Student savvy

• Student savvy

Student savvy

It was a long time ago and not true. I was then neobremenonym mind and ideological unshod first-year student of college of law. It was a warm day in May, and after the two couples wanted something sort of, but only enough money for beer and go to the third pair of us did not smile. And we decided, consisting of 5 people go to relax.

We went into the shop, took pyatilitrovik (student standard), recalled that the need to discuss the details of the planned Saturday departing from the city, took another pyatilitrovik (well, to discuss and draw correct conclusions). But we went out of the boutiques, it started to rain. Discussion outdoor abolished, and all our meeting covering a copper basin - all lived in different parts of the city.

But if the student, after a heated battle with the teacher, decided to pull a beer, it does not stop even a war, even nuclear. pokumekat bit, decided to go to the nearest entrance, intercoms have been, but not everywhere. Found suitable locked, we settled on the floor between the second and third floors. Standing cultural - beer on the floor is not poured, not plowed and not smoking. We stood a half hours, during which time it was several tenants, trying to say something, but we are assured that all is well and they believed us.

And when the second pyatilitrovik approached the middle, Alexander looked out the window and saw police Bobby from his left three policemen and headed to our entrance. All. Stirlitz has never been so close to failure. If zametut - goodbye, Institute ...

Brain realized immediately in all five - run upstairs, there is an attic, it can be saved! And we ran, with beer. At this time, the staff valiant Interior Ministry entered the porch, heard the tramp of a herd of wild boars and rushed us. On the sixth floor, I summed up the balance and beer, I fall. Friends running on. Detachment did not notice the loss fighter ... wasted time. Need to do something. The brain, which is in the same place, shouts ringing the doorbell. The idea seemed good. I called in the first door, I was surprisingly quickly opened and on the threshold is such a pretty girl. The brain tells the girl - class, and especially the breast. I agree, but time is short, and now the police were on the stairs.

And then I gave myself the fantasy of his brain. I fall to my knees and on the whole staircase: "Light, forgive goat !!!". Surprised girl surprised the cops, and I'm just ohrenel even heard the voice of Stanislavsky: "I believe !!! I believe your mother !!!"

Here the police are moving away from the shock, show me and asked the girl: "It is your own?" - she thinks three seconds (say, in such moments, the whole life before my eyes - garbage, I have seen the near army the future), and the girl came up to me, pressed my head to my stomach (I'm still on my knees I stand) and says: "Of course, mine. Whose is still something" ... Cops grunted and ran to catch my friends. She invited me to tea, where I was told the first part of this story.

P.S. Friends yet still pull up through the attic. A "Light" was Lena, but that's another story ...