Seven simple rules that will live up to 100 years

The famous American cardiologist Clyde Yancy said that every person has a 90 percent chance to become a centenarian, and will celebrate his ninetieth or hundredth birthday. To do this, he needs only to stick to the seven simple principles.

Seven simple rules that will live up to 100 years

According to the doctor, each individual person on forces to achieve optimal health by following these steps.


To live an active lifestyle. Lack of exercise takes almost four years of a person's life. People who are physically inactive are twice as likely at risk of developing heart disease and stroke.


Know and control your cholesterol. Its highest level in the blood can lead to the accumulation of fatty deposits in the arteries and increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.


Follow a healthy diet. Proper nutrition is one of the most important items that will improve health. Follow this rule really is not difficult. According to the doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the research department of hypertension Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology. VA Almazov Aleksandra Conradi, in order to maintain good health is especially important to a person to consume a large amount of fiber, cereals, fresh vegetables, fruits.


Know, control blood pressure. High blood pressure is often called the "silent killer." As a result, people can reduce the risk of stroke by 40% and the risk of heart attack - at 25%.

The fifth

Maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight - a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Obesity can reduce the life span of nearly four years.

As confirmed PhD, therapist Irina deposit, doctors all over the world is precarious growth in the number of people who are overweight. And as a complication of this - a significant increase in the number of patients with diabetes and hypertension. Due to the abundance of animal fats significantly increases the number of people suffering from high cholesterol levels in the body. A lack of exercise is found in virtually every other modern city dweller.

The sixth

Aware of the threats associated with diabetes. Diabetes increases the risk of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and stroke, especially if blood sugar levels are poorly controlled.

The seventh

No smoking. Tens of thousands of people die prematurely each year due to tobacco use, and thousands of non-smokers face the same fate due to passive smoking. Once a person quits smoking, the risk of developing heart disease and stroke begins to decrease. After 15 years, the threat is not higher than that of a nonsmoker. Clyde Yancy sure that the conversion of people in the Centenarians will help save the economy billions of dollars by reducing the cost of treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Sami same people will save their own funds, because they will not spend on paid medicine, if will take advantage of free advice.

However, it warns Alexander Conradi, although following these tips extend life, but unfortunately, it can not change a person's genetics, which is 50% determines the duration of our existence.

"There are people genetically predisposed to cardiovascular disease and nepredraspolozhennye. If the parents of a person died before the age of 50 years, even following all these recommendations, to 100 years he would not live. But with good genetics tips help maintain heart health. With regard to the bad environment, the factors such as the present water pollution, air, no more than 10-15% of the impact on longevity - said the expert. - So from my point of view, the observance of these rules actually increase a person's life at least 20 years. "