10 highest paid athletes in the world

Tiger Woods remains in first place. The only woman in the top 50 - Russian Maria Sharapova.

10 highest paid athletes in the world

During the last 2 years the golfer Tiger Woods no luck in business. Accenture, AT & T, Gillette and PepsiCo did not renew to him advertising contracts after in November 2009, he found himself at the center of a sex scandal in connection with the change to his wife. His business is the design of golf courses has been hit hard by the financial crisis. For 20 consecutive months, he has not won a single tournament: as a result of the former number one player in the world, dropped to 13th place in the ranking golfers.

With an annual income of Woods dropped for 2 years at $ 50 million. And yet it remains the highest paid athlete in the world, the competitors far behind. Over the past 12 months he earned $ 75 million, it is $ 23 million more than in second place the basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Woods your income is due primarily to two long-time sponsors. C Nike he works since 1998, with the beginning of his professional career when he signed with the company first contract for 5 years and $ 40 million. In the same year, the company Electronic Arts, its second major sponsor, has released a video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

Both companies are built on collaboration with Woods a successful business, the amount of its contracts grew from year to year. When Nike launched a line of accessories for golf, the brand held on behalf of Woods. In the past year, Nike sales in this sector amounted to $ 638 million Electronic Arts continued to produce video games with Woods:. The 14th game was released in March this year and has 225,000 copies were sold in its first week. More than half of the $ 75 million of Woods fall on contracts with EA and Nike. Among the 50 highest-paid athletes most basketball players - 15 players. The most financially successful of them -. Kobe Bryant, who is the second line of the rating with an income of $ 53 million this year, he added to his portfolio of advertising contracts with Turkish Airlines and the Smart. His annual salary at the "Los Angeles Lakers" of $ 24, 8 million - is the largest salary in the basketball world. In third place is another player the NBA - LeBron James, who earned $ 48 million last year.

In calculating the annual income taken into account salary, bonus, bonuses, advertising revenue, use the name of and participation in marketing events over the past 12 months, the period of May 1, 2011. not deducted taxes and agency fees from the total amount.

This year, all 50 of the most highly paid athletes earned with $ 1, 4 billion, or $ 28 million on average for each. This is 11% less than last year, due to the fall in revenues Tiger Woods, and the fact that last year's number two, Floyd Mayweather, a boxer, the last 13 months is not performed. The minimum wage in the top 50 this year amounted to $ 18, 8 million (last year - $ 21 million).

The only Russian woman, and the only woman in the ranking was the tennis player Maria Sharapova. It occupies the 29th position with an income of $ 24, 2 million. Most of this money it is obliged to contract with of Nike, for which it receives royalties on sales of clothing lines for tennis and Cole brand shoes Haan, bearing her name.

1. Tiger Woods

10 highest paid athletes in the world

Earnings: $ 75 million

Sport: Golf Age: 35

Golfer Tiger Woods retained the top spot in the rankings, but his income is seriously declined: in November 2009, after a car accident in which he fell, and the scandal over his infidelities to his wife, he has not won a tournament and did not sign any new sponsorship contract. Nevertheless, he continues to work with two major companies: Nike and Electronic Arts, both are serious about working with Woods. Tiger Woods won in his career 14 tournaments "Major", ranking second only to Jack Nicklaus with 18 victories and 71 PGA Tour tournament. In December 2010, Woods said that at the time of leaving the sport after he was convicted of his wife's infidelity. After a pause, which lasted 20 weeks, he returned to golf.

2. Kobe Bryant

10 highest paid athletes in the world

Earnings: $ 53 million

Sport: Basketball

Age: 32

Kobe Bryant, shooting guard, "the Los Angeles Lakers' five-time NBA champion, Olympic champion in 2008. His salary for the season 2010/2011 amounted to $ 24, 8 million, which is $ 4 million more than the salary of the next in the ranking of sports fees basketball. Bryant recently signed a lucrative contract with Mercedes-Benz on the Smart car brand advertising in China.

