Teacher, which is no longer

• Teachers, who no longer have

Teacher, which is no longer

Enters the teacher in the class, the lesson begins. Noise, noise, and so on, the picture for most of us are familiar with. The teacher stands in the doorway, silently, looking at the whole circus.

Someone shouts:

- Atas!

Someone answered:

- Yes, and I do not care!

The teacher goes to his desk arranges magazine, his papers. Then quietly he says so, highlighting two screamers from the crowd:

- Ivan and Peter, can stand, sit rest. Hello children.

Screamers remain standing.


- So today we'll have a discussion. Petrov will be the protector, and Ivanov - prosecutor. You have the right to call on the two assistants themselves.

Pupils slightly confused:

- What's the theme of a dispute?

Teacher, smiling:

- Ivanov will play the role of inquisitor, prohibit the artists of the Renaissance drawing naked people. And Peter will defend these artists, to present arguments to the fact that the naked human body - the most beautiful thing, and it should be a draw. And yes, you can in a dispute to mention specific names of the artists, their paintings. Every mention - one point. The more points you gain more, the more fives appear in the journal. And all for today's lesson, choose assistants. And one indulgence - every assistant can choose their other two assistants. For reasoned arguments again - a good estimate. And helpers helpers are entitled to their assistants. We, those who do not participate, will be in the role of the jury, will decide - to be artists to paint or not?

The discussion initially was slow, but little by little controversy grew hotter, and, at some point, had only had time to watch out for each replica. You know, it was something. All this passed in such battles that lesson, it seemed small. In dispute the whole class was involved, we came out after a call from the audience, continuing the discussion, not paying attention to the fact that the lesson is already over.


lesson begins. Question:

- What is the difference from modern relationships tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet?

Someone said:

- He did not have time to fuck her!

The whole class laughs. The teacher looks at the man who said:

- So you tell me why he could not do? What's to stop them?

- Customs and traditions were different. It was impossible then to the wedding nothing.

- Well. And who dictates these traditions and customs?

- In what sense?

- Well, who is the author of these traditions and customs? We, the country's president, the aliens?

- We are, of course.

- Do you like modern manners?

- And I - Th? So instituted, not for me to change them. But I do not like.

Teacher, looking at the class:

- Good. And what you do not like the current manners? Who can answer this question?

Someone says:

- I do not like that today the girls dress up as street prostitutes, and behave well. If I do not have money in your pocket to drag her to a cafe or club, it will not work. And if her uncle will drive on a steep wheelbarrow, but the old and the money, she would not give up.

The teacher is silent, waiting for a reaction.

- Yes, yes, I behave like a slut! And then outraged if their faces say it!

- And go, both the fashion parade in the school! Just talk about where it was yesterday, with whom, how much is a pair of shoes or a lipstick! And the first lesson already put the plaster on the face!

- And you looked at yourself? I can, and painted with the first lesson. And you have learned to smoke behind the school, and not only cigarettes! And in an embrace with a beer sleep! What normal girl somewhere to go with you, from you stink! - Yes, they are, even the flower does not bring! I told my mother - they boys in school portfolios pulled when caring for the girls! And I was not wearing one portfolio for ten years.

- And for you to carry briefcases and wearing flowers? Well you nose what angle you cafés and money Give!

- And have you tried? How do you know, I will turn the nose or do I like it?

- A Th me to try? In thee skirt above the ears, pants can be seen from the window of my apartment. Get dressed properly once, maybe I'll take your briefcase, and that right now, how you dressed, I say shame that I am with you in the same school learning!

- And I am ashamed of you that beer stinks! In school, as in the beer go!

- And do you see yourself? Through every word - three obscene, learn to talk again!

- So you're in a different do not understand! Or do some verses talking about? Yes, you did a single verse is not learned in a decade!

- Stop! - the teacher stops the argument. - Now you tell me - why you are not able to communicate with each other? Why do you need a quite a stranger to it has provoked such a dialogue? And ... the theme of today's lesson - "Are we able to hear and, most importantly, listen to each other?".


Another lesson. Question:

- Now I will ask a very personal question. Who wants to - answer. Who is shy - may not participate in the discussion. So which one of you know what a kiss?

- In what sense - a kiss?

- In direct. How many of you kiss at least once? Raise your hands.

Slowly rising, one, two, a few hands.

- Thank. How many of you can say that this time was one of the most exciting in his life?

Silence. Slowly one or two hands raised. - Thank. So, write job at home - ask at grandparents, friends from the older generation, they kissed for the first time? And then put it in an artistic form on paper. Please note, you should write only the truth, I will clarify the truth of history, therefore - the coordinates of the most grandparents are needed. Everyone clear?

In the next lesson, read out loud.

- My grandmother kissed for the first time seriously wounded Man, being a nurse in the health freight car, in the war. She remembered the name of a soldier all his life, because he died on the same night the bombing.

- My grandfather was the first time he kissed her grandmother, after years of courting her. Then together they rebuilt the city after the war. He remembers that in full bloom and apricots. Grandma said it was the 6th of June.

- My grandparents far away, so I held a conversation with a neighbor. Her first kissed future husband, after the dance, on the night when he made her an offer of marriage.

- My grandmother first kiss in the Komsomol group, with a young blue-eyed boy. And then this guy became her husband, then - my grandfather.

- My grandfather was the first time kissed her childhood love, a certain Maria Fedotova. She died at the front, was a sniper. And at the front, he had already met my grandmother, who worked there as a doctor.

- I have no grandparents, father and mother of the children's home. But with me I shared our neighbor. His first kiss was a day of victory, in Poland. When they learned that the war was over, all rushed to hug and kiss. So he kissed quite a strange girl to him, but remembers that she had beautiful brown eyes and spit in the zone. When everyone finished reading, the teacher, all the while looking out of the window, he said:

- Very nice first kiss, what to say? Breathtaking. I do not know about you, but I am envious of all.


Another lesson.

- Hello children. Today we will have no ordinary lesson - we will listen. And then we talk about it.

And it included (where she had pulled out?) Old gramophone with vinyl record. And I set a record. It included.

From somewhere far away the first sounds were born, yet strange, slightly distorted light plate hiss. Organ? Then gently take the violin ... It was only later I learned that we listen to "Adagio" by Albinoni. And in that moment I had the feeling that I was left alone with him. That in front of my eyes sweeping all my short life, its most significant moments. I turned around and saw that everyone froze with an indescribable expression, thoughts sped away from here. And one of the guys covered his eyes with his hand, a tear rolled down his cheek.

Who and what is seen at the moment? I do not know ... but no one indifferent.


This subject in our schools no longer exist. "Ethics and aesthetics".

Oh yes. The teacher went to work as a housekeeper abroad. Otherwise, there would have died of hunger.