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The gaming industry is often compared to the movie industry. And so it is not surprising that, as one of the first movies were filmed human adult movies and erotic games appeared almost immediately after the onset of the industry.

First there were the variations of different card games on the strip and "strawberry" analogues of Tetris, but, over time, complete, real games. About them we will talk today.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

As the same genre in the film industry, erotic games have never been and will not be mainstream games. Most of them are completely unpretentious and have only a minimal rudiments of gameplay.

But I will not write about the many variations of card games on the strip, erotic analogues Tetris, small toys or flash versions Sims, because, fortunately for us, there are also quite a decent game with normal gameplay. Some of them I explain below.


The content of this material intended only for adults (18 and over).

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Larry Series

Or rather Leisure Suit Larry. Incidentally, this is one of the oldest video game franchises in the world - the first part was released in 1981! During the game, the main character Larry Leffer (Larry Laffer) under the guidance of the player tries to seduce a beautiful young women, traveling to luxury resorts, visiting casinos and hotels.

The game has gained popularity, thanks to a good vulgar humor, because, in spite of the sexual innuendo, sex visually Larry can assume that it was not (enough to see the screenshots to see why). As new parts of the amount of savory moments in a series of games has been increasing. Canonical considered the first seven games of Larry. The last part of Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail! published in 1996.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

It looked like the first Larry Leffer. There he is in a white suit, on the left.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

And this is how the game began to look in 1996.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games


IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

Published in 2004 Magna Cum Laude in 2009 Box Office Bust created without the participation of Larry Eva Lowe father and turned expectedly boring and dull.

Ev himself wrote about it: "This is not Larry 8. Although Vivendi calls it a game from the series" Leisure Suit Larry "of the role of Larry Leisure Suit there reduced to the voice of" voice-assistant ". This is not an adventure game. There are no real puzzles, interactive dialogues there is no narrator, no developed characters and almost no plot. Most dialogues are banal and soulless. In the first scene of the game more than obscene language, than in all the games of Larry together. Women swear like sailors. Word on F (meaning English. Fuck) is used constantly, apparently, the authors used macros. Lush boot screen shows photos miserable college student average attractiveness, which does not look sexy, but as soon as she was not alone. "

Lula Series

One of the best games of the genre of the erotic "Wet. The Sexy Empire ", known in our country as the" Empire of Passion. Lula. " Released back in 1998, a hot mixture of quest, adventure and economic strategy.

We play for beginners porn model Lulu. Starting from the bottom, ie, from the shooting in an erotic video, we gradually climb up to the tops of the adult industry and transform the heroine into a real porn-magnate. The game has excellent hand-drawn graphics, interesting gameplay, sparkling humor, and of the topic of boobs, of course, is disclosed.

In 2000 came the continuation of history with the untranslatable name "Wet Attack: The Empire Cums Back". In the game for some reason we stuck spaceships and space aliens. The project is officially published in Russia Russobitom but not gained such popularity as the first part.

In 2006 came the last date of the Lula 3D series. Game, as easy to guess, made three-dimensional. In this case, if five years ago, the picture looked okay, then I look at the schedule does not get right now without tears. Pushed in 3D Lula was unable to revive the series, the game received very low ratings from the gaming press and was coldly received by the players.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

This is the first Lula and beautiful draw pictures.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

The second part of Lula.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

Lula 3D.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

Our response to Chamberlain - series Little Johnny

Our domestic igrodely also developed the "strawberry" game. Akella fared well, creating a series of two-dimensional platformer "Gorgeous Little Johnny." In 2002 came "Gorgeous Little Johnny: The hero safe sex."

The game is a series of locations - levels where the hero must find all the girls and have sex with them without falling at the same eye protection. Sami location very diverse - from the student hostel to the jungle, teeming with the Papuans.

At the end of each level the player showed video clip strip (with a live girl, not a cartoon). While fully showed it only to those who scored the maximum number of points, and it was a very trivial task. A year later came the sequel to "Hero of erotic dreams." The game is complicated, Little Johnny learned to jump and shoot at the enemies, but the meaning remains the same, pass level - see video. The weak point of both games was the brakes and control ... not stored.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

Vovochka heroism.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

Video strip.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

videokvestov Series

This fall many "Rendezvous with the stranger." These games came out a lot, and do not count all. In fact this is not the game, and an interactive DVD (it seems they even can be played on a DVD-players).

The player selects one of several variants of the story, he reveals the movie, he again chooses and movie watching again and so on until the final. I do not think that these projects deserve special attention, but does not mention them, I could not.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

It seems that the very first "Rendezvous".

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

Japanese hentai quests

A very specific niche for Hentai fans. However, these games are translated into Russian and sold in Russia, which means someone is needed. As a rule, they are a bunch of cartoon anime pictures - locations where the player is forced to deal with all sorts of personalities, forced his way through gigabytes of text dialogues to the coveted victory. The ending of the game is the image of some anime naked girls or even sexual intercourse.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games

"Simulation" sex

A very popular variety, although the call data Games projects in the full sense of the word is probably impossible. These include Sexy Beach series, 3D Sex Villa and others. The gameplay in these games is virtually absent. Select the characters for the pleasures of love, set up the camera and see the sort of interactive cinema for adults. However, this category of the most expensive and technologically advanced of all the erotic games. Developed such "simulations" are mainly in Japan, and there are certain popularity.

IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games IgroFresher - Strawberry Games


The future of the genre of erotic games seems not too bright. Long gone are the days when it was possible to recover the game, selling 50,000 copies. Game development with each passing year becomes more and more expensive and the cost is comparable with the creation of the movie. Due to the rating of "adults only" games "Strawberry" will never be able to attract a sufficient audience of players to allow the development of truly large commercial project. However, as there is the players themselves want?

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