Stars and brands # 2

• Stars and brands # 2

Again in touch Stars & Brands magazine with a selection of the most interesting news celebrity marketing for the week.

Stars and brands # 2

In this issue: Maria Sharapova finds lucrative contracts, David Beckham provided the popularity a little-known brand, Kate Moss appeared semi-nude, as well as the successful projects of the best actresses in Hollywood.


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A well-known tennis player Maria Sharapova has long since become more than just an athlete. Its elegant appearance and intelligent head on his shoulders made her one of the most popular celebrities. It is removed, it is referred to, for her sporting achievements is the whole world. And of course, with her regularly enter into advertising contracts.

In 2008, Sharapova was the first athlete signed a promotional contract with jewelry brand Tiffany. In addition to this cooperation, it also promotes the production of Nike, the luxury watch brand Tag Heuer, Land Rover cars, and many other brands.

This season, this list was supplemented by two more lucrative contracts - a continuation of cooperation with Tiffany and the release of a fashion collection for the brand Cole Haan, engaged in production of footwear and accessories. Both cooperation is undoubtedly beneficial for both the participants and for the fans of Mary talent, Tiffany diamonds and shoes Cole Haan.

Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2

More recently, media vying talked about Kate Moss's wedding to musician Jamie Hince. All admired the gorgeous wedding fotgrafiyami and noted excellent form 37-year-old Kate. This is especially evident on the set for the famous Pirelli calendar, for which the model appeared topless. Limited edition calendar for 40 years and sent to VIPs, including, in particular, Britain's Prince Andrew.

In addition to Kate, in the pages of the calendar will be Milla Jovovich and niderladskaya model Saskia de Brau.

Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2

In the last issue we wrote about how the choice of Lady Gaga brought success to the Japanese designer, creator of unusual shoes. And probably in the stellar get-together is a good tradition.

A striking example - a brand Superdry, which remained in obscurity until 2005. And would have remained aloof from the general public, do not pay attention to it, David Beckham.

His only photographed in a blue T-shirt Osaka 6 and a leather jacket Brand - it was enough to start Superdry fever.

Now the brand has risen to the top of popularity, in 2010 its turnover amounted to 139 million pounds, and among the stars markedly increased fans -. Kate Winslet, Zac Efron, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper.

Stars and brands # 2

And finally, news of the movie stars. Actress Anne Hathaway became the advertising face of the autumn collection of Signature bags, which will be presented at Fashion Week in Paris. Advertising posters in red and blue colors look very elegant and stylish and at the same time bright and dynamic. "The design of these classic bags and materials of the highest quality. As a result of such things do not go out of fashion over the years, they only get better as the women "- shared his opinion about the new product" TOD "Anne Hathaway.

Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2

And Charlize Theron for the second time took part in the campaign J'Adore, the legendary fragrance Dior house. New promotional film will be a luxurious previous - carried out the shooting in the majestic interiors of Versailles, in the magnificent Hall of Mirrors

"It was incredibly luxurious and gorgeous. I do not think I would have to experience something like this, "- the actress said of her participation in a new advertisement, which was released a few days earlier.

"All women love with their ears, and the ears are like diamonds," - says a little cynical proverb. But there are women who love do good deeds, to make the world a better place. And as true women they know - the possibility of a better world, hanging on the neck of an elegant pendant, immediately evokes in the beautiful half of humanity craving for goodness :)

Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2

Angelina Jolie - the most that neither is a true woman. Smart, talented and beautiful, she knows how to work hard, love their family, indulge yourself and take care of those who need help. And all of these aspirations is purely feminine embodies the launch of its jewelry brand. In an interview with Vanity Fair the actress said, "Yes, I did it for my own pleasure. The proceeds will go to the "Education Partnership for Children of Conflict" Charitable Foundation (Partnership in education for children in the disaster zone), which I created with Gene Sperling (Gene Sperling). I like a certain type of jewelry, which I could not find anywhere - large stones set in gold. I worked with a designer and told him that if it was the perfect ring, it would look something like this. Or do I want earrings that they are such and such. "

Ornaments made in alliance with Robert Prokop, are expensive and so far only available to private customers. However, there is no doubt that part of the collection necessarily available in retail sales. Its popularity is also doubt is not necessary.

Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2 Stars and brands # 2

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