3. LeBron James

10 highest paid athletes in the world

Earnings: $ 48 million

Sport: Basketball

Age: 26

Forward LeBron James, nicknamed "King James" moved last summer from the team, "Cleveland Cavaliers", where he began his career in the "Miami Heat". In 2003, he became the number one NBA draft, then signed his first contract with Nike. This season jersey with his number was the best-selling NBA. In addition, James owns a small stake in the soccer club Liverpool F.C. Most of the club is owned by Fenway Sports Group, James received his share of the FSG, after signed her to submit his business interests.

4. Roger Federer

10 highest paid athletes in the world

Earnings: $ 47 million

Sport: Tennis

Age: 29

16-time winner of the tournament Grand Slam Roger Federer was on the first line of the ranking ATP 237 consecutive weeks. He is now in third place. Federer has the most impressive portfolio of advertising contracts among athletes in the top ten of its biggest deals included contracts with Nike, Credit Suisse, Rolex and Wilson.

5. Phil Mickelson

10 highest paid athletes in the world

Earnings: $ 46, 5 million

Sport: Golf

Age: 40

Golfer Phil Mickelson won the tournament four "Major" tournaments and 39 PGA Tour. His highest achievement - second place in the world ranking golfers. During his famous backhand he was nicknamed "Lefty", although in fact it is a right-hander. Last year, Mickelson was diagnosed with "psoriatic arthritis," but he continues to act and asserts that with proper treatment the disease will not have a lasting impact on his career. At the end of the year Mickelson signed with Amgen and Pfizer's Enbrel drug manufacturers, which he treated.

6. David Beckham

10 highest paid athletes in the world

Earnings: $ 40 million

Sport: Football

Age: 36Camy highest paid player in the world is playing for American club "Los Angeles Galaxy". The next year, he will have to work hard not only on the football field when the London Olympics begin. During the contest to host the 2012 Olympics Beckham was the official ambassador in London, and in May signed a contract, according to which will be the Samsung brand London. Most likely, the contract with Samsung is not the only "Olympic" Beckham deal.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

10 highest paid athletes in the world

Earnings: $ 38 million

Sport: Football

Age: 26

Ronaldo for the transition from the "Manchester United" in "Real Madrid" was paid in 2009, £ 80 million ($ 131 million). football player salary in the contract is £ 11 million ($ 18 million) a year. To strengthen its brand, Ronaldo uses social networks. It has 26 million fans on Facebook - more than any other athlete. His Twitter Follow 3 million users.

8. Alex Rodriguez

10 highest paid athletes in the world

Earnings: $ 35 million

Sport: Baseball

Age: 35

In 2007, Alex Rodriguez signed a record in the history of baseball contract with the "New York Yankees" command:. For 10 years, he should receive $ 279 million this he broke his own record contract at $ 252 million with a club "Texas Rangers" in 2000. Last year, when the "Texas Rangers" declared bankruptcy, Rodriguez proved to be the largest unsecured creditor. The club had to pay him $ 24, 9 million.

9. Michael Schumacher

10 highest paid athletes in the world

Earnings: $ 34 million

Sport: car racing

Age: 42

After a three year break, the seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher decided to return to the "Formula 1" and signed in 2009 a contract with the Mercedes team. Schumacher comeback ended in failure: it took only ninth place, behind his teammate Nico. Nevertheless, its revenues from advertising contracts increased substantially. His portfolio - transactions with DVAG, Jet Set, Navy Boot, Audemars Piguet, Schuberth and Rosbacher.

10. Lionel Messi

10 highest paid athletes in the world

Earnings: $ 32, 3 million Sport: Football

Age: 23

Club player, "Barcelona" Lionel Messi receives a contract of around € 9, 5 million ($ 13, 6 million) annually. $ 16 million he earns from advertising and has recently expanded its portfolio of advertising contracts, which include Adidas, PepsiCo, Konami, Audemars Piguet, Chery and AirEuropa.

29. Maria Sharapova

10 highest paid athletes in the world

Earnings: $ 24, 2 million

Sport: Tennis

Age: 24

In early 2010, the former first racket of the world Maria Sharapova extended lucrative contract with Nike. She receives royalties from sales of the clothing line for tennis, named after her. Last year, sales of clothing brand Maria Sharapova rose 26%. Sharapova also carry the name of ballet flats Cole Haan, which became in 2010 the best-selling model of the brand shoes.