100 facts about Italy

• 100 facts about Italy

Interesting facts from the Russian guy, who lived for several years in different regions of Italy.

100 facts about Italy

1. In Italy the 20 regions. they are all very different. If you've been in one or two - you're in Italy was not.

2. Within each region its own dialect. Residents of neighboring regions may not understand one another.

3. The regions are divided into communes. Residents of communities can also have their own dialects and not understanding neighbors.

4. About 80% of businesses in Sicily, Calabria and digging pay tribute to the Mafia.

5. In Italy, there is no children's homes.

6. In Italy, there is no stray animals.

7. Men in families terribly afraid of their wives.

8. The rules of driving in Italy, says that overtaking is possible to prevent the main beam. In other European countries, you can be fined for it.

9. If you ask for a coffee in a bar in English, it can cost 2 times more expensive.

10. For local prices in bars and cafes can be lower than for tourists.

11. The letter "C" on tap is denoted by the hot water (Calda).

12. Speed ​​Autostrada highway almost always paid. The speed is limited to 130 km / h. But many do not care. Police with radar is very rare.

13. Most Italian designers made a fortune in sales in Russia.

14. The south of the region - the friendly people.

15. Almost all of Italy is not recommended to drink tap water because of problems with the plumbing.

16. Many Italians have a cottage on the sea.

17. All Italian words end in a vowel.

18. The kitchen in each region differs significantly.

19. Spaghetti alla Bolognese - the name for the tourists. Locals call this dish is Spaghetti con ragu, not taking Bologna attempt to assign this dish.

20. In Italy, one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

21. Italians and Spaniards understand each other because of the similarity of languages. 22. In the Aosta region do not speak Italian and have little understanding of it. Main language German there.

23. The language which is considered an official in Italy, in fact - the Florentine dialect. He became general after the writing of Dante's "Divine Comedy."

24. In Italy, 54 police officers. They all have the right to bear arms. Even regulators.

25. Italy and Poland are two of the most religious countries in Europe.

26. When completing the annual tax return is necessary to make donations to the Catholic Church.

27. The tobacco shop performs many functions - it can fill up your phone, buy a ticket for parking and even pay some taxes.

28. The most greedy and socially irresponsible mafia (Camorra) in Calabria - the only one in the Salerno region - Reggio built more than 40 years. All this time the money stolen.

29. In Italy there are almost all climatic zones except the extreme.

30. The main meal in the evening in the form of a dense family dinner.

31. The Italians almost do not drink juice, you will not find in many restaurants.

32. Spirits Italians practically do not use.

33. The main drink - water or wine. Sometimes beer.

34. 60% of the world cultural heritage is located in Italy.

35. Florence - a city in Tuscany, with the largest pedestrian area in the world.

36. Olive oil should be bought from the peasants in the countryside. Buy it in the supermarket is considered bad form in most regions. To a lesser extent this applies to wine.

37. The Italians are actively using dozens of gestures when speaking. In general, hundreds of them. Born as an aid to communication due to the significant differences between languages ​​in the country.

38. Women are considered to be indecent gestures.

39. The most insulting gesture - "goat" of the index finger and thumb up - means that you cuckold. This same gesture thumbs down wards off damage. 40. At the wedding send one or two invitations. On the first, you are entitled to come to the ceremony at the church, the second - on a merry drinking party and after the holiday.

41. At Christmas, decided to give each other red panties. Yes, and that was happiness, they have to sleep on Christmas Eve.

42. Most Italians have never traveled south of Rome.

43. In some regions, if there were three smokers - the youngest must extinguish a cigarette - a bad omen.

44. In conversation, for credibility, to take good companion by the elbow.

45. 80% of the Italian territory is covered by mountains.

46. ​​Italy - monoethnic country. 95% of the population - the Italians.

47. More half a century ago, the Italian language was used only in the literature. All regions spoke in their own languages. Language spread through television.

48. So far, 20% of the population does not understand the official Italian.

49. The real Italian pizza baked in wood-fired ovens.

50. The European Union is trying to ban the production of some cheeses, pizza on wood, some types of ham in Italy as inappropriate ideas about hygiene and standards (for pizza falls ashes, cheese buried in the ground).

51. 98% of Italians - Catholic.

52. Pasta - it's not just pasta, but anything made from flour.

53. The most popular sport in Italy - football. Next come the motocross and cycling.

54. The Italian national football team squadra azzurra - translated as blue team. And the players are called azzurri - blue.

