Rules of Life by Michael J. Fox

Rules of Life by Michael J. Fox

The pain leaves, and the movie will be. More me and say there is nothing.

here and now I feel fine. Just in my head there's this thing - that's all.

It seems to all that I am very good man, but when the doctor said that I had Parkinson's disease, I almost killed him.

I do not ask myself: "Why am I" - "Why not me" - this is how it is necessary to raise the question.

If you let the disease to influence at least for something in your life, very soon she will take possession of everything. But I do not pretend that well. Just do not give the disease to become more than it is.

Some of the disease still gave me: a sense of mortality. When you are sick, it is always the loss of something alive in you, and in that moment, when you accept this small loss, you do step in, to admit that the little lost ever follow large. And those who have learned to live with it, can live with anything.

The happiness is directly proportional to your ability to accept things as they are, and in inverse proportion to the impatience and expectations.

In the past people have asked me: "Are you concerned that girls want to sleep with you just because you're a celebrity?" And I'm like: "Oh, so that's the question. Let me think ... no. "

My biggest regret is, which has disappeared from my life spontaneity. It's so cool: in the ass all went to Vegas. But I can not go on. I remember raced I once on the Ferrari on Ventura Boulevard at a speed of 90 miles per hour, while the cops were shouting: "Damn it, Mike, you now ugrohat someone!" And then, when they had left me alone, I sat there and thought, "Well, this time I really got involved. Devil's madness. " But it is precisely at such moments you realize that this is very important - to be able to protect yourself from what you want to do more than anything else.

I have a collector's "Mustang" 1967 - the one on the 35th anniversary gave me a wife. And you know, this is very sad - a machine that, for six years younger than me, is already considered antiques.

I have absolutely no regrets about, which stopped drinking. When you drink, you lose the most important thing - clarity.

When the doctors discharged me another medication, they warned me that it has a side effect of too bright crazy dreams. But, to tell you the truth, I have not noticed a difference.

I've always wanted to make a film about Petomane (Joseph Pujol, 1857-1945 - the famous French actor, famous for his ability to create music by controlling the emission of intestinal gas). He could pull the "1812" (Overture by Tchaikovsky) literally out of his own ass.

I am a very strange arranged. Whatever I did, in parallel, I'll do something else.

I started playing golf after forty, and I do not like when someone calls this excessive optimism. "My tattoo - is the fact that I do not have tattoos," - I said to my son. In fact, once I almost got a tattoo - that day, when my father died. Before leaving the army, he was a jockey on a horse race, and he had tattooed head of a horse, inscribed in a horseshoe and roses braided. I remember when he died, I went out with the intention of getting a tattoo - and, thank God, did not. Because he was in the ass drunk.

I'm not afraid to look in the mirror.

If you do not have near the person, which points you to all your shit, assume that you have already nothing will help.

My height never gave me problems. If I was fat - is another matter. All you need thick - it is a discipline and less to eat. And when you're small, you just have to live with it. Or walk on the platforms.

I really appreciate the irony of. All perceive me as a boy, even for medical reasons I am a very old man.

I'm not easy to meet new people. I can not help thinking that they've seen me in the movies.

My glory does not belong to me. It belongs to you. I've known for only as long as you remember who I am.

How much would you have any money, you can lose them all.

My son is waiting for a happy future. At least, not an option, when the whole school talking about how many millions of his father earned in the last film. A series of is unfortunate events haunt you as long as you will consider these events as such.

I have absolutely nothing to sell.

The only thing that could be worse than the possibility of, which you do not deserve it, it is an opportunity that you fucked.

I think I would be willing to live in Provence per month or how many need to learn a phrase: "I was attacked by a wild boar. Help me find my spleen. She's out there somewhere, under the willows. "

Comedy - like a frog. You can put her vivisection, to understand how to have it all arranged inside, but you can not do it without killing her.

If two plus two will always equal four, what's the point?

Curiosities can be, and killed the cat, but a couple of times rescued my ass.

I think that God has a, but it's not me.

to track down prey, the wolf does not fit to sleep.