10 facts about absinthe

• 10 facts about absinthe

10 facts about absinthe

1 on the basis of Artemisia Drinks existed in ancient times, but finally the recipe of absinthe was formed at the end of the XVIII century. Its author is a certain Madame Enrio from Switzerland, to prepare a tincture based on wormwood. Recipe interested Dr. Pierre Ordiner. In 1792 he added a liqueur other herbs and prescription has become very popular.

2. Henri-Louis Pernod absinthe first staged production on stream. He opened the first factory for the production of absinthe in Switzerland and the largest factory for the production of absinthe in Pontarlier in France. Factory work after the death of Pernod until four fire caused by lightning strikes, not turned it into ashes.

3. In modern bars drinking absinthe ritual somewhat simplified, but before the ceremony of drinking this drink was a whole art. On the glass with absinthe placed special absinthe spoon (silver tea strainer), on which was placed a piece of sugar cane. Sugar gave absinthe a little sweetness. Then it was poured onto cold water and absinthe acquired a yellowish color and became thicker. 4. Originally, absinthe, made on the basis of wormwood, is a drug and allegedly cured many diseases, for what it called "La Fee Verte", or "Green Fairy".

5. Absinthe is a favorite drink throughout Bohemia. In his works of art he sang Degas (below - the picture "Absinthe"), Van Gogh, Picasso, Oscar Wilde, Manet, Edgar Allan Poe and others. Picasso painted the picture "A glass of absinthe," and created the bronze sculpture on the theme of absinthe, and Charles Foley of Paris staged a play called "Absinthe."

6. The effect of the consumption of absinthe may be the most diverse: quiet relaxation, unusual alertness, euphoria, sudden laughter, aggression, hallucinations, blurred vision, changes in color.

7. Under the influence of absinthe were happening not only works of art and literature. There are tragic stories associated with this drink. The most famous of them - the case of the farmer Jean Lanfreya 1905 that drinking large amounts of absinthe, shot his entire family. Convicted murderer and absinthe banned.

8. In the course of a long research absinthe turned out, the reason for its negative impact on the human brain is a substance thujone, contained in the extract of wormwood. Even in our time absinthe was legalized again, but with the proviso that the thujone content will not exceed the statutory standards. Therefore, many manufacturers have abandoned the wormwood and replaced it with other herbs, such as white and star anise Chinese. 9. Dr. Paul Wolff proved that the excessive presence of the yellow color in the paintings of Van Gogh - the consequences of excessive reception of absinthe and digoxin, which he treated epilepsy. Blame all the same thujone, which overdose distorts color perception and the person begins to see everything in shades of yellow. Under the influence of thujone and digoxin artist and wrote his famous painting "Starry Night", on which the stars are drawn around the big yellow circles.

10. Never forget that in absinthe 70-75 degrees, so they should not be abused, it leads rapidly to cirrhosis.