155 facts about Greece

Immediately three Russians share interesting facts about Greece.

155 facts about Greece

1. Food in Greece can be divided into two main types: meat and fish. Meat cooked in Greece is not much, but the sea food, on the other hand, at a height.

2. The most popular drink in Greece - coffee, drink it the Greeks liters. Tea did not like.

3. The Greeks are so many smokers.

4. Known in Russian Greek salad from the Greeks themselves called rustic (horiatiki). And it is very different in composition and taste what is prepared in Russia. Frankly, the Russian version seemed to me delicious.

5. Fans of sweets have a place to roam: all kinds of cakes, pastries, ice cream, oriental sweets with honey, etc. - all very tasty and cheap..!

6. In the cafe, while waiting for your order, be sure to bring a glass of cold water, even if you did not ask.

7. And given the speed of service - the idea of ​​a glass of water seems to be very prudent. Everything is done sooo slow.

8. Often to drinks bring some sweets, are not included in the bill. After dinner, by the way, is also always served something khalyavnykh for dessert.

9. The walk is not accepted a visit with empty hands. Most often, the Greeks bring with them a box of sweets or watermelon. In general, the Greeks are very hospitable, hungry and without attention of the guests just do not go away.

10. At a meeting Greeks kiss twice, one on each cheek. Men too :) Of course, this applies to acquaintances, friends and relatives. But if you saw the Greek more than once, then, I believe, have a good friend, so do not avoid kisses :)

11. Russian in Greece are neutral, without experiencing any special love or hate. Maybe even a little better than all others, it affects the same religion. The Greeks, as well as Russian - Orthodox Christians.

12. Very respected Germans do not like the Turks and Albanians. Contemptuously refer to the Serbs, are usually as laborers in Greece. 13. Of particular relevance to the Cypriots - consider their under-Greeks or re-Turks, or all together :)

14. Mixed marriages are not welcome here. Although, of course, there are quite a few exceptions.

15. As such, the state registration of marriage in Greece no. Rather, the role of the registrar performs a church here. Therefore, the Greeks, or get married or live in a "civil" marriage.

16. wedding here treated seriously, plays the role of religion of the Greeks and that the wedding equated with the state registration of marriage. Even by the Greeks for this you need to run and collect a pile of papers, not to mention foreigners. It is necessary to be baptized, receive permission to the wedding, to pay several kinds of fees, and so on. D.

17. Name the wife remains his own. To take her husband's name - it is impossible. Children can be given the name of the father or mother, as desired.

18. Divorce is almost unreal.

19. 99, 9% of Greeks - baptized. Baptism is considered to be a great event in the family and among close friends. Celebrate this event is mandatory.

20. Families in Greece large, medium-sized bat collects 200-250 relatives and friends.

21. It is common svoyachestvo. You want to avoid fined for parking? No problem, we just call godfather who works in the police. Or it is necessary to solve a question in a rapid? Only through a recommendation.

22. The Greeks are divided into ellintsev and Pontiacs. The last - ethnic immigrants from Russia and the former CIS countries (mainly, Georgia and Kazakhstan). Ellintsy themselves - are indigenous Greeks. Between Pontiacs and ellintsami have small cultural differences: dances, music and customs. Vary greatly and Hellenic Pontian dialect, but a language customary in Greece - Hellenic.

23. It is quite noisy nation, though not as noisy as the Italians. When you talk very often, and sweeping gesture.

24. In Greece, a lot of historical monuments. Even in cities, excavations are conducted. If you come across any plot, fenced with strange inscriptions, you can be sure that this is some kind of another historic landmark. Churches, chapels, churches - every 100 meters. 25. megacities there are only two in Thessaloniki and Athens. 90% of the territory occupied by the small towns and villages. Low houses, as a rule, no more than 5 floors. High-rise buildings - this or offices or hotels.

