IgroFresher - Crysis 2

IgroFresher - Crysis 2

To say that this game waiting for - it does not say anything. Published 3 years ago, the first part of Crysis was a real breakthrough in the genre, and raised the bar for graphics and gaming technology to a new, hitherto unachieved by most competitors Crytek level. Whether justified expectations of gamers Crysis 2? Yes and no. Details in the review below.


HD-quality, we are sure to watch in full screen mode.

Technological superiority?

The first part of hung on the highest setting any car of its time, of Crysis 2 comes loose on the computer on which the first part is sometimes allowed herself to slow down in the middle graph.

In Crysis we could literally dub shack to the ground and mow down trees like grass, machine-gun bursts. In the second part of the destruction Allowed only in strictly designated areas.

Sometimes comes to the ridiculous: the entrance to the subway is blocking grid at high voltage, instead of just smash it with a grenade, we have to look for the switch and turn off the power, but then, just 10 minutes by obeying game designers knock out the steel door fist.

In terms of technology, of Crysis 2, how to put it mildly, does not exceed, and in some ways perhaps inferior to the first part. Graphics remained at the same level as physics has become even worse. The root of all evil in multiplatform. Again to blame consoles.

It has long been obsolete, X-Box and SPS 3 would not be able to draw more cool graphics and physics. Already in late 2007, the first Crysis was technologically unattainable for them, and here the second part of the most technologically advanced games in the world suddenly goes out and on these platforms.

However, developers swore that the PC-version of the multiplatform not suffer, and, they say, this flirtation with prefixes it all for the sake of easy money, and PC only and forever, and the owners of desktops will get a much better product than pristavochnikam, but we we know that there are no miracles. Oh, and you can make a very disappointing conclusion: since the new generation of consoles will not soon, then wait for a new level of graphics in the game is not worth in the coming years. But for Crysis 2, you do not have to buy a new computer.

The gameplay above all

The first Crysis was wholly sandbox-project. Was an island, we were given the task: to press any particularly important button on the enemy base, to get from point A to point B, get the artifact, and so on, and so will the player to operate silently or chop all the enemies in the cabbage depended on it.

The second part of this principle also works. Freedom of choice does remain. True, the playgrounds are much smaller in size and more linear, but you can continue to pass the mission in stealth, quietly removing the time, or to arrange an assault with a wind-shooting, and cavalry riding in a jeep.

From a gameplay point of view, "okolovdyutivanie" without a doubt the game went to benefit. The most important thing - the developers have managed to find the delicate balance between the rail and the sandbox-shooter design.

In contrast to the well-known series, the enemies here are not rod battalions (though sometimes they can be quite a lot) and do not die in a couple of seconds after the appearance. The enemies here in general are smart enough they patrol the area, make a fuss, if they see the body of a dead comrade, well hidden behind cover, shooting from the corner blindly, in general, behave quite humanly.

In the best tradition of rail shooters out there, here and descend various scripted sketches on us. Moreover, and entertainment, and the quality of directing the last leaves behind the CoD series.

Of course, on the one hand it is a pity that the complete freedom of the first part had to give up, even for such things as the overarching gameplay, but there are no miracles. It is one thing to make a "sandbox" Crysis 1 level on an island in the jungle, where there is little, apart themselves jungle and wooden huts, and quite another - to organize something like this in a huge city with hundreds of skyscrapers and thousands of objects. The physics in the game gives the first part and about the same level as Half-Life 2. gravipushkoy replaces the Nanosuit, although of course, and does not allow to do all those miracles for which we are so fond of Half. Actually, I'm not in vain so often mention Half-Life 2. In the atmosphere and the quality of Crysis 2 is more reminiscent of precisely this game.


Main feature of the series - Nanosuit, which now plays an even greater role than before. Built using the latest nanotechnology in Skolkovo, the suit gives its owner the heroic strength, speed, ballistic resistance and the ability to become invisible, like the Predator from the same movie.

Developers have simplified management, and is now much easier to manage the superpowers, plus the suit itself is now possible to upgrade by collecting genetic material from dead aliens. Prefer frontal attacks - Upgrade your equipment performance, like stealth operations - upgrades for the corresponding module at your disposal.


New Crysis does not become yet another technological breakthrough, but despite a number of shortcomings, it is the most interesting shooter since Half-Life 2 and now the main contender for the title of the year shooter.

Crytek decided to move away from its sandbox-traditions, and, admittedly, they turned more than good. Play all, Crysis 2 is worth it.


- There is still technically the most perfect game to date.

- Addictive gameplay. You can choose your style of play and it really works.

- Interesting story.


- Technologically better not because of, but contrary. Since the release of the first part of the last 3 years. I want more.


IgroFresher - Crysis 2

graphics settings in the game itself is very poor and limited choice of resolution, switching on and off the vertical synchronization options and mysterious package system spec. It is understood that the game itself will choose the optimal settings for your system.

IgroFresher - Crysis 2

However, if you still want to choose the desired options, you can use a third-party utility here.

IgroFresher - Crysis 2

In the first part of the game this branch would have long ago torn off.

IgroFresher - Crysis 2

to the enemy can sneak up from behind and silently kill. Noise Indicator (yellow bar at the bottom left) at the same time almost does not rise.

IgroFresher - Crysis 2 IgroFresher - Crysis 2 IgroFresher - Crysis 2

Some scripted sketches really amazing.

IgroFresher - Crysis 2

Sometimes, instead of stomping on foot, it is best to steal the vehicle.

IgroFresher - Crysis 2

The weapon can be upgraded.

IgroFresher - Crysis 2

The thermal imager is sometimes simply irreplaceable.

IgroFresher - Crysis 2 IgroFresher - Crysis 2 IgroFresher - Crysis 2 IgroFresher - Crysis 2 IgroFresher - Crysis 2

Overview of gameplay

HD-quality, we are sure to watch in full screen mode.

Denis Goryunov, specifically for Fresher