Richard Handley says that simply put science experiments at home and was unaware of the illegality of their hobby.

This insanely real world # 8

the enforcers arrested a Swede because he illegally kept in the apartment radioactive substances - radium, uranium and americium. In the words of 30-year-old amateur scientist, he was a few months trying to build a home nuclear reactor. Their achievements a man described in the blog.

This insanely real world # 8

Only after a while the experimenter wondered if he had a right to such studies, and sent a request to the authorities. Those preferred to immediately send police.

Now Handley promises to deal exclusively with the theory. However, some apology may not be enough, if convicted, faces Swede to 2 years in prison.

Oppenheimer local flood. And what do you cook at home on the weekends?

The nomination of "All die!"

The oldest tortoise in the world - 178 years. A photograph taken around 1900, seen the male turtle, who calmly nibbling grass. At that time he was already 70 years old.

This insanely real world # 8

Recently photographs were auctioned. Its organizers have decided to find out what happened to the turtle, and found that Jonathan (so called animal) still lives on the island of St. Helena, and his age is already about 178 years old.

According to Daily Telegraph, Jonathan survived 8 British monarchs and 50 Prime Ministers.

This insanely real world # 8

Tortilla he has not beat, but who knows, maybe Jonathan just tortoise youth came, and everything is still ahead.

Nomination "Dog trifle pozhiraka"

In Japan, it created an unusual piggy bank - the dog-robot that eats coins put in front of her. The device has a small footprint and can fit on a bookshelf.

This insanely real world # 8

In the inactive state, the device is asleep, but it is necessary to put a coin in front of a dog bowl, it immediately comes to life. Barking and squealing, she lowers the nose and absorbs located there the dollar or the euro.

Toy piggy bank is presented in four colors and is sold in the shops at the price of just over $ 50

A good reason not to throw a trifle on the table. Besides pretty kawaii.

Nomination "There is life in the old dog yet!"

Pensioner invaded the closed US airspace.

This insanely real world # 8

The aircraft, with 70-year-old woman who was heading to the building, where he was President Barack Obama. Under US law, in such cases, the air space over the place closes.

Elderly myrtle Rose sent a light aircraft in the side of a building in the village, located near Chicago, where at that time was the head of the White House. Alarm two fighters were raised. They demanded that the female pilot to change course, and that was done. As admitted later Rose, she flew into a closed air space by mistake.

Again grandmother Chuck Norris makes itself felt.

Category "Animal facepalm"

Monkey learned to tell people to leave her alone.

After the female mandrill named Mandy started to close the face with its front paws, the American Zoo keepers began to think that either she has poor eyesight, or it is simply covered by the sun.

This insanely real world # 8

But then one of the biologists suggested that this way the monkey tells people to leave her alone. In addition, Mandy has taught this gesture and other apes living with her.

This insanely real world # 8

The duration of the gesture is from 6 seconds to 30 minutes.

It is hoped that the monkey is still left alone, or followed by further, and quite unequivocal gestures.

Unlike animals, people do much more extravagant:

Nomination "get it!"

Chilean police stripped in protest. Officer Carlos Ripetta 30 years working in law enforcement. During this time, he did not just reprimand, which he regarded as a mockery.

This insanely real world # 8

But when Ripetta summoned to the police station and declared that he was demoted and sentenced to 10 days in jail, the man could not resist. The building angry man walked naked in protest. It is noteworthy that out of ammunition, he left only his cap, as bought it with his own money.

Extravagant trick officer has not been without consequences. Colleagues made him chase and even tried to arrest for disorderly conduct. But in the end only fined for running a red light.

Nomination "Chetverouhaya wife"

28-year-old married Korean favorite pillow. Wife of the man was the bedding with the image of a beautiful girl from the anime. The couple visited an amusement park, and then ordered two servings of spaghetti in a restaurant.

This insanely real world # 8

The wedding was no different from the traditional bridegroom, as expected, was in a tuxedo, while the bride in her wedding dress and veil.

In Japan, released these pillows with pictures of all the famous people and multgeroya long time. According to their shape and size, they resemble a human body, in addition, they are made in such a way that they are very comfortable to sleep, hugging hands.

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Nomination "Jet cell"

Mobile phones can be equipped with a kind of "safety cushion". Their goal - to keep the device in the fall. A patent application has already filed a US Internet company Amazon.

This insanely real world # 8

The principle of operation is quite simple: compressed air will activate the phone's protection at a time when the mobile phone has yet to fly down. So far, however, it is unknown when the invention is put into production.

And it is unclear how all the same acts this invention. In the future, probably, each "pillow Security" will be equipped with a tracking system from the Mission Control Center and downs.

Nomination "Houston, Houston ... You are being called Reverend Beat"

Houston held the wedding ceremony, which is held computer. Unusual leading celebration called "Reverend Beat" had married a web developer and his chosen one.

This insanely real world # 8

How to tell the couple, they decided to reach out to the wedding ceremony electronic priest, as both are passionate about computer technology, a lot of time on the Internet and enjoy reading science fiction. His lines bride and groom read from the screens of smartphones. After that, they were declared husband and wife.

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In the coming days, the young couple went to the registration office to sign the marriage papers. For all its importance, "Reverend Beat" had no legal right to marry Valentine, and the ceremony was of symbolic nature.

Nomination "Healthy Eating"

Fish-sweet tooth from the London aquarium was transferred to a new diet. From the diet 4-pound animal was excluded his favorite treat - chocolate waffles.

This insanely real world # 8

As described in the aquarium, the fish of the gourami family named Gary "prescribed" in the center of aquatic life after she refused from the previous owner. Shortly thereafter, the staff noticed that she refuses to normal for their species food.

This insanely real world # 8

It turned out that Gary is a big fan of waffles with chocolate and eat only those. To wean the fish of a bad habit, it began to feed fruit, stuffed with small pieces of wafers.

Later, the aquarium staff all stopped putting wafers in food for Gary, and he now eats healthier food.

Here the fish went! Will soon have to deny alcohol and cigarettes. And finally, the final and the life-affirming news:

Nomination "Never too late!"

98-year-old woman received the highest dan in judo.

Living in San Francisco Keiko Fukuda awarded 10th dan black belt. Thus, she became the first woman to be honored with such an honor, and was among the 16 people who have ever achieved such a result.

In 1935 a Japanese woman divorced her husband and decided to devote his life to the martial arts of judo. Currently, she is the last living disciple of judo founder Jigoro Kano and 3 times a week, this art teaches women in San Francisco.

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On such a combative note we conclude our survey amazing and interesting events of August 2011! Stay with us! Ahead - a playful autumn!