Interesting facts about the taxi

• Interesting facts about the taxi

Interesting facts about the taxi

According to statistics, in our country at least once a month, use a taxi for about 70% of people.

And it all began? In the 18th century an enterprising Frenchman founded inn horse-drawn carriages. "Cab" (as they were called) became the world's first public wage crews.

Australian taxi drivers are required by law to carry a bundle of hay. Violators may lose its license. A long time ago, when there were cabs, animal welfare advocates forced to adopt a law that these people are always carried with hay in case you get hungry horse. Since then, the law is not corrected, and now the burden rests with the taxi drivers.

One American taxi driver found in the backseat of his car a bag of diamonds (by the way, they cost 350 thousand dollars). Driver with great difficulty, still found the owner. Forgetful passenger turned out to be a jeweler in New York. And an honest taxi driver received a commendation from the jeweler 10 thousand dollars and a diamond bracelet. However, he said the taxi driver that the words of gratitude from the jeweler, meant more to him than the money.

An Indian taxi driver rides in his car just on the back of the transmission. So much so, that people are lining up to ride in his taxi. Once it has the driver jammed the lever on the back of the transfer, and he was too lazy to repair the arm. Since then, a miracle naezdil taxi driver in India more than 12 thousand kilometers. Exceptionally backwards. He adapt himself to go back to that can reach speeds up to 40 km / h and to maneuver in traffic. However, about how on his trip reacts local traffic police, not reported. In the Russian city of Azov recently started an interesting reform. Local authorities ordered all taxi drivers have a neat appearance, the car does not smoke, and most importantly - at the client not to speak. Only such taxi drivers receive after checking the license for transportation.

Half of the order of a taxi in Finland received via the Internet!

World's most expensive taxi is in England (the famous London cabs), in second place - Italy (with its impulsive drivers), the third - Germany.

The cheapest taxi in the world - Chinese taxi. For ten dollars you can go well sooo far away. There is another feature: among Chinese taxi drivers 30-40% - women.

The first taxi appeared in 1907 in Moscow, Russia. Some eccentric driver hung to his little old car poster: "The driver fee agreement.". This was the first taxi! And by 1925 in Moscow taksovat only 200 taxi cars brands Renault and Fiat.

A taxi driver in the Spanish city of Barcelona returned to the police left in his taxi 13 rare drawings by Salvador Dali. Their price was 130 thousand dollars. According to all the radio stations of Barcelona heard a request to return the works of art. The appeal was heard, and drawings returned to the owner.

The Soviet cinema played taxi drivers Sergey Lemeshev, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Anatoly Papanov, Oleg Efremov, even Arkady Raikin. The theme of the taxi and now popular on the screen! Get at least a comedy - the famous trilogy "Taxi" by Luc Besson, the Russian series about a female taxi driver, and there is even the same name game "Taxi" on one of the channels. In the autumn of 1914, German troops broke through the French defenses and moved to the French capital. It was necessary to urgently push them toward reserves, but vehicles are not enough. And then there were "mobilized and called to" Parisian taxi. In one night, about 1,200 taxis transferred the line of the Marne River more than 6,500 soldiers. The enemy was stopped and the machine went down in history under the name of "Marne taxis". And of them then said, "If the geese saved Rome, then Paris taxis saved."

The world's largest taxi park is located in Mexico City - 60 thousand taxis!

In the streets of the Chilean capital romp probably the most unusual in the world of a taxi. This taxi - the cow! 9 cars painted by cows, instead of the signal from them - the sound of mooing and sofa stylized udder.

In Moscow, opened a quarter century ago the only museum in the world taxi. Its place in the museum took the rare cars GAZ-A, ZIS-110, the legendary "Victory", several modifications of the "Volga" and Rafiki. All share a common service, and such familiar "Taxi Driver" attributes.

60 years ago for a taxi was introduced external difference from other cars - a chess band on the sides and the signal light - green light (meaning "free taxi").

One of the most unusual taxi in Vietnam - it offers to reach your destination on an elephant.

A taxi driver returned one of Athens Dutch athlete Olympic silver medal, which he had forgotten in a taxi. Olympic Committee then even awarded this taxi driver, because he defended the honor of their profession and the entire country. Once the mayor of Prague decided to personally check whether it was true that the local taxi drivers fleeced tourists. Mayor of Prague, wearing a fake mustache and posing as an Italian tourist, caught a taxi. The driver for a short trip with the mayor asked five times the price ... the driver has paid the penalty - 33 000 euros.

One American company a cab offered its customers a new service. On their website you can find yourself travel with the same origin and destination - so that people went together in a taxi, and thus save money for travel.

According to experts, the biggest income from the taxi in our country - of course, in Moscow - $ 2, 5 billion per year! However, only 20% are legitimate businesses.

The highest fee on the meter was 70 000 Finnish marks (about 15 thousand. Dollars). So many have paid for a trip to a distance of 23 000 km of two travelers. Leaving from Nokia (Finland), they traveled by taxi all of Scandinavia, reached Spain and returned.