Relationship - How to attract her man?

Relationship - How to attract her man?

Marry - not to attack as if married not divide, says the proverb. And just who married women understand the essence of this saying.

I, as a psychology of women, every day there are dozens of letters from women with questions, stories of life and only a small part of them - letters from women truly happy, satisfied with their family life.

Perhaps, when all is well, then i do not want to talk, not to "jinx" and yet not so many of us happy families? These, where we would be happy to both spouses.

Tango dancing is always two. And leading pair - always male. Therefore my article addressed primarily to women. That they are feminine, soft handed the initiative to men, giving them a chance to show their best qualities.

Relationship - How to attract her man?

Many years of practice experience has shown that a woman attracts a man like what she deserves. And relationships are built exactly as the woman herself loves, respects, appreciates.

Here is a typical example of a letter of Hope: "I am 40 years old, first marriage ended in divorce, is now living with a man for 3, 5 years, including 3 years allowed him to not work. He lived only for my account. I myself his "ordered". "I get" everything on the list: kind, careful, do not drink. I forgot to ask, to provide for the family, did not want to be someone obliged. Now I understand that I plant myself on his neck, and then I can not lose, I'm sorry. My relationships with men had a pattern: acquainted, met, started to live together, then they start to insult, tears, and I returned home. Now I realize that I had low self-esteem, and they told me so "treated". I think that because generic programs - sorry itself money even at the minimum purchase. I can buy everything, but as the turn comes up to me - everything myself a pity, and suddenly do not have enough food or other needs. Then angry at myself, take offense at others, they do not understand and do not appreciate my "feat". Exactly the same with my mother. " To his mom, we'll be back. And what is interesting - Hope realizes that she has attracted such a man. Girls, I recommend using a simple and very effective method how to attract a man in her life.

To do this in the literal sense of the word to make the order. Write what you are looking for a man who is your ideal, of course, taking into account its own characteristics, age, character and real opportunities for men.

Relationship - How to attract her man?

Portrait compose detail including age, height, weight (if that matters to you), habits, interests, occupation, relationship to you, to the children. It may seem this method is ridiculous and naive, it works wonderfully, and if you do something important for you to forget (as Hope about "making money"), then get it.

The second part is a portrait of the character traits, habits, and actions that you can take, but not love. For example, he goes once a week to the football or fishing, leave the socks in the corner of the hallway, smoking or every weekend visiting his mother.

Here you write what actually accept and will not be annoyed at the man inside it when he does. Will not pretend "a good girl" who understands and accepts, because sooner or later your discontent bowels out, but where does the man? You yourself wanted this. Be honest with yourself. And the third part of the secret of how to attract her man. Is to write all the things that you absolutely not suitable. For example, smoking, drinking, swearing, gambling, something else.

Relationship - How to attract her man?

When you have a clear picture, a check-list, if you like your men, you will be able to weed out those who does not suit you, so you do not waste your time, nerves and energy on the empty dead-end relationship.

And also, not to repeat the scenario of the relationship of his mother, grandmother, great-grandmother. But that's another story for another article.

Ekaterina Prokhorova, head of the club happy women

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