Myths and facts about pornography

Myths and facts about pornography

Huge profits pornstars

Indeed, the rich porn star - but only "star". Conventional pornoaktera porn actress and produced for a single "work" from $ 50 to $ 1500. Interestingly, the female porn actress often earn more money than men pornoaktera. By the way, the most famous and richest porn star is Jenna Jameson who recently sold the company's own Playboy Club. the club is valued at $ 30 million.

"Strict" Australian laws

Despite the fact that Australia - democratic power in this country is forbidden to sell any pornographic materials (as well as to lease them, distribute in any other way). The law is in force in all states, except two. It is these two states became sredostochiem Australian adult industry and all Australian companies, one way or another connected with the category XXX account and work here.

The addiction to pornography

Indeed, psychologists say that people who excessively keen on watching pornographic films, gradually no longer can live without them. These "lucky" to lose the taste of normal sex, and do not feel at ease, not looking favorite porn.

the porn industry began to develop in the days of Queen Victoria

Strictly speaking, it is England be called the progenitor of the porn industry. The thing is that in England, Queen Victoria had been taken very strict laws about the behavior of men and women, nudity was generally prohibited. The most interesting - is that the photograph laws did not apply, and therefore the photos with images of naked people began to spread with the speed of light. By the way, bare ancient statues found during the excavations of Pompeii, were hidden in a special secret museum to avoid nudity.

The War of formats

Porn industry - a highly developed sphere, and here revolve billions of dollars. That is why pornomagnata may even affect the results of the "format war", choosing the most advantageous format video recording. For example, VHS format, now forgotten, won precisely because of what was most convenient for writing pornography.

Profit recoverable pornomagnata, more significant than the combined revenues of all professional football, baseball and basketball clubs.

Pornography leads to violence?

In fact it is not. It has long been the authorities found out that in countries where open access to pornographic material, the lowest level of crimes related to sex. As an example, typically result in Japan - after pornography in this country allowed level "sexual" crimes significantly decreased.

pornoaktera Anyone can become

If you are a man and want to start a career as a porn star, it is better to forget about it. In fact, to successfully pass tests on pornoaktera very difficult, and the chances of microscopically small. True, it is only about the traditional porn, but pornoaktera gay is not just demand, and very much in demand.

A great chance to become pornoaktera there are also those men, who brings with him a pretty girl, who also want to get into porn, and says it will not be removed without their partner.

The hotel guests - fans of porn

According to statistics, 50% of hotel guests watch pornography on TV. In some countries, pornokanaly banned, but the hotel owners always something coming up in order to circumvent the inconvenient law.

The Internet helps porn

Now the number of porn sites reached number 4, 2 million. This is about 370 million pages of pornography. Every day search engines get about 68 million queries pornography, and on the web at odds about 2, 5 billion spam messages with offers of sex or pornographic materials.

Progress for the benefit of the actors

At the dawn of porn porn producers had to hire girls who are constantly kept pornoaktera "in good shape", not letting rip a shot. Now the need for these "researchers" and no longer, as there are drugs such as Viagra, and digital cameras with video programs that allow to carry out any manipulation of the video stream.