RSPRAVKA - a reliable companion in your business

• RSPRAVKA - a reliable companion of your business

RSPRAVKA - a reliable companion in your business

For example, you need to know how many fabric manufacturers are in Primorye, or any codes in mobile operators in Western Siberia. Search Engines readily respond to any of your questions, but it will cost you a decent amount of time, repeated rephrasings and a considerable number of ruined nerve cells.

And the Internet is known to be fond of the simplicity and speed. This is understandable: the times now are too dynamic and modern user Give all right "here and now", and even in a single click. And this is especially important for executives, managers large and small companies, and simple business.

So the creators of the resource had to work hard to make this unique in its kind Russian information referral system to minimize the distance between companies and customers, partners, suppliers and consumers of services, dealers and distributors.

The simplicity and clarity of the work of any of the services Rspravki really admirable. In one or two clicks, you can get any sort of help - a postcode or autocode Russia, metro or currencies of the world of mobile codes or Internet zones of countries, time zone, or tables of weights and measures.

But maybe you are interested in decoding bar codes, help desks or tables of the world clothes sizes? Not a problem: 1 second - and the right information in front of you. And most importantly - you can narrow the search within a certain region. And no matter what you are looking for - emergency and emergency services and government agencies and municipal apparatus. Information and referral system - it is not an encyclopedia (at least not in the sense that we understand it). It is a kind of catalog of the most useful information about modern life. And business owners, and end users will certainly find here the information they need, or be able to place their own - tenders, preparing exhibitions, news.

Russian background system is extremely functional. In particular, the search for a company, you can use special the categories - Safety and security; IT, the Internet and communications; Household and office supplies; Entertainment; Shipping, and transport; Health & Beauty; Equipment, tools and so on every sphere of modern life. Or, for example, for speed "thrashing" of exchange rates has an online calculator, and to subscribe to the latest news - RSS-Feed.

Thus, - a convenient e-marketplace where companies and customers can quickly share fully and exclusively relevant information. And not only share, but also optimally interact with each other directly. Business owners (or their authorized) and full private office, so they can update or correct the information about your company, services or goods.

RSPRAVKA - a fast connection between the business and the consumer.