25 facts about rats

• 25 facts about rats

25 facts about rats

1. Rats appeared on Earth 48 million years earlier than men.

2. The average of 2 rats for every person on the planet.

3. If the mouse to increase the human growth and straighten a skeleton, it appears that the joints of mice and men have the same structure, and the bones have an equal number of parts.

4. In the Middle Ages in Europe, at the direction of one of the bishops of the rats were excommunicated.

5. A rat can swim 3 days in a row, swim a few kilometers (fixed record - 29 km) and will sink if it finds opportunities to get out.

6. Gray rats are able to move at a speed of 10 km / h, to jump up to a height of 80 cm, and in the aggressive state - up to 2 meters in height.

7. In the rat heart pulsates at a rate of 500 times per minute, in the house mouse heart beats 700-750 times a minute.

8. Finer hairs that cover the tail of the rats used in ophthalmology during operations on the eyes.

9. Rats good dive and great climb ropes, pipes, trees. The day the rats are able to overcome the 10 to 50 km. 10. The teeth of rats grow all life, so they are always something to gnaw their sewing.

Easily 11. Rat gnaws solid substance such as concrete and metal.

12. Rats emit a whistling in the ultrasonic range, allowing them to communicate, without attracting the attention of predators with each other. And they are not whistling lips, and throat. They are also able to suddenly change the signal frequency.

13. Rats - a rich vocabulary screams with special values. Rat in a moment of stress produces a sound equivalent in volume running pneumatic hammers, though due to the fact that it has an ultra-high frequency, the man did not hear.

14. Rat takes only 50 milliseconds to understand where is the smell.

15. X-rays rat feels the part of the brain that controls the olfactory organs.

16. Rat annually consumes about 12 kg of food, but it is incomparable with the amount of food that she makes unusable. Statistics show that one in six people do not feed the farmer and rats.

17. Rats are able to distinguish the poisonous food from usual even when the concentration of the poison - one part per million. 18. Rat can live without water longer than a camel, and generally the longest mammal.

19. Rats maintained a very high level of radiation, but can die from shock or prolonged mental stress.

20. Rat - the only mammal, other than the person who knows how to laugh.

21. Rats also have dreams.

22. Rat family owns a portion having a radius of about 150 m.

23. Scientists have put forward the theory that the rats could cause the extinction of the dinosaurs. Rats - egg lovers - massively sucked the contents of dinosaur eggs, ending thereby the continuation of their kind. This seems to be true, because in our time in Ireland, the rats ate all the marsh frogs.

24. During the Great Patriotic War, people in the bombing were hiding in houses, who escaped the rat.

25. In Illinois, under the threat of a fine of $ 1000 "is prohibited to beat rats a baseball bat."