GeoFresher - great traveler Djumber Lejava

GeoFresher - great traveler Djumber Lejava

- Sergey - he said to me Mister Djumber (the word "Mister" means the Lord, very respectful treatment in Georgia). - The story of my journey beginning is very interesting, not so much, HOW to ordinary people, but for the world medical practice.

I have lived all my life and did not even imagine that in his old age go cycling around the world. All my life engaged in scientific research, research. Now, even after the end of his journey working at Tbilisi University Rector. Teach students advanced mathematics and physics. All my life I worked in various universities.

When I was 50 years old, I suddenly fell ill, I had problems with the heart, and later suffered two heart attacks. After researching my heart doctors advised me not to do any physical exercise.

It is advisable, if you leave your work at the university, and go away on a holiday. It was the recommendation of doctors. They told me that I was "terminally" ill, and that conventional medicines do not help me. Can help an operation that can do abroad, but this requires a lot of money, which I like a humble university professor

it can not be.

Physicians with sadness noted that the maximum I can live a year, and no one and nothing unto me will not help. "How is it ?!" - I was indignant. I'm just 50 years old, and I am full of energy, why doctors so pessimistic? Every person decides his own fate himself. I decided to go on his way.

I ignored the instructions of doctors and decided that only I myself cmog help in this situation. Immediately start doing strenuous exercise was unreal, I

realized. I decided to start with a simple sit-ups and push-ups.

Just a few times a day, slowly, this was more than enough for me. When I first started to exercise, my family were moved in earnest, strongly discouraged to engage in exercise, but rather to follow the doctor's orders. Every day, I increased the load, and that particularly pleased me, my heart began to function better, there was no such a strong shortness of breath and suffocating as it was earlier. At that moment I realized that I will be able to overcome the disease, if I regularly engaged in exercise. After a few months, I felt like the good I

could afford it, I could not before, such as long walks on foot in the evening Tbilisi. Previously, because of the illness that was not possible.

The illness gradually began to move away from me, every day I chustvoval new influx of energy and strength. All my family were very happy and proud of my achievements. Six months later, I asked for an investigation into the same clinic where previously delivered a fatal diagnosis.

GeoFresher - great traveler Djumber Lejava

The head physician clinics was quite surprised that I was still alive, and not only - came to the hospital itself, without any accompaniment. Doctors were at a loss, and at first wrongly assumed that probably I did heart surgery abroad. When I explained that exercise heal me, could not believe it. What was surprising

all doctors when after made my heart cardiogram turned out that those scars, and the points that have been in my heart disappeared. My heart seemed perfectly healthy.

In general, it was not so much important to me - what I do the doctors say, because I have myself znal that heart problems are in the past. I decided not to stop there, and increase physical activity, began to do push-ups on the floor on your toes, it is brought to automatism, and six months later I reached perfection in this business. It was my first record, but not only for themselves but also for the Guinness Book of Records.

I generally do not want to register a new world record, but my friends insisted that my record in the category of the fastest push-ups on his fingers was entered in

World Records book. In Tbilisi, there are representatives of this organization, which podverdit my record, send the results to the head office in London. After some time it was a joyful message that my record potverzhden, and is listed in the register of World Records. At an official meeting with representatives of the Guinness Book of rekorodo Tbilisi I solemnly handed over the certificate. It was my first record, but not the last. Later, a few more world records in different categories were recorded.

One day in our big family celebrated a holiday. We gathered all the relatives from all over Georgia. Vochischalis all my courage and firmness of character, but they did not know how hard all this was given to me. I have a nephew who 10 years, probably because of it I went to tour around the world.

Suitable it somehow to me and says:

- Mr. Djumber, you are so strong and tough that even able to get into the world record books. And why do not you go by bike around the world and visit all the countries in the world?

"Yes, why not?" - I thought. For now, all heart problems in the past. Now I feel like a 20-year-old boy, I'm full of strength and energy, in spite of its '53. Maybe at this age to start something new and radically change their lives? .. But my nephew rights. After that, I set about trying to go around the world. But how to do it, and that it is necessary - I did not have the information.

Then I decided to bit by bit to gather information about how do I start in the circumnavigation. I began quietly preparing. I bought a bicycle, which I later remade for themselves, bought a truck trailed, backpack, tent, spare parts for the bike. I began carefully to work out the route.

GeoFresher - great traveler Djumber Lejava

I have not had any experience in traveling, so I opened for themselves. Thank you to my family who helped me prepare for the world expedition. So, after a year and a half under the age of 55 years, I was ready to start. There was no pompous, formal, ceremonial start. Just come my relatives, and that led me to tour around the world. I did not yet know what will be delayed for a long circumnavigation nine and a half years.

The reason was that most often had to wait for months, or receiving money from Georgia or visas of different countries. Yes, and you know well that the road have to deal with the bureaucracy. In the nine and a half years I have gained a unique experience and mudrost that give travel.

In different conditions had to survive, there was a time that was not even the most basic food and water. In the mountains, lack of oxygen and the terrible cold that all the weather-beaten. Terrible heat at the equator, which is so iznemozhdala that was willing to pay a lot for a little "piece" of coolness.

GeoFresher - great traveler Djumber Lejava

In the Gobi desert, when I lost my way, I really did not know what to do. Water I ended a few days ago. Strong desert wind blew my things from the cart. Control the bike at the time it was impossible. The first reason - the wind, the second - I was completely dehydrated, and had not the strength to pedal. I'm just in despair, slowly, driving his bike, barely holding on to the steering wheel.

Having certain number of kilometers, I realized that the road begins "nowhere" where probably never will be turning back. I was visited by the most terrible thought, but I was more worried about what will happen to my family if I die here in the desert, without water, without food, without heat?

Exhausted, I lay down on the sand and closed his eyes and began mentally scroll in his memory of "picture" of life. Here I am, for the first time went to school. Then my mother held my hand, and I do not wait to get to class, I remember the smell of paint, which have not had time to erode the renovated rooms. Then again a lot has happened in my life, I had everything - joy, sorrow, and loss and gain - but what does it matter at this moment, when I'm all alone, on a balance between life and death. I was getting worse and worse, I do not know - or from my memories, or of excitement that did not leave me at the moment - for their loved ones, my wife, children and grandchildren. After all, they are waiting for me, and firmly believe that I will return alive. No, I can not allow the thought of death, I dolzhen fight for life, as I did before, when the doctors put me on the cross ... I have to survive ...

From extreme cold have begun to reduce sudorgi, for some time, I passed out. When I woke up and opened his eyes in front of me stood a middle-aged woman, who smiled at me. "What is it?" - I thought. Mirage? Hallucinations? Or am I in another world from which no one ever returns? I slapped his hand over his face, I wanted to see if I can not sleep? No, I felt something hurt, then still alive. The woman helped me up.

Confusing language led me into a stupor. The woman is something I tried to explain in their own language, but I do not understand ... A moment later, the woman disappeared, she just quietly walked away, as well as discreetly appeared before my eyes, but finally motioned to remain in place.

I plunged in his own thoughts, and began to question myself, who is this woman, and what she was doing here in the midst of the silent desert? Maybe it really is a mirage, which I took to be a reality? After some time (although completely lost track of time, and I had no idea what day, what time) on the horizon, I saw silhouettes of several people and some large animal, it turned out that it was a camel.

These people - the local gobiytsy who live in these nightmarish conditions, came to help me. I was so exhausted that I could hardly stand on his feet. I hardly usadili on a camel, and we went to a gyr - a place where their family lived. All the days that followed, I rest and recover strength to once again test his endurance and courage. What would have happened if at that time the family would not have helped me? I probably would have died. However, there is a God, who sent me these good people who have sheltered me for a while.

The traveler should be ready for anything. It is necessary to anticipate the various situations, but in practice this is not always the case. All, no matter what happens in the journey, we must accept as it is.

GeoFresher - great traveler Djumber Lejava

Remember that any sequence of events is always correct, even though at first glance it may seem wrong. If you start some chain of events, it is necessary to wait until it is over the chain. Nothing in this world happens for a reason ...

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