55. The world's first ghetto for Jews Italians staged in Venice in the 16th century.

56. "Italian strike" is not a myth - it is often a means of entertainment at work.

57. The Italians laugh at the tourists who visit the cafe on the main square and pay a lot of money for poor quality food. 58. The best restaurants often have no signs. You can get there only on the recommendation.

59. When you purchase it is necessary to take a check. You can delay the financial police with the package from a store or a pie in hand with the question of where you bought it and slapped a heavy fine in the absence of receipt.

60. Previously, Lamborghini has been known as a company that manufactures tractors. And with a fright they began to make luxury cars? :)

61. In Italy, important blat and recommendations. Even if you just want to get a haircut. Come "from anyone" to the doctor or the hairdresser is considered strange.

62. Some laws are not binding. So in Italy there are hundreds of thousands (!) Of illegal buildings. In particular in the coastal zone.

63. Within Italy there are more 2 State: San Marino and the Vatican.

64. Italians dress very "so-so" or even casually, like black. Exceptions - Milan, Rome, a few resorts.

65. In Italy, be prohibited at night on the beach. Fine - about 1,000 euros.

66. By the way, it is forbidden to carry away home seawater.

67. The Italians not punctual. Time for them nothing. It is better to come later, so do not wait.

68. Schedule of trains, buses and planes are also quite arbitrary. Time, platforms and gates on bulletin boards - exemplary.

69. Bag on one shoulder are only tourists. Local is always worn over the head. Can snatch motorcyclists.

70. The Italians are not the heirs of the Roman Empire, although living in the same territory.

71. On admission to state universities in Italy do not have to take exams. Take all.

72. In Italian universities there is no campus and dorm - all rented accommodation according to their capabilities.

73. Exams in Italy in many universities who sit when he wants, when it is ready - no sessions. 74. The official procedure of divorce spouses in Italy lasts for about three years. Even then the court may order a man keep his ex-wife, if she had insufficient funds.

75. Dress in a non tourist area should be modest. Short skirts girls and shorts for men are not welcome.

76. Work Italians do not like. But very offended when you tell them about it.

77. Form an Italian policeman sewing Prada.

78. Respected man can be called by adding to the name prefix "Dr". This does not mean that it has to do with medicine or a degree.

79. The farther south - the more often men genuinely kiss at a meeting and parting. This is fine - but it was hard to get used to when unshaven mug climbs to you with outstretched lips.

80. Children Italians do not just love, and allow them to do anything. If someone's kid will turn on you the tomato sauce - you should smile and tell how nice.

81. The Italians - fans of music and theater. they tend to buy annual passes to visit. In some theaters, not season tickets or no tickets are very bad places.

82. Some organizations may only consist of members of one family or one clan.

83. In Italy, forbidden to draw chalk on the pavement.

84. Every village or town has its own patron saint - a saint.

85. Number 17 in Italy unlucky. A 13 - even quite nice.

86. The letters K, Y, W, X, J Italian alphabet absent. I'm not "in" at the beginning it was very uncomfortable.

87. The Italians are wary of blue-eyed people. It is believed that they may jinx.

88. In Italy (as well as in the United States) can not open an umbrella indoors - to bring bad luck.

89. By the way, pour the wine on the table - fortunately. 90. Clothes in Italy is better to buy in large shopping malls outside the city.

91. For men it is normal to live up to 40 years old with her mother.

92. In August, the whole country goes on vacation together. Even large enterprises stop.

93. They do not scream and do not swear - so they speak.

94. Natal - this Christmas. A Santa Claus respectively Babbo Natal.

95. In Italy, congratulates women on March 8.

96. The Italians are very fond of playing the lottery and all the betting. To understand them is unthinkable. But they can do.

97. Internet in Italy - only on presentation of a passport and leaving it up to the Internet-club. And the phone SIM-card. Yes, and tickets to football, too.

98. Meat, fish, sausage and vegetables of high quality made in small shops to buy from people you know.

99. Bidet - a mandatory accessory of any (non-public) toilet. Even in the most bedraggled hotel will bidet. Moreover, the Italians are sure that we do not know what it is.

100. In many regions, Friday - Men's Day. In restaurants, the company strictly guys. The girls go to bars to this day is indecent.