Life is Beautiful

Life is Beautiful

- And here we have the case was at work. The guy we spun, there are medical equipment supplied to us by the state order - he picked up the documents from his office, with our head physician spoke. Well, usually a managerial weasel, all I acquainted with all smoked a cigarette on the porch. We also smoked with him constantly, he said that the recently divorced, the daughter grows two-year.

Usually to us if someone comes to casual, then try to leave immediately - all normally weighs the idea of ​​death, and people are afraid of infection, although everyone knows that AIDS is not transmitted by airborne droplets. And this is nothing, okay, I understand.

In general, it so happened that once again he came to them, went and saw Natasha in the hallway - we had such a little girl, very beautiful. He stood up and looks at it - I saw myself - and then went and somehow uboltal her and they left. Here is a people - saw and fell in love. And she's in love with him.

They went to the cafe, sat there until the evening, then calls up every half an hour, half the night talking on the phone - found each other. Rarely, perhaps, but it happens. Then he took her to the movies. Watching a movie - he reached to kiss her. She - and left the room, he followed her.

I sat in the car, crying, hysterical. He asks her. The answer, of course, obvious:

- You why all this is necessary? I spidoznaya, you know, where we met. What are you doing? I had been alone, and here you are - you now go, and I have no you can not imagine. What are you doing?

And it's really strange. The guy comes in the "Anti-AIDS", knows who it is hanging out, and a few days talking with the girl did not seem to understand that she's not ARI treats. She told him all about myself. We do not only know the diagnosis of the patient - it is such a disease that we each employee about every known - about life. Beautiful girl, she 23. 18 came to live with some dude he heroin Packaged and sold. Picked up somewhere, it has infected, then it was closed, it is there that was trying to testify, found dead in the chamber. She even with this dope got off. We've got a lot of beautiful - they're all on drugs first sitting, their huckster are transferred into the womb, and then the channel disappears, they start nasasyvayut dose and push the legs. Well, that's not it - the guy knew everything - and I understand it - in love, I realized that spidoznaya sure, but decided not to know exactly what to talk without ottyagayuschih thoughts. But the interesting thing else - the guy all about it learned silently took her home and left in silence. Day does not ring, the second week. Then he scored:

- I agree.

- For what?

- I agree to be with you, I do not care that you have AIDS.

- I mean - it does not matter?

- Never mind. Let me be, it will remove the entire problem.

She hung up. The guy came to us, hang out in the hallway, found a suitable drug addict, gave him money and introduced himself of his blood, in stages. Then again he came to us, and passed the test. The results went to see her. She's hysterical, it was nearly the ladder did not come down. At first thought he was joking. A few days later we began to live together. Now both of us appear regularly - he, she, sometimes together. We do this all year and a half already discussing. His wife is the former discovered daughter in his hands does not, does not communicate in any way. Parents are crying, too, does not support contacts.

But here another interesting - our patients always come with dying persons, if they are sick of all, a little bit so turns away - even if there were, and come with a fighting spirit, hold, take illness as a battle, it is their nausea is visible. And the two of them - go with happy faces, happy life as a lottery just won. Some cheerful happiness now - you know, when natrahalsya with some young chick, and then you go on the subway, and you realize that you as a fool only one in the car happy face. And they have the same happy faces. I love them. - A beautiful story is impressive.

- Why beautiful?

- Well, the guy, for the sake of love went to the feat, almost to death, and now they are facing death enjoy each other - in it there is something optimistic, lust for life, all the cases. We're kind of sitting here, thinking about a penny, and people are changing lives globally.

- Those guys is not a pretty story. Do you know what a beautiful story? This is when a guy is not divorced, I did not give up her daughter and did not get AIDS, fuck that bitch, and the calf did not live with the huckster, not sitting on drugs, and then on drugs is not sucked, and AIDS does not hurt. When it is normal and healthy, and it is normal calf - that is a great a beautiful story. Sam's still waiting for someone to tell this. All right, come on, until next month, look, do not infect someone else!