"Green" design ideas

• "Green" ideas in the design of

Design things, the creation of which was inspired by nature itself.

Designers express their love for nature original invention using natural materials - live plants, land and water. The most original "green" ideas allow to bring a little bit of organic and harmony in the interior, and accessories.

The tree-chair

In 1986, Peter and his wife Becky have conceived in your garden to make a chair from a tree. And the tree was to stay alive. In just a few years, they have come up with and invented a method for forming the trees that grow along the desired structure.

The decoration in the pot

Moss bath mat

mat consists of a moisture-resistant frame and three species of moss.

A table with grass

The grass on the house

The couple Heather Ackroyd (Heather Ackroyd) and Dan Harvey (Dan Harvey) - British Artists, Plant for vertical surfaces of buildings. In 2003, they decorated the grass interior of the church Dilston Grove, London (pictured above). In their portfolio several green houses.

A bed in a garden

for the umbrella stand

Drops of water with umbrellas drain, pouring green grass.

Grown ring

Natural decorations for residents of cities from designer Hafsteinn Juliusson.

Two lives in one pot

Connect together the flower pot and Aquarium occurred to design a pair of Sheng-Zhe Feng and Ling-Yuan Chou.

Rack "Transformation"

In the creation of this bookshelf inspired designer Sebastian Errazuriz ivy.

A chair-plant

In each leg of a plastic chair, a tree growing willow. Vine wraps around tree trunks for a more "green" effect.


Green Knuckles


If you follow the instructions, then a week later from a small sprout grass landscaper.


with a grassy bottom cup

Mouse in the grass

Living in the garden

Furniture was established as part of a social project, encourages children and their parents to spend more time outdoors.

The organic hours

Clock feed on the energy generated by the interaction of the ground with metal electrodes.

Herbaceous sandals

Flowerpot with hair

The grass on the roof

The grass on the roofs of houses can often be found in the Icelandic farms.

Mushrooms lamp

Shimmering plausible fungi are made of glass, wood and light-emitting diodes.

"Live" for a bicycle chain

Vertical gardens

House with a vertical garden Bosco Verticale is being built in Milan.