7 most bizarre deaths

7 most bizarre deaths

1. Death of sewage

In 2008, the year a Canadian found a stolen wallet thrown down the drain. No matter how trying to get the owner of runoff rainwater their possessions, nothing good came of it. Once it caught in the act the policeman and warned that it could be dangerous, the man went home, but after a while came back and resumed attempts.

Out of all the fact that the man's head stuck in the drain where he was found after some time. Despite the fact that the Canadian was still alive when he was taken to the hospital, head injury proved fatal.

2. Death from deodorant

In 1998, the year of the excessive passion for hygiene killed 16-year-old from England. He was so obsessed with a passion for cleanliness and would continuously fragrant freshness that watered the deodorant-spray his entire body at least twice a day.

Even when his health began to deteriorate rapidly, it is not made guard his parents, who were apparently also convinced that the purity - the guarantee of health. An autopsy revealed that the teenager died of poisoning butane and propane, the number of which in his blood 10 times higher than normal.

3. Death by Beard

In the mid-16th century it was recorded in case a rather absurd death possessor huge beard. Austrian named Hans grew a beard almost half a meter long and very proud of it, until, by chance, this beard was the cause of his death. The city in which he lived, bearded man, caught fire and residents hastily evacuated from it. Ran Hans stepped on his beard and broke his neck.

4. Death by hungry sheep

In fact, quite the sheep docile and gentle creatures. But only if we are talking about well-fed sheep. Betty Stobbs Englishwoman in 1999, the year was not lucky encounter with a herd of sheep is very hungry. She was the wife of a farmer at the time of the accident it was 67 years. Betty came to the four-wheel all-terrain vehicle with a trailer, in which there was hay to feed the sheep. Her all-terrain vehicle stopped near the quarry and that's where it pushed the starved flock that came down on the hay. May drop to a low cliff Betty would be able to survive, but her death crushed car.

5. Death by Bra

The same 1999th year was fatal for another two Englishwomen, which destroyed a metal wire is used as a "seed" in their bras. Ladies strolling in Hyde Park in London, the outbreak of severe thunderstorms. They tried to find shelter under a large tree, and it was not a good idea: the lightning hit right in both, and the metal body will be an excellent guide. The woman died on the spot and their bodies were found after 15 hours.

6. Death by Video Game

Numerous concerns due to the rapidly developing gambling got its sad confirmation in the 2005's. A young man from South Korea so carried away playing "Starcraft" for the network, which sat in an internet cafe 50 hours, distracted only short breaks for sleep and going to the toilet. When he suddenly became ill, he was taken to hospital by ambulance, but it was too late: the 28-year-old Korean died of heart failure caused by severe malnutrition.

7. The death of the garbage heap

Brothers Langley and Homer Collyer moved to the vicinity of New York in 1909, when they were about twenty years. It is not known exactly whether they were suffering from a mental disorder, or were simply horrible sluts, the fact remains that for many years in his apartment, they hoarded junk. Managed to accumulate about 180 tons of waste: broken lamps, broken baby carriages, old piano, cracked a grandfather clock, a broken furniture and the like trash. All this was a huge pile of folded at each corner of the apartment.

In 1930, the year of Homer was blind, and from 1940 was bedridden due to rheumatism. His younger brother cared for and looked after him, until one day she stumbled near a huge garbage heaps. She collapsed, burying Langley.

The most horrifying thing in this story - is that Homer could not help him, as was unable to move and. Langley died, and after him, Homer died of starvation. The police who discovered the dead Homer, a few weeks looking for his brother all over the city before, "dug" it out of the garbage heap in his own apartment.