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Who is looking for millions - one rarely finds them, but who are not looking for - is not never. (American wisdom that applies not only to the money ...)

7 seconds

The other day I saw a glimpse of two elderly people happy and a little closer to understanding the problem - and what is happiness?

In fact, happiness is a lifetime you can arrange only one who used to be many years ago was in your body and at the time decided ponadelat crazy things without which true happiness does not happen ...

But it is very difficult - to be going against all, when your experience of love is equal to zero, and experience your wise parents contrary - rolls and everything suggests that marry need for common calculation and if the calculation is correct, then all you have to life will be - and the carpet, and Czech crystal, and the Romanian side ...

But the years go by, there comes a day when you wake up with arthritic old man, who in his youth did not really even liked, but around and the carpet, and crystal glasses in the cupboard, and even GDRovsky service "Madonna", but your parents for a long time there is no light, and besides them no one else to complain about that crystal, it turns out, is not the most important thing in my life ...

But happy that a young man was mad, it can be seen immediately.

One festive event, I met a friend - a cameraman and he finally introduced me to his parents turretless, which once told.

I'm from a little to admire them. Both over sixty, all the while holding on to the handle, and when they sit on adjacent benches and can not reach the handles, puffing, grunting, but the bench a couple of centimeters motivate the. Oh, and have handles and can reach ... And when the old men think that they no one is watching, they catch each other's eyes and smile. We would be so ...

In 1969, they finally met. Two years before the Soviet Union strained mail and That we saw firsthand.

Five minutes talked about the weather and the fact that the train did not sleep well, and do not delay the main proceedings for a second, Vladislav did tyulpanchikami sluggish lunge forward, knelt beside his suitcase and offered Muscovite Tatiana paradise in a non-existent until the hut.

Tanya agreed without hesitation, despite the fact that her parents were important to fainting against. Still, some strange police sergeant from Sverdlovsk with one suitcase. And all this correspondence. Well, why ruin your life of = for some policeman?

It would be a freak, and then look for any beauty, the favorite daughter of respectable parents with an apartment and "Volga".

Father said - as the cut: "Will you marry him - go out of the house, without money, without a car and without our parents' blessing. Will ask ago - I will not accept. "

It is accepted or not, and remains a mystery, because Tatiana and did not try to come back. On the same day the night with a friend, and the next night they were living in a rented room of his first at the old woman-alcoholic.

Vladislav got to the Moscow police, and over the years, when the children were born, got a room in the dorm, and then the apartment. The restructuring left the bodies, went engineer in Ostankino TV center, where he still works.

Here's a happy story of great love, which knows no barriers ... But the meticulous reader may ask me - "With Tatiana clear, she sacrificed a lot, but that actually made such an insane love for his sergeant Sverdlovsk militia Vladislav?"

And that's what.

In 1967, Slavik and his fiancée went to the movies. The bride as a bride, educated and nice, their childhood drove parents - fellow soldiers, and all went to the wedding. This is her father - police colonel - Slavik took to his department.

They sat on their seats, the lights went out and began newsreel: News from the Field, the festival of Soviet-Indian friendship and other achievements of the 50th anniversary of the Great October Revolution.

Finally - a little story "Spring in Moscow" - on buildings, boulevards, and that a new metro station "Taganskaya" very loved by Muscovites and guests of the capital.

And at the very end of the film chronicles the shot accidentally hit the girl standing at the machine. Her hair, looked into the distance, then he sat behind the wheel of "Volga" and joined the leisurely flow of the liquid at the time.

On the screen the girl was only seven seconds short, but Vladislav, and that was enough ...

Every day he went to the cinema to admire the beauty with the hypnotic gaze. And sooner or later, using his official position for personal gain, recognized by number of the machine coveted address and name of his future wife.