26. Roads are good - and in cities and between them. There are both paid and free line.

27. Behind the wheel of the Greeks behave outrageously. As pedestrians. Can in the face of the car to get out and do not even look around, and go to the traffic lights (on the red, and green), and anywhere the road. Traffic rules here, no one seems to know or just do not take them. Night constantly dazzle high-beam headlights, cut them out only when you give them time to blink 10 to turn off.

28. Public transportation is well developed. At all bus stops installed scoreboard, which displays information about the waiting time for the next bus. Buses run frequently, but only until 11 pm.

29. Taxis, of course, when they are not on strike, too, on every corner. But taxi service expensive 5-minute ride will cost you 5-6 euros.

30. a car to take is possible, but difficult. In resort areas much easier everything. Payment plans are usually two: a day - payment per day, plus mileage for (100 km free, then any amount charged per kilometer) and for a period of more than one day, in this case, no additional payment no. Gasoline in the tank when you return the car should be the same as it was in the hiring. If there is more - the money for the extra fuel will not be returned and the cost of rent is not deducted.

31. Petrol in Greece is very expensive, the price ranges from 1.5 to 1.8 euros per liter.

32. our usual gas stations in town - only on motorways, and even then, to refuel, it is necessary to move down the motorway and drive 5-10 kilometers. In the cities, only small private gas stations, which are located on the first floor directly into homes. 33. In general, everything is very expensive in Greece. Discount season is from July to August, shops at this time simply teeming with shoppers, rake them all cleaned.

34. Large shops are open every day, except Sundays 6-7 pm. Small shops are open on some days before the dinner, in others only after, in some days do not work at all. Often can generally be closed for the summer, this is due to the fact that the Greeks at this time of the holiday season. After 8 pm, none at one store does not work, only small kiosks ( "periptory"), in which only the water you can buy cigarettes and all sorts of small things. And they only work up to 12 hours of the night.

35. Greater production in this country do not. Previously, there were foreign plants, but with the deterioration of fiscal policy, almost all closed. The development of agriculture, Greece delivers on export of peaches, olives and olive oil.

36. Business in the conventional sense is not as such, but a lot of small of small companies, which employ themselves the owners and their relatives.

37. For the Greeks the order of the late hour, to postpone the meeting for 10 minutes before it starts at a different time. One gets the impression that the Greeks do not like and can not work.

38. Medicine has paid and free, with the respective pros and cons. To start a private practice doctor, it takes about 7 years to work in a public hospital.

39. Doctors in Greece very, very much. It is impossible to find a house in which there would be a small private doctor's office. Especially a lot of cardiologists, ophthalmologists and dentists.

40. Combining public and private works officially banned, but unofficially almost all do so.

41. Higher education is very expensive. To go to college, after graduation you need to dial a certain number of points. From these points it depends on the choice of a profession. Many Greeks, to save money, often go to study in other European countries. Russian higher education here is not quoted any one specialty. 42. Taxes pay here do not like, which is why the state and there are financial problems, while the Greeks themselves live very well, and consider irreproachable "heat up" the tax authorities.

43. The laws and therefore are intended to collect the maximum amount of taxes. For example, you can not buy any car, what you want, but only the one that matches your official income. Or pay higher taxes for the maintenance of this machine. The same applies to land and property. It would seem wise laws, but also fairly easy to learn to crawl. For example, buying a car in Bulgaria or other neighboring countries with their own number signs.

44. Family law is aimed at maximum protection of children's rights. For example, by default, when buying a home ownership is distributed equally among all family members (including children), whether you want it or not.

45. Homeless people in Greece do not. There are beggars, but the words of the Greeks, it is the Roma or Albanians, and not very much.

46. ​​Real estate prices have fallen to very beginning of the crisis. You can buy a 2-storey luxury house on the sea coast (squares that way 500-600) at a price kopeck piece in Moscow.

47. Morey, by the way, is already three: the Ionian, Mediterranean and Aegean. The purest of them - the Mediterranean.

48. The most popular tourist destination - Halkidiki, a peninsula consisting of at least three "fingers". Tourists from Russia, as a rule, offered to visit the first "finger", he is considered a rave and youth. If you want the cleanest sea, air and beautiful nature - you need a second "finger" of the peninsula. But keep in mind, the second finger, and higher prices and without a car there is nothing there.

49. Because in hotels in Greece is quite miserable. And in itself is different from the rest has already become familiar to us in the rest of Turkey. If Turkey can never go to the hotel's entire holiday, then there is you quickly get bored. Territory hotel is small, entertainment and animation is not here, the kitchen quickly becomes boring. 50. In the third "finger" located state within a state - Athos. To visit it is required to make separate visa; on their own, without guides you this is unlikely to succeed. Athos consists of several dozen monasteries, and is there a Russian monastery. Women, by the way, on Mount Athos are not allowed. If your company has a woman or do not want to bother a single visa can be easy on the boat ride along the coast, the largest monasteries perfectly visible from the spacecraft.

51. Another of the curiosities of Greece advise to visit Meteora, the truth of the resorts it is far away. A total of 7 Meteora monasteries (or so), they are located directly on the rocky peaks, at an altitude of 300 meters. I go to them, and women, too. That's only necessary to have a good physical shape, have to walk a lot and up the hill. But it's worth it. I only lasted for 4 monastery :)

52. In the first "finger" a lot of nightclubs, he and the Greeks considered to like this place. The people in the club behaves very interesting. The crowd begins to gather only 12 hours to the night, but no one is dancing. All (pardon the expression) dull thumps and somewhere in the hour of the night to reach the desired state, and then the fun begins :)

53. In general, clubs are divided into two categories, where you can enjoy and where you can drink and dance. And those in other loud screaming music, but dance only in the past. All clubs are located outside the city.

54. Cafes and bars in cities full of themselves, but they are open until after midnight.

55. The coldest month - December, the hottest - July. In mountain areas in Greece the temperature may fall to -5 degrees, the rest of Greece at least + 10-15 degrees. But in the winter are often strong winds. The average summer temperature of 30 degrees - easily tolerated, but the 35 - is hard, especially in the cities. Outside the cities in Greece there are mosquitoes and other mosquitoes ...

The following facts from the Russian who has worked in Greece for several months 1. Greece - it is the most ancient countries in the world, the number of monuments, museums - endless. Especially in Athens - the capital. There's even a subway trim monuments.

2. The Greeks called their country Hellas (Ελλάδα, Gr.).

3. All Greeks communicate well in English and German - in the summer the Germans occupied the coastal areas, many here have their own houses for the summer.

4. Greece was part of the Byzantine Empire. With the flag of the great state of our coat of arms "flew" two-headed eagle.

5. In Greece, remember this, and on some historic sites and waving Greek and Byzantine flags.

6. Greeks themselves very good-natured: one day to tell me and my girlfriend the way to the train / railway station in Thessaloniki, the girl came to her not stop and took us. In Russia, I did not imagine.

7. Thessaloniki - the second largest city after Athens (5 million people..). There live about 1, 5 million people. Thessaloniki is much easier capital - ordered motion, great service in shops and not a lot of tourists in comparison with Athens.

8. Settlements very "flattened" - even a 3- or 5-storey buildings there are few.

9. Many of the houses in the villages are made of special clay, which has a magical effect: as soon as you come under the roof of the building, once you feel cool.

10. Metro is only in Athens - easy, free, but small - only 3 his short branches.

11. Hitchhiking highly prevalent among immigrants - we have traveled halfway across the country, riding on other people's cars.

12. The main horror story for visitors - it is the Albanians. These are the same as we have immigrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus. Although I do not think so - very kind and helpful people: hitchhiking we often drove by them. The main problem - hardly understand English.

13. The Greeks get up very early and go to bed very early - in 5-6 hours and 23-24 hours, respectively. In fact, it is very economical to light when there is no sun, they sleep :) 14. In Greece, very strict about silence. During siesta (from 14-00 to 16-30), many shops are closed, many spend the time to rest, often sleep. At this time, the most heat - not up to the job.

15. If you make a noise during a siesta, or from 22-00 to 6-00, then rest assured: you sure the police arrive. The Greeks do not like to disturb their peace.

16. In Greece, a lot of Russian. And our machines here too is: a lot Niv, "nines" and I even saw a "penny"!

17. Russian are very good. We were with a friend even managed to drink a coffee in a cafe for free.

18. But we believe there is crazy. Visible trace in their minds, "Rousseau tourists."

19. Television lags far behind ours. Advertisement - general gloom.

20. Prices in the supermarket a little more expensive than ours. Alcohol cheaper. Especially beer.

21. In the transport prices are very interesting: a bus ticket once in 2-3 times more expensive than ours. Trains also cheaper.

22. However, the price of the train can be attributed to their quality - we train a little less convenient. There's only seating: small country, traveling short :)

23. Shooting Star - one of the most beautiful places in the world. Live, especially from a distance, it seems that these mountains are unusual shapes hovering in the air. And if churches grow out of them.

24. The Parthenon stands so that it could be seen from any point of the nearest areas. The victim brought to safety - the Parthenon stands on the edge of the hill, and there is always the danger of the destruction of this cultural monument.

25. The Greeks, as in many countries of the Balkan Peninsula, like football. Very violently. Tourists are not recommended to go to the stadium: from there you can get not entirely unscathed.

26. The Greek vodka "ouzo" tastes like cheap remedy for the treatment of angina. I do not remember the name of this miracle powder, but the taste is familiar from childhood.

27. Drink ouzo, burning. And zanyuhivayut pairs. Action almost instantly :) 28. Many shops, restaurants and cafes are open until 16:00. Some even up to 2 days. In places where there are tourists, all these institutions work to a maximum of 8 pm, most closes at 18-00.

29. Trouble with which faced by many, it is the smell: drainage, especially in the villages, passes too quickly to the ground. At night sometimes unbearable to go outside.

30. Police are often called lazy. Why it is considered that they only eat and sleep. Despite this, in Greece the lowest crime rates in Europe.

31. The police, incidentally, is almost never seen. During the time that I was there, I saw them 3 times.

32. McDonald's - one of the cheapest catering. Cheaper than there, we did not eat.

33. In general, if you want to buy something, it is better to go into the yards and find a shop. Prices in the shops on the main streets are traditionally going wild for tourist countries.

34. If you're in Greece, trading in the market: you can significantly slow down the price 2 times :)

35. Aegean Sea, which washes the eastern part of Greece, is considered the world's third salinity - swim there very easy!

36. Clean beaches, incomparable with ours. The Greeks - chistyuli. On the streets of garbage at all.

37. In some areas, it is recommended to go to sea in a shoe - the bottom can be sea urchins. The wounds on their needles very long and painful to heal. Especially since the needle may break off and stay inside. Then it will need surgery.

38. It is said that in Greece for the year accounted for 5 rainy days. And if the rain, it sweeps away everything. At this time it is better to sit at home.

39. Very popular pastry shops Greeks - big sweet tooth. Particular attention is paid to honey.

40. In Greece, olive plantations huge number! They're all over Greece! And olives 2-3 times larger than those that are sold in our country.

41. All public transport in Greece is a state. Payment plan is about the same as for the whole of Europe - one ticket you can travel on several buses, for example. 42. In Thessaloniki monitor hanging at bus stops, at which point, after a number of minutes will come your route. It is very convenient! Especially wait is usually no more than 5 minutes. We in Russia in recent years is also being introduced.

43. Figs in Greece is growing as we have apples in the villages - fit, tear and eat.

44. billboards, especially on highways, huge quantities - are in several rows. The dimensions of some very impressive.

45. Christianity is the main religion in Greece, which we just like an eagle, borrowed from the Byzantines.

46. ​​Churches in Athens, as we have traffic lights.

47. The appearance of some of the Greeks is impressive: he saw Granddaddy sixty with dreadlocks below the belt. And indeed, their old people to dress fashionably, than our young people :)

48. The young men are extremely popular one and the same hairstyle - with the help of hair gel zachosyvayut bang upstairs.

49. Young Greek women, almost all big tits, but also prone to excess weight.

50. Greece - the country of my dreams! Having been there, all fall in love with this sunny country!

The following facts from the girl: "I live and work in Northern Greece for about 5 years. The town is small, almost provincial, so here than anywhere else you can see the essence of Greek life. I can not guarantee one hundred percent match to the life of every average citizen of Greece, and just write the facts, which does not cease to be surprised. "

1. Greeks - measured awful people. Nobody is in a hurry.

2. All institutions, banks, and so on. D. Work just before lunch.

3. Bakeries only until 13.00, but has almost no 12 bread.

4. Vinoy all diseases Greeks feel hypothermia. Headache - a cold, stomach ache - a cold, a sore leg - too cold.

5. panacea believe Coca-Cola (in all seriousness), sometimes orange juice. If it hurts your stomach, all together offered a drink cola. 6. And the Greeks can not live without coffee. Even in times of crisis, every self-respecting Greek at least once a day will go to the cafeteria to drink coffee cherished - is sacred. Even, perhaps, if war breaks out (God forbid), everything starts with a cup of coffee :)

7. Coffee costs 2.5-3 euros in the big cities anymore.

8. In the cafeteria they spend most of their lives, they house only to sleep and eat (sometimes), if the mother something delicious to cook.

9. Prepare for one time only eat one serving of each, most of yesterday's food has become.

10. Food Stocks (.. Pasta, flour, sugar, etc.) at home almost do not hold, if need something - run to the supermarket.

11. All the year on the market and in supermarkets and fresh fruits and vegetables, an assortment of wild.

12. Very much like to pass everything through the freezer (to add up seasonal fruits and vegetables, bread, ready meals).

13. A lot of eating fast food, which is delicious. One gyro (analog shawarma, but much larger and tastier) costs about 3 euros, in a lot of meat, very satisfying.

14. Sweets are delicious. Especially popular are their baking, flooded syrup (made of thin laminated dough) and stuffed walnuts.

15. Because of this power is very much thicker children, sometimes outrageously.

16. Children are very naughty, almost uncontrollable, they are allowed to do everything, does not limit the freedom of action and rules of conduct. There are, of course, and normal children, educated and calm, but I such have not yet been met :)

17. marry and are married to our measures later, closer to 30. If you obtained earlier, only "aerial".

18. Before the wedding often live for a long time betrothed (5-6 years). It is in the nature of things.

19. Children are given a name only after his baptism to the baptism of a child is considered to be officially nowhere. Some even his family did not call - just bebis (greatest insanity that still angers me). 20. Very honored tradition. First child is given the father's name of her husband, or wife well (it depends, probably, on who dominates the family); second -.. mother's name, etc. So, if you want to name their child as something else, you need to give birth to 4 children :)

21. Almost all of the small old to know how to dance folk dances. Whimsical, measured shuffling his feet, waving his hands; at first sight - nothing to do, but really difficult to replicate the first time, always in the legs tangled.

22. His folk music are also very, very respected. Young people in the clubs of this comes off, too is only under Greek motifs that are not so far removed from the people. Hearing the first notes, chorus start to sing and wave their arms and legs.

23. eldest traded on you, all, over a 5-year or 50 - does not matter.

24. School education - very bad, literally just taught to read and write (by our standards). All other knowledge children should be on paid courses.

25. In higher education act on the results of a single test. You can register about 5 universities and score points Watch where you pass. If you do not pass anywhere from selected, and those in which has passed, I do not like waiting for a year and once you hand over the exam.

26. They do not know what the oral exam.

27. In the formation of a completely different system. Greeks are up to 10 years of study at the college on plumbing. There is a certain number of semesters and an unspecified number of items. If an object you failed or passed, then the next year, you can re-take, and so on ad infinitum. Usually, they are the first couple of years are the students, especially do not bother about the study, walk, have a good time away from home, prosazhivaya parents' money, well, then remember that still need to learn. From an educational institution of the student does not have the right to expel up to 10 years of study. 28. Many people do not know the meaning of some words, absolutely. And I'm not talking about some abstruse professional, and we are talking about the most common words that we have used in speech everywhere. Do not know the names of many animals and plants that we know more, probably, with garden.

29. Without connections to work do not get. But if there is a senior relative, even a complete dunce will work for responsible work.

30. Medicine is no exception, so get to the doctor somehow afraid. I not often heard stories, and she was a witness when the hospital maimed people.

31. Without insurance easier just to die than to be treated.

32. Divorce is very difficult. It takes a lot of time and a lot of money. Therefore, here are bred only in great need.

33. The man never under any circumstances, marry a woman with a child. They say in one voice: "Am I a fool - contain other people's children ..." But its rarely leave (born in wedlock). I have many friends of men who, after the collapse of the family took the children to her.

34. Geography and History for them - a sore subject. Young people do not so oriented in space, the benefit that the GPS was invented. One girl I earnestly asked, "And in Russia still reigns king or what?"

35. Sexual concerns the Greeks, which is legendary, not fiction. Their whole life revolves solely around this theme.

36. In the order of things, if grandpa years since 60 mistimed challenge with a very indecent proposal to a girl of 20 years, or even less.

37. Girls, however, too high morality no different (not without exceptions, of course).

38. All Russian girls are very fond of, because our beauty is, of course, no comparison with the Greek do not go.

39. The average Greek - dark or very dark, brunette, overweight, average height and with a very low set booty. Therefore mind their men go when they see our high long-legged blondes :) 40. The child does not have the right to be baptized, if the parents are not married.

41. To have a mistress - in the order of things. Mistress with his wife may even be friends, and together to go to the tavern. At the same time knowing who is who.

42. All know their pedigree and history of the lives of all his relatives, up to the great-great-great-grandparents.

43. Many of the older generation, which is currently over 70, did not go to school, do not know how to read and write. To go to school then was a luxury.

44. Television in widespread provinces received about 30 years ago.

45. They read very little, almost one might even say, they do not read at all. Especially young people. One friend told me how that can not be read, because he confused the lines in front of the eyes, and lazy to strain, so he does not even try.

46. ​​In cinema films are in the original with subtitles. Within two or three break a film made, even if the movie is just a half hour to rest and break. Download movies from an Internet with hard subtitles, all or paid, or not find, or can be individually, but the whole confusion then this whole thing set up and blind to the heap.

47. A friend of the young lady did not know who Johnny Depp! My indignation knew no bounds :)

48. Nature simply elegant, almost everywhere. Sea unforgettable and indescribable to understand, you need to see with their own eyes. The island - each in its own beautiful and original. Greece - it is an ideal destination for tourism, in all respects.

49. In Greece, there is no NPP. The energy produced in CHP plants that run on coal, which is in the northern part of the country a lot and which lies very shallow; Coal mined pit method. Or use renewable sources, solar, wind, water. Probably, each island has windmills.

50. In general, the people are friendly, especially to tourists, from which they derive their income. But it is also - depending on the terrain. On some islands, for example, where there are few tourists, locals set up very wary of strangers. Perhaps due to the fact that for many decades, someone is always trying to win these territories. For immigrants as their attitude is not very good. In general, Greece - a great country, a very beautiful and colorful. Now, of course, not in the best position, but I hope that all somehow work out.