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Diary positive person

June 1. Went to work, came under heavy rain. Holy smoke, in the morning because the sun was out! Until dripping wet ran to the car, I realized that there are still Coy any athletic skills. It can not fail to please! And the child himself momentarily felt! Let us all run around in the rain, taking off shoes! It's so cool!

June 2. I woke up from what the neighbors daughter sat down at the piano. At eight o "clock? No, half past seven in the morning! Can you imagine? A baby is definitely growing. A month ago, she did not go well this scale. He agreed with the young talent to play every day at this time - an alarm clock I did not hear ...

June 3. With the boss that something strange is happening today. I was given an extra project and promised to fire if you're not up to the seventh number. Ah, where we did not disappear! I have long wanted to see how long I can go without sleep, food and water. Barricades in the office.

June 4. Well does not fit anything. And like all well and does not converge. I read cloud college and school textbooks to understand. I realized how much I forgot. Now I understand all much better and ready to re-deposit of all examinations for the diploma. Tutoring to do, or what?

June 5. What could be worse than the routine work? Only stupid work. Therefore I am happy that I got exactly routine. All graphics rebuilt, programs run, sit, change their profile ... In parallel, began to learn to knit, to make it more fun. While it turns out some strange hybrids scarves and socks ... June 6. All right. Tomorrow, turn-key projects. I worry or not?

June 6. Probably not.

June 6. And maybe after all ... No, I do not worry. Not for what I had to dismiss.

June 7. Wow. What are the new sensation.

June 8. Out of habit, and the sound from the neighbors I woke up at half past seven. What for? BUT! It is necessary to look for a new job! It is so great! New place, new people. Only it is necessary to understand how it is done. I climbed to the Internet, looking for.

June 9. How did a lot of searching pornossylok! And everywhere - work, work ... Yesterday 10 hours to watch alone took pictures. Until I realized what my work is estimated. But it is very interesting!

June 10. No one my wife has not seen? Gone somewhere. Probably, to her mother left. That's Okay, a couple of days rest from each other - the good relationship.

June 13. Strange some couple of days. In my opinion, no longer. I'll go learn how to use a washing machine or something. The benefit of free time - in excess.

June 14. I bought a book of recipes. The first half of the day spent in the kitchen, the second - in the hospital. We did lavage. The doctor said - another such poisoning and the stomach will have to change. Well, this is far from the infamous poisoning. But the kitchen needs to be changed now. Although ... Why is she to me? I better lose weight. It is high time! And his wife will be glad when he returns!

June 16. Found a job. In our ZhEKe. Now every day I breathe fresh air at 6 am. Yes, I'm a janitor. But do not forget that the bad trades do not happen - there are bad people! June 17. Neighbors from above gave me a water park on the former kitchen. Well, fine. Now there is an official reason to do there pool.

June 23. Done! Now I swim at 8 meters kitchen and feel the sea lion.

June 24. Wife returned. It turns out, was leaving on vacation! And I with my Internet searches, did not even notice! Now it will all tell and show. Let us rejoice together!

June 25. About how! Creative with pool she appreciated. But I asked to clean up the evening. This is understandable, of course - dinner under the water does not cook. Even I asked to buy a new washing machine. And that old does not work after I have washed in it their tarpaulin boots. But what about work upset. Previously, we're working together. And now there is no extra space in my ZhEKe and take her to him I can not. And apparently she really wants. But I will find a way out!

June 28. Soon dawn, and there is no escape. Can move to another area? There certainly is full of places to ZhEKah!

June 30. My wife said that I immediately stopped fooling around and returned to the old job. But I promised to fire again, if I knit socks in the office during working hours. I will not, of course! There is a night for a hobby ...