70 facts about South Korea

Interesting facts from the Russian woman living in South Korea.

70 facts about South Korea

1. Korea - a very safe country. A girl can not be afraid to walk at night through the sleeping area alone.

2. The case of major crimes, like murder, are ranked as unprecedented and weeks of coverage in the local news.

3. The best time to visit Korea - spring, when the cherry blossom, and autumn, when the leaves turn yellow in the trees. Winter is very cold and windy, summer is incredibly hot, humid and rainy.

4. The country is very small, so the civilization penetrated all its corners. In Korea, it is impossible to get lost, and very very remotest villages is not here.

5. The most popular sport in Korea - Baseball. It is played everything from small to large, has a baseball bat almost everyone. At baseball games, especially large - always sold out.

6. On the second place in popularity - golf. It is played by middle-aged men. And reaching the elderly, all Koreans go to the mountains.

7. Walk through the mountains - is a favorite entertainment for the Koreans. They can get up at 8 am after a wild drinking and still climb the mountain.

8. 90% of Koreans are short-sighted and had to wear glasses or contact lenses. Glasses worn since childhood, which inadvertently gives the impression that they are born with poor eyesight.

9. Absolutely all Koreans use Internet Explorer. For other browsers, they do not suspect, and in fact, most do not even know what a browser is. Korean sites, respectively, are made only under the Explorer, in any other browser, no Korean site will not work properly.

10. Many Koreans to open Google, first open naver.com (this Korean search engine and not only the system), drive in to search for "Google" in Korean, and then click on the link. 11. The Koreans are very fond of coffee, and the coffee here at every step. After lunch or dinner, be sure to drink a cup of coffee.

12. Free internet can always be found: in all establishments, cafes and even in buses.

13. Network of coffee houses, cinema chains, supermarket chains, a chain of restaurants, bars, WAN department - if establishments do not have a clone somewhere in Korea, so it is not yet matured.

14. The domestic product in Korea is very supportive, so many imported goods, such as toothpaste, chewing gum, pads, chips and so on. E., Is not found.

15. Agriculture - one of the most important sectors of the economy. The beds of cabbage, vegetable gardens and rice with Repka clearing can be found even in the city center.

16. Dental services are very expensive, so all Koreans carefully monitor the dental hygiene. They brush their teeth after every meal and coffee, often have a toothbrush in a bag, and in some schools you can find free brush straight into the toilet.

17. Education assigned perhaps the most important role in the life of any Korean. Koreans are learning from early morning until late at night, regardless of the day of the week and use the holidays for additional courses or self-study.

18. No such thing as a vacation, not in Korea. There are a few days, usually in early August, when many workers take the day off to rest or to go abroad.

19. There are two major national holidays: New Year's Eve on the lunar calendar and the autumn festival, when Korea did not work for three days. More time on holiday there.

20. Teacher in the public school can fire unless the President himself. This profession is highly respected and highly paid. 21. The Koreans are overweight are very rare. A really thick - almost never.

22. Girls readily demonstrate his feet, but never - neckline.

23. The majority of Korean women small breasts and flat pop, but very slender legs.

24. Therefore, plastic surgery is booming. A girl can cheat his chest literally for one lunchtime. Released from school and go to college, most of the girls as a gift to fix his eyelids, noses or anything else.

25. Korean women take good care of skin and hair and use an incredible amount of makeup and cosmetics. No makeup Korean women do not face the street.

26. Many recognize that the Koreans beautiful Japanese women, Chinese and other Asians. Even if their beauty is somewhat artificial.

27. In all its purity in the streets in Korea is very difficult to find an urn for rubbish.

28. All Koreans sing well and so it is very fond of karaoke.

29. Cell phones are at all, even the homeless.

30. Any phone can take "credit" for two years.

31. In Korea, the height of the shopping begins after 7-8 pm and continues until late at night in some areas.

32. Young people lead the girls to his home does not rely, therefore, in Korea a lot of motels. Lots of.

33. Motels peacefully coexist with churches, saying that poprelyubodeystvoval - pray.

34. All the guys to a man obliged to undergo military service, unless it is disabled.

35. In Korea, the reigns of some food cult. Instead of "How are you?" Koreans are asking, "Is it good to eat?", To skip at least one meal is considered almost a sin, and the verb "to eat" is able to replace many other verbs, such as "drink alcohol", "take medicine", " breathe fresh air, "and even" grow up to a year. " 36. Eat Koreans are very many and varied. To the table obligatory kimchi and other snacks. Lunch is rarely limited to a single dish, when you think you have enough of, bring another plate until lopnesh.

37. About any Korean dish of any Korean will tell you that it is incredibly good for your health. Most often reason for men's health.

38. Drink Koreans probably more Russian. Quickly get drunk, but never rowdy. Even drunk Korean does not present any particular risk.

39. Every Korean knows one or two hundred is very noisy after-dinner games, aimed at ensuring that all drunk as quickly as possible.

40. The Koreans are very generous and helpful people. They will want to pay for your lunch and have never refused to help.

41. Korea adopted greet Wachter, bus drivers and cleaners, in general, all. You show respect to elders, and even whom it works, it does not matter.

42. It's hard to believe, but according to one source, 25% of Korean women are working in the intimate sphere of services experience: it's a prostitute, escort services and women "to communicate" in bars and karaoke.

43. The majority of married men change their wives, and this is considered normal.

44. Most of the married Korean women do not work at all, raising children.

45. All the older women look the same: the same nahimichennye short hairstyle, the same clothes, the same hats.

46. ​​In Korea, no stray dogs. Large dogs, too few holds, but it is very fashionable to have a small pocket dog, paint her hair in bright colors and dress in funny clothes.

47. Contrary to the popular stereotype, very few Koreans tried sobachatiny. 48. Foreigners in Korea are divided in two categories: exchange students and English teachers.

49. Koreans prefer to sit on the floor than to sit on a chair or couch.

50. Whether the weather is never wrong, whether Koreans always, always drag a bag umbrella, but Koreans impossible to surprise the rain.

51. In Korea, floods often occur because of the rains.

52. Wallet stuffed with any Korean business cards and various cumulative and discount cards and coupons.

53. Koreans listen to mostly Korean music. Western artists listen to what is fashionable.

54. Korean music - it's basically pop music boy band and girl-bands, is not much different from each other.

55. For each song, each musical group has its own dance, which fans know by heart.

56. In Korea, there is no space. There are only a platform in front of some buildings.

57. In many bars can not only drink beer, it is necessary to order a beer snacks. Koreans can not just drink beer, they definitely need something to chew at the same time.

58. Korean TV - it is an advertisement, Korean soap operas, comedy shows, a show about the beauty and the transmission, which shows the food.

59. Guess that actually advertises Korean advertising, is virtually impossible.

60. No one cares that the young beautiful girl throughout advertises alcoholic beverage.

61. When meeting Koreans first of all find out the age. This is important for future communication style. If the other party over at least a year, to it should be handled in a polite manner, be respectful and helpful.

62. Koreans often show a lack of tact by asking personal questions like "Do you have a boyfriend?" Or "Why are not you married?" 63. Young Koreans converted into another relationship drama, peeped on TV.

64. In Korea, you can smoke anywhere. Signs prohibiting smoking are often simply ignored.

65. It is rare to see in the street Woman with a cigarette. Girls who smoke very little and they smoke only in bars and clubs.

66. On the street you can drink alcohol. Koreans often hold impromptu picnics and barbecues with alcohol in the most unexpected places.

67. Koreans often laugh for no reason, in response to any phrase and very unfunny joke. they are especially happy when a foreigner speaks Korean.

68. In Korea, there is a park, crammed with sculptures of male members.

69. In Korea, almost no one is called by name and does not say "you" or "you". For treatment, there are many special words for every occasion and kinship relations.

70. When the Korean beckoning someone to her, he holds her hand, palm down, and not up, as in other countries.