This insanely real world # 3

We continue to sum up this year. Wave handle winter and greet the first month of spring - March prankster.

At this time buds, hands and general madness of the heat approach. So let's see what kind of crazy and amazing events took place in March 2011.

This insanely real world # 3

As usual, the first in the queue - our countrymen.

Nomination "Call me, call!"

Kazan residents given the opportunity to buy dreams. Order a service can be in payment terminals installed in the city. dream cost on the order of 50 rubles.

In the advertisement for the sale said again that the brain is set up to receive customer's dreams can help a professional psychologist. Soon after the payment service specialist calls wishing to receive a particular dream and gives the appropriate setting.

This insanely real world # 3

What kind of company is offering this service and who it works is unknown. The law enforcement bodies of Kazan said that firms trading in dreams, while none of the residents did not complain.

The new service is "Dreaming on the phone?" What kind of setup there are going that no one complains, I wonder? Apparently, once you get into nirvana.

Nomination "Taking care of the population"

The Russian authorities have specified time. The government has drafted a bill that makes it perfectly clear in the category of time in our country. In particular, the document states that we live in the Gregorian calendar, the year of 365 days and 24 hours in a day.

This insanely real world # 3

In the meantime, PhD Alla Kostina not against clarifying the measurement of time, which in many countries can flow in its own way. However, it considers it unnecessary to describe a series of very obvious things. According to the Industry and Trade Ministry, the creation of the draft law on the calculation of the time took two weeks and cost 18 million rubles. It turns out, the wording of the obvious truths dispensed officials more than a million rubles for each day.

This insanely real world # 3

There may be limited to one only: "Thank you, Cap 'And the good is, nearly 20 million" thank you. "

As long as superiors in the queue - bills on the topics "The one meter 100 centimeters," or "Nettle zhzhotsya" - ordinary people never cease to amaze their resourcefulness and ingenuity:

The nomination "For worldly wisdom!"

A pensioner in the Krasnoyarsk Territory dinner helped detain robber. He demanded money, and the old lady offered products. As long as the attacker had dinner, a pensioner went to the neighbor, and from her called the police. Man arrested at the scene.

This insanely real world # 3

Zorka heart of the old woman saw at once what needs robber. "Ek you lost something, my son! Come on, pokormlyu! "

This insanely real world # 3

Do not lag behind our neighbors Russians and Belarusians:

Category "Gift from the Heart"

Women of Belarus will be presented on March 8 tractors. Unusual holiday gift chairwoman of the local agricultural decided to make the Minsk regional executive committee.

This insanely real world # 3

All 18 women will be given on the tractor. Today will be awarded certificates for equipment. All of it was bought on budgetary money. Meanwhile, the reaction of newly-made tractor drivers are not reported.

This insanely real world # 3

By the way, International Women's Day is a festive day in 30 countries, while in two of them, China and Madagascar, March 8 is a holiday for women only.

And indeed! The tractor is always handy on the farm. And the men on February 23 would be presented to the tanks! Referring now to leapfrog foreign March. Next news immediately brings to mind the Krasnoyarsk pensioner:

Nomination "Hunger - not my aunt!"

In England, he was taken to the police station the offender helped himself to porridge. Intruder turned 23-year-old Michael George Allan of the municipal district.

This insanely real world # 3

In his site has found a policeman, who appeared on the service in the morning. He just found Allan eating the porridge. At this point, the criminal police head was a helmet, and he was wearing a jacket to a police spokesman. It is missing something from the site, in addition to porridge, is not specified. It is known that the lock on the door was broken, but to date it has already repaired.

This insanely real world # 3

to eat up a mess he even allowed? Or just twisted his arms and face in a bowl? "Oatmeal, sir!"

Nomination "For enduring faithfulness!"

In Romania stolen strausiha managed to escape from captivity and return to its owner. Bird found its way to the farm, located in the south of the country on their own. According strausihi host, he considered his pitomitsy vanished forever and is not expected to see her.

This insanely real world # 3

"But suddenly I noticed a cloud of dust approaching the farm, and saw that she was running with all speed," - said the Romanian farmer. He noted that the bird was running at a speed of about 60 kilometers per hour.

This insanely real world # 3

To note: ostriches that grow up to 270 centimeters and weighing under 170 kg, can develop high speed, noting danger. Adult bird can run at a speed of 60-70 kilometers per hour. If necessary, the ostrich change direction without losing speed.

Probably hungry! And even though someone cornering never enters!

Nomination "He - our only hope!"

In the jungles of the Philippines found the "master Yoda." Photographer Erik Mikhailov managed to take a picture tarsier, which is very much like the Jedi Master of the Knights of the cult science fiction saga "Star Wars."

This insanely real world # 3

Animal clung to the branch and, apparently, was going to plunge into the dream state. The photographer could not figure out whether to use the power of animal to climb a tree. not to mention in this connection that on closer examination tarsier can remind one of the characters of fantastic tales "Gremlins".

This insanely real world # 3

- Wow! Just like Master Yoda!

- This is not a Yoda what you are looking for!

Nomination "For the senseless creative!"

In Britain, there was a book without text. The publication quickly became a top seller. The book is called "What all men think in addition to sex." The publication is a blank sheets 200 under the cardboard cover.

This insanely real world # 3

As the author of the work, the release was preceded by several years of analytical work. Seeing that men in general about anything not think other than sex, he decided to share the discovery with readers.

This insanely real world # 3

This publication can be ordered even in the Internet. The cost of the book - about two hundred rubles at the current rate. The book is especially popular with students, who use it as a notebook for recording lectures.

Ah, a typical British scientist! And besides, forever alone!

Nomination "The universal happiness!"

The Supreme Court of Latvia received a strange statement from a private individual. Application for the status of the One Master of the Universe has been filed. Moreover, this person, whose name is not called, sent a receipt that the necessary stamp duty paid.

This insanely real world # 3

In connection with this case, the Chief Justice said that the need to start work on the improvement of about applying the law. He is extremely dissatisfied that the current edition of his "forced into the masters of the universe and other miracles." Meanwhile, such a statement to the court is necessary in any case to answer.

This insanely real world # 3

I would like to also declare a "black hole" and "parallel universe"! And, you can declare all his property neutrons. Finally, humans will learn to shop wisely!

Nomination "Lift boar forever!"

Frowning pig from Australia named Boris made a "facelift". Caring hosts 250-pound hog want to make animal surgery. It will save him from layers of loose skin that hangs over the eyes and prevents him from seeing.

This insanely real world # 3

Weight Loss Boris does not help, because the eye begins to loom even more layers of the skin. As a result, the owners have to re-fattened hog.

This insanely real world # 3

In the pet store where the owners at the time bought Boris, they were told that his maximum weight will be not more than 60 kilograms. Apparently, the deceived.

Despite the impressive size of Boris, he belongs to the breed of miniature pigs. In the 1980s in Australia and America, it was fashionable to start these animals as pets.

That's fattened porosonochka! Piglet nervously breathing to the side.

Nomination "ahead of the rest!"

Japanese scientists have created an electronic pad for travelers. Novelty helps a person to relax as much as possible on the road. Its name translates as "digital neck pillow."

This insanely real world # 3

It is an efficient multi-media player in the soft case. And instead of the display and speakers - points. They include a headphone, and their glasses are arranged displays, which can be submitted not only to the usual video, but also three-dimensional image.

This insanely real world # 3

If the traveler decides to go into the arms of Morpheus, are provided for deaf opaque curtain. How much does a miracle pillow and when it goes on sale, the information yet.

The Japanese continue to surprise. Wait when the charm of this will go into mass production!

the category "outrageous!"

the most unusual names of the companies were published in Latvia. Attention attracted registrars, in particular, companies such as "Get Down", "Lord of the pedals", "Society of birch juice" and "Shepherds of fish." What do these organizations is not specified. Since the beginning of this year in Latvia there were also company "Chicken" and "citizen with ties".

Meanwhile, the much more exotic names were recorded in the past year. Then were recorded by such companies as "Awakening beaver", "Plan B is to capture the world" and "the Office for the Prevention of nonsense." In the past, we worked in Latvia and such companies as "Simply Maria" and "The Hand of David Duchovny."

Far left, and the following creators:

The winner of the Diagram Prize. Every year it is awarded for the strangest book title. 60% of voters chose the product of a "managed dental clinic is chingiskhanovski". Second place went to a collection entitled "Materials of the 8th International Congress on friction, agitation and welding".

The winners of the past years have been the book "Knitting adventures with hyperbolic planes", "Prospects for the 60-milligram packaging for cottage cheese in 2009 and 2014" and "Start with your own feet, if you want to clear in the relationship."

And yet, how to run a dental clinic in chingiskhanovski? Painfully intriguing. The finals will leave most sincere and surprising news during this time. These people should learn life!

Nomination "Man - it sounds good!"

Trainer saved the life of a dog, making her artificial respiration. According to the man, before that he had never produced such a procedure, but simply "listen to your instincts."

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The trainer noticed that one of the dogs, which led to his workout, lying motionless on the grass. He rushed to her and, without hesitation, began to put pressure on the chest and the animal to clean the patient's airway. In the end, four-dog named Saharok (Sugar) recovered. As it turned out at a later examination by a veterinarian, he had a heart attack.

On such a selfless note we end observe surprising and exciting events in March 2011! Stay tuned, because in front of - the joker in April, this month merry madness